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October 7, 2015

'Glee' Halloween Costume: Rachel Berry

by Rich Keller, posted Oct 29th 2010 2:45PM
The Rachel Berry costume includes solid colors, a white smile and a fondness for Barbara Streisand numbers.How to dress like Rachel Berry of 'Glee.'

The Costume:
Rachel Berry, co-leader of McKinley High's New Direction glee club and girlfriend to school quarterback Finn Hudson.

What You'll Need: It depends if you're going as season 1 or season 2 Rachel. If season 1, you'll want to start off with a wig of straight hair, parted somewhere in the middle, and follow that up with a number of sweater shirts, preferrably adorned with various animals. Slacks or capris of various pastel colors or a plaid skirt completes the set.

If going for the season 2 look you'll need to purchase a Hannah Montana wig, cut it down to your neckline and dye it brown. Replace the sweater vest and plaid skirts with a solid-color two-piece outfit. You can also try for a polka-dotted sun dress or, if you want to get really nasty, the outfit she wore during 'Britney/Brittany.'

For either costume it's imperative that you bleach your teeth to be the whitest white possible, then show them every chance you get. You'll also need a fantastic singing voice and deep fondness for Barbra Streisand numbers. If you don't have either, you have a couple days to work it all out.

Optional Accessories: A mask with two faces. On one side -- Good Rachel, the one who wants to see New Directions win Nationals with everyone's participation. On the other side -- Evil Rachel, the one who wants all the glory to herself and will obtain it by any means possible. Even if it means hurting her fellow New Directions members in the process. Turn this mask back-and-forth every five minutes to approximate Rachel's true nature.

Other optional accessories include a relationship calendar, an underlying urge to make out with Puck, a purse of insecurities about everyone in New Directions except yourself and a copy of 'Run, Joey, Run.'

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