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September 2, 2015

November 2010 Calendar of Premieres, Specials and Finales

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 1st 2010 10:50AM
'Psych' / 'Conan' / 'Human Target'
The biggest premiere of the month isn't in prime time. But still we expect plenty of people to stay up until 11PM ET to catch the TBS launch of 'Conan' on November 8. ABC bids farewell to another hit season of 'Dancing with the Stars,' but not before using its power to launch new series 'Skating with the Stars.' USA gets back in the action with fall returns for 'Burn Notice' and 'Psych,' while History premieres the US-version of 'Top Gear.'

DirecTV continues their expansion into original, or at least new-to-the-States programming, by picking up three British series: 'No Heroics,' 'Mutual Friends' and 'How Not to Live Your Life.' November also celebrates music with the MTV Europe Music Awards, the CMA Awards, the Soul Train Awards and the American Music Awards, while 'Human Target' enjoys a Wednesday premiere thanks to the failure of 'Lone Star.'

It's also the kick-off for the holiday specials onslaught, including new entries featuring 'Futurama' and 'Kung Fu Panda.' But not all of November's specials are holiday related. The month also sees a tribute to Sam Kinison, an epilogue to History's 'World War II in HD,' and a tribute to 25 years of 'People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive," among others. Check out all the November premieres, specials and finales and bookmark this page to use all month long.

Monday, November 1
7:30 - 'MLB Baseball: World Series, Game 5 [if necessary]' (FOX) special presentation
8:00 - 'Dancing with the Stars' (ABC) 200th episode
8:00 - 'Wreck Chasers' (Discovery) series premiere
9:00 - 'My Big Friggin Wedding' (VH1) series premiere
9:00 - 'Saturday Night Live: The Women of SNL' (NBC) special presentation
9:00 - 'Top Gear' (BBC America) 15th season finale
10:30 - 'Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby' (VH1) series premiere

Tuesday, November 2
9:00 - 'America's Election Headquarters: The 2010 Midterms' (FOX) special presentation
9:00 - 'Meteorite Men' (Science) 2nd season premiere
9:00 - 'Mysteries at the Museum' (Travel) series premiere
9:00 - 'NBC News: 2010 Election Night' (NBC) special presentation
9:30 - 'ABC News: Vote 2010' (ABC) special presentation
10:00 - 'CBS News: Election Coverage' (CBS) special presentation
10:00 - 'Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List: Whores on Crutches' (Bravo) special presentation
10:00 - 'Running Russell Simmons' (Oxygen) series premiere

Wednesday, November 3
7:30 - 'MLB Baseball: World Series, Game 6 [if necessary]' (FOX) special presentation
9:00 - 'Marijuana: A Chronic History' (History) special presentation
9:00 - 'Most Shocking' (TruTV) 7th season finale
9:00 - 'My Dog Ate What?' (National Geographic Wild) series premiere
9:00 - 'The Will' (ID) series premiere
10:00 - 'In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville' (ABC) special presentation
10:00 - 'LA Ink' (TLC) 4th season finale
10:00 - 'Mutual Friends' (DirecTV 101) series premiere
10:00 - 'Tailgate Warriors with Guy Fieri' (Food) 1st season finale
10:30 - 'Master of the Mix' (Centric) series premiere

Thursday, November 4
7:30 - 'MLB Baseball: World Series, Game 7 [if necessary]' (FOX) special presentation
9:00 - 'No Heroics' (DirecTV 101) series premiere
9:30 - 'How Not to Live Your Life' (DirecTV 101) series premiere
10:00 - 'On the Road with Austin & Santino' (Lifetime) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Pranked' (MTV) 3rd season premiere
10:30 - 'Megadrive' (MTV) series premiere
11:00 - 'Bully Beatdown' (MTV) 3rd season premiere

