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October 6, 2015

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 7, Episode 6 Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted Oct 29th 2010 9:30AM
The doctors study their plans['Grey's Anatomy' - 'These Arms of Mine"]

Last night, 'Grey's Anatomy' became 'Seattle Medical: Road to Recovery' -- less of a documentary and more of a reality show with its drunken camerawork, odd subtitling, closed captioning, and awkward close-ups of people breaking down.

The chief was convinced a PR boost would be a good thing, so he allowed a documentary crew to follow everyone around the hospital. He turned out to be a true political candidate who could rival any of the political ads that air airing during the commercials. His justification of the hospital's security system and shameless appreciation of Arizona and Alex was a bit much.

The most interesting thing about the episode was that the documentary didn't follow the doctors' love lives. Instead of hearing dating banter during surgeries, we instead got the actual surgery. I loved how we never saw Cristina with Owen or even Derek directly interacting with Meredith. It's reassurance that Cristina and Meredith are still strong people. Cristina narrating the last minute of the episode was the best part.

Alex shined last night: not only was he rocking in the pediatric department, he showed a lot of spirit with his patients. Trying to sing Justin Bieber was a nice touch. He had the dedication and connected with his patient; I loved how she said that Alex was the best part of the whole experience and we got to see him outside of the hospital in a tie talking to fourth graders.

The Callie/Arizona storyline, however, was a bit disappointing. I understand that Jessica Capshaw is pregnant and she'll need to go on maternity leave, but that really shouldn't affect Sara Ramirez. At least Callie will disappear on a high note as a titan replacing a man's arms. The problem with losing Callie and Arizona is that we'll end up watching more Jackson, April, and Teddy in the following episodes. I rather liked April having only a few lines and Teddy as a strong woman screaming at the security guard, not some lovesick Barbie. I still don't believe the Jackson PTSD storyline and found that to be a bit odd when he was able to work on previous surgeries without snapping.

Shonda Rhimes really loves a cyclical storyline. Once I saw Mary show up again, I knew she was going to die. It was just too perfect for her and her husband to be together, happy, traveling the world and wanting kids. Instead she died in a coma, like the shooter's wife did -- but if Mary's husband comes back and shoots up the hospital, I'm quitting the show.

As for the minor plot points, I hated Lexie's supposed comic relief -- she looked as crazy as ever. It also seemed odd that she never actually handed over the coffee. It was a bit weird seeing so many people in the surgery room with the titans during the arm surgery. Isn't there traditionally a room upstairs where everyone watches? Finally, the best part of the episode was how stunning Meredith looked in her interviews. The bangs were looking great!

What did you think of the episode?

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"The Callie/Arizona storyline, however, was a bit disappointing"-What a total understatement. GA ended their 2 years storyline with maybe 5 sentences and less than 5 minutes. Christina was on screen more. They were the most loving, stable couple so of course-Bye Bye Callie/Arizona.

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