Friday, November 5
12:00AM - 'Benson Interruption' (Comedy Central) series premiere
7:00PM - 'Supernanny' (ABC) 7th season premiere
9:00 - 'Cops & Coyotes' (ID) series premiere
9:00 - 'Fatal Attractions' (Animal Planet) 1st season finale
9:00 - 'Operation Wild' (Planet Green) 2nd season premiere
10:00 - 'The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret' (IFC) 1st season finale
11:00 - 'Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand-Up' (Starz) 5th season finale

Saturday, November 6
9:00 - 'Doubles Poker Championship' (GSN) 1st season finale
9:00 - 'Downsized' (WE) series premiere
9:00 - 'A Family Thanksgiving' (Hallmark) special presentation
9:00 - 'Iconoclasts' (Sundance) 5th season finale
10:00 - 'The Locator' (WE) 5th season premiere
10:00 - 'Big River' (Planet Green) special presentation
10:30 - 'King Corn' (Planet Green) special presentation

Sunday, November 7
8:00 - 'Black Girls Rock!' (BET) special presentation
8:00 - 'Bridezillas' (WE) 7th season finale
8:00 - 'Great Migrations' (National Geographic) series premiere
8:00 - 'BAFTA Los Angeles' Britannia Awards (TV Guide) special presentation
8:30 - 'Shake It Up' (Disney) series premiere
9:00 - 'Kate Plus 8: Alaska, Here We Come!' (TLC) special presentation
9:00 - 'MTV Europe Music Awards 2010' (MTV2) special presentation
9:30 - 'Mel B: It's a Scary World' (Style) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Kendra' (E!) 3rd season premiere
10:00 - 'On the Case with Paula Zahn' (ID) 3rd season premiere
10:00 - 'William & Kate: A Royal Love Story' (TLC) special presentation
10:30 - 'Eastbound & Down' (HBO) 2nd season finale
10:30 - 'Married to Rock' (E!) series premiere

Monday, November 8
12:00AM - 'Childrens Hospital' (Cartoon Network) 1st season finale
8:00 - 'NBC News: Matt Lauer Reports' (NBC) special presentation
10:00 - 'Strike Force' (National Geographic Wild) series premiere
11:00 - 'Conan' (TBS) series premiere

Tuesday, November 9
10:00 - 'Auction Hunters' (Spike) series premiere
10:00 - 'The Fashion Show' (Bravo) 2nd season premiere
10:00 - 'Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel' (TruTV) 3rd season finale

Wednesday, November 10
7:00 - 'CMA Red Carpet Special 2010' (CMT) special presentation
8:00 - 'The 44th Annual CMA Awards' (ABC) special presentation
9:00 - 'WWII in HD: The Air War' (History) special presentation
10:00 - 'Black Gold' (TruTV) 3rd season finale
10:00 - 'Harry Loves Lisa' (TV Land) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Psych' (USA) 5th season mid-season premiere
10:00 - 'Steven Seagal: Lawman' (A&E) 2nd season finale

Thursday, November 11
8:00 - 'Thursday Night Football' (NFL Network) 4th season premiere
9:00 - 'Deadly Women' (ID) 4th season finale
9:00 - 'Wartorn: 1861-2010' (HBO) special presentation
10:00 - 'Burn Notice' (USA) 4th season mid-season premiere

Friday, November 12
8:00 - 'Avalon High' (Disney) special presentation
9:30 - '24/7: Pacquiao/Margarito' (HBO) 10th season finale
9:30 - 'Wizards of Waverly Place' (Disney) 4th season premiere
10:00 - 'Real Time with Bill Maher' (HBO) 8th season finale

Saturday, November 13
8:00 - '40 Greatest Songs of the Decade' (CMT) special presentation
8:00 - 'Outlaw' (NBC) series finale
9:00 - 'America's Cutest Cat' (Animal Planet) special presentation
9:00 - 'Dear Food Network: Top 10 Thanksgiving Problems Solved' (Food) special presentation
9:00 - 'The Good Witch's Gift' (Hallmark) special presentation
9:00 - 'The Lost Future' (Syfy) special presentation
10:00 - 'Back to Hell: A Tribute to Sam Kinison' (Comedy Central) special presentation
10:00 - 'H2Oil' (Planet Green) special presentation
10:00 - 'Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp' (VH1 Classic) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Tracy Morgan: Black & Blue' (HBO) special presentation

Sunday, November 14
9:00 - 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' (TLC) series premiere
10:00 - 'Amazing Wedding Cakes' (WE) 3rd season finale
10:00 - 'Bored to Death' (HBO) 2nd season finale

Monday, November 15
7:00 - '1 vs. 100' (GSN) 3rd season premiere
8:30 - 'Wreck Chasers' (Discovery) 1st season finale
9:00 - 'Invitation Only: Rascal Flatts' (CMT) special presentation
9:30 - 'American Restoration' (History) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Weeds' (Showtime) 6th season finale
10:30 - 'The Big C' (Showtime) 1st season finale

Tuesday, November 16
10:00 - 'Glory Daze' (TBS) series premiere

Wednesday, November 17
8:00 - 'Human Target' (FOX) 2nd season premiere
9:00 - 'My Dog Ate What?' (National Geographic Wild) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Finding Hulk Hogan' (A&E) special presentation
10:00 - '25 Years of Sexy: People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive!' (ABC) special presentation
10:00 - 'Full Throttle Saloon' (TruTV) 2nd season premiere
10:00 - 'South Park' (Comedy Central) 14th season finale
10:00 - 'Top Chef Just Desserts' (Bravo) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'What's Eating You' (E!) 1st season finale
10:30 - 'Ugly Americans' (Comedy Central) 1st season finale

Thursday, November 18
8:00 - 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' [repeat] (ABC) special presentation

Friday, November 19
10:00 - 'Dennis Miller: The Big Speech' (HBO) special presentation
10:00 - 'Homemade Millionaire' (TLC) special presentation
11:00 - 'Aaron Karo: The Rest Is History' (Comedy Central) special presentation

Saturday, November 20
7:00 - 'Football: Army @ Notre Dame [@ Yankee Stadium]' (NBC) special presentation
8:00 - 'CMT Crossroads: Train and Martina McBride' (CMT) special presentation
8:00 - 'Great Migrations' (National Geographic) 1st season finale
9:00 - 'America's Cutest Dog' (Animal Planet) special presentation
9:00 - 'The Night Before the Night Before Christmas' (Hallmark) special presentation

Sunday, November 21
8:00 - '2010 American Music Awards' (ABC) special presentation
9:00 - 'E! True Hollywood Story: Adam Lambert' (E!) special presentation
9:00 - 'The Next Iron Chef' (Food) 3rd season finale
9:00 - 'Paranormal State: The New Class' (A&E) special presentation
10:00 - 'Brew Masters' (Discovery) series premiere
10:00 - 'Fantasia for Real' (VH1) 2nd season finale
10:00 - 'The Futurama Holiday Spectacular' (Comedy Central) special presentation
10:00 - 'Jilted?' (WE) series premiere
10:00 - 'Luther' (BBC America) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Top Gear' (History) series premiere

Monday, November 22
8:00 - 'Antiques Roadshow' (PBS) 14th season premiere
9:00 - 'The Real Story of Thanksgiving' (History) special presentation
9:00 - 'Skating with the Stars' (ABC) series premiere
10:00 - 'The A-List: New York' (Logo) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Strike Force' (National Geographic Wild) 1st season finale
11:00 - 'The Arrangement' (Logo) 1st season finale

Tuesday, November 23
8:00 - 'Weird, True & Freaky' (Animal Planet) 3rd season finale
9:00 - 'Dancing with the Stars' (ABC) 11th season finale
10:00 - 'Nick Swardson's Pretend Time' (Comedy Central) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'Parking Wars' (A&E) 4th season finale

Wednesday, November 24
8:00 - 'Merry Madagascar' [repeat] (NBC) special presentation
8:30 - 'Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special' (NBC) special presentation
9:00 - 'The Biggest Loser: Where Are They Now?' (NBC) special presentation
10:00 - 'Primetime: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far?' (ABC) special presentation

Thursday, November 25
8:00 - 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' [repeat] (ABC) special presentation
8:00 - 'Taylor Swift: Speak Now' (NBC) special presentation
8:00 - 'The Town Christmas Forgot' (Hallmark) special presentation
9:00 - 'People of the Year' (NBC) special presentation
9:30 - 'Beyonce: I Am' (ABC) special presentation
10:00 - 'Facing Evil with Candice DeLong: For Love of Oneself' (ID) special presentation
10:30 - 'Facing Evil with Candice DeLong: Daddy's Little Girl' (ID) special presentation

Friday, November 26
8:00 - 'TV's Greatest Holiday Moments: A Paley Center for Media Special' (FOX) special presentation
8:00 - '30 Holiday Decorating Hits & Misses' (HGTV) special presentation
10:00 - 'Facing Evil with Candice DeLong: Love Before Life' (ID) special presentation
10:30 - 'Facing Evil with Candice DeLong: Disorder of Affection' (ID) special presentation

Saturday, November 27
8:00 - 'Genevieve's Holiday Home' (HGTV) special presentation
9:00 - 'Your Pet Wants This, Too!' (Animal Planet) special presentation
9:00 - 'Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle 2' (Hallmark) special presentation
10:00 - 'Ace of Cakes: Holidays on Icing' (Food) special presentation

Sunday, November 28
8:00 - 'The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation' (ABC Family) special presentation
8:00 - 'Holiday Battle on the Block' (HGTV) special presentation
9:00 - 'Bridalplasty' (E!) series premiere
9:00 - 'Chopped' (Food) 5th season finale
9:00 - 'November Christmas' (CBS) special presentation
9:00 - 'Soul Train Awards' (BET, Centric) special presentation
9:30 - 'Paranormal State' (A&E) 5th season finale
10:00 - 'Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal' (A&E) 3rd season finale
10:00 - 'Red Riding: 1974' (Sundance) special presentation
11:00 - 'The Ghost Prophecies' (A&E) special presentation

Monday, November 29
8:00 - 'Africa's Great Rift' (National Geographic Wild) series premiere
9:00 - 'Hardcover Mysteries' (ID) 1st season finale
9:00 - 'The Real Story of Christmas' (History) special presentation
9:30 - 'CMA Country Christmas' (ABC) special presentation

Tuesday, November 30
8:00 - 'Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas' [repeat] (ABC) special presentation
8:00 - 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' [repeat] (CBS) special presentation
8:00 - 'Christmas in Rockefeller Center' (NBC) special presentation
9:00 - 'Stargate Universe' (Syfy) 2nd season mid-season finale
9:30 - '360 Sessions' (IFC) 1st season finale
10:00 - 'The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show' (CBS) special presentation
10:00 - 'Sons of Anarchy' (FX) 3rd season finale
10:00 - 'Strange Days with Bob Saget' (A&E) series premiere

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Richard Ott

Okay, I may have the network rights crossed, but you
must admit, the November 30'th 2010 schedule is very
strange to have Rudolph & The Grinch air on CBS & ABC
respectively in the same timeslot. Maybe it's a typo.

November 01 2010 at 12:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Richard Ott

CBS is airing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, at
the same time ABC is airing How The Grinch Stole
Christmas, at 8:00pm, on November 30'th, the same
night? How rare is that for the holidays? The only
other time this happened was on September 7'th, 1985.
ABC premiered The Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy
Hour on the same day CBS aired its last broadcast
of The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show, only their shows
gave a 2-hour difference. ABC's Bugs Bunny show was
on at 8:00am, while CBS' Bugs Bunny show aired at
10:00am. Knowing this, why couldn't ABC work out a
deal to air Rudolph at 9:00pm, while CBS could air
The Grinch, and perhaps A Charlie Brown Christmas
in the 8:00pm hour to make room enough for us to
watch all 3 shows on a family night? I know that's
what Tivos are for, but in the last 25 years, I've
never seen the local networks get this desperate.

November 01 2010 at 12:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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