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October 4, 2015

'The Amazing Race' Season 17, Episode 6 Recap

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Nov 1st 2010 9:00AM
['The Amazing Race' - 'Run, Babushka, Run'] Posing for the locals on 'The Amazing Race'

Usually a drag race involves cars, motor oil and testosterone. But you can never predict what it might mean on 'The Amazing Race' -- this week's "drag race" was a little less automobile, a little more Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. Still, brawn may be more helpful than brains at times.

The teams never know what's ahead of them on the race. As viewers, we just tag along vicariously on the ride. However, one thing we can predict for certain: bickerers most often remain bickerers, making the other teams even more likable.

Kat and Nat's big lead dwindled to nothing as the teams first caught up on a train, then all took the same flight to St. Petersburg, Russia. There are pros and cons about constantly starting out on a level playing field. Most of the cons would be for the leading teams, of course, but it prevents the scenario that played out during the first season with one team being separated from the pack by days, not hours.

For the most part this season, the teams seem quite friendly to each other. Oh, there are a few exceptions ... or, at least one exception: The most amiable teams definitely aren't weak. Kat/Nat, Brook/Claire, Michael/Kevin and Gary/Mallory each have fantastic teamwork going on. Plus they don't seem malicious to the other teams. Jill and Thomas don't mix much with the other teams and tend to be lone wolves. Nick and Vicki are still quite clueless, but seem to have really matured in their relationship within the short span of the race so far.

Then there's Chad and Stephanie. As the kids would say, "OMG!!!" What an overbearing so-and-so he is! The more upset he gets, the redder his cheeks become -- it could be a sign that the guy is going to spontaneously combust. He definitely has a chip on his shoulder when it comes to being superior over Stephanie. Dump the dude, girl. Do it now!

Alas, Stephanie proved to have a bit of a nasty side herself tonight when she threw the manure shovel into the pile so Mallory would have to climb through poo to retrieve it. Not cool. She was already well ahead at that point, and there was no need to sink that low. Now, if she had thrown Chad in the manure pile, that would have been different!

Russia is a perfect destination for the show -- the architecture is amazing, the history and culture are intriguing and the locals really get into it. The tasks in the Detour were almost maddening. They had a choice between listening to recordings of three classical music pieces, then pinpointing which pianists were performing the songs in a chaotic roomful of music, or they could find a clip of an old silent movie from a warehouse full of a gazillion film strips.

It appeared that not one of the teams was familiar with the classical music pieces, and knowing the film wouldn't help. Chad turned beet red-cheeked as other teams abandoned the music task for the film. But once teams hit the film, they found it to be every bit as frustrating. Nick and Vicki actually went back to the music and finally nailed it.

The real priceless moments of the night came in the Roadblock. We're talking babushkas, cow manure and potatoes, along with locals who wanted Mallory to drink vodka with them, local women falling for Kevin and villagers wanting photos taken with Nick in his babushka.

Jill and Thomas continued to run a strong race (and didn't bicker a lot). They came in first, winning a trip to Brazil. Surprisingly, Kevin and Michael are still running early-to-mid pack. Since I personally would love to see them win it all (but they probably won't) just due to their relationship and Kevin's manners, it was great they came in third place. The girl/girl teams both made strong showings.

Although Chad and Stephanie floundered at the music task in the Detour, they gained some time back and came in fifth. Argh. This couple just cannot win! I want to see his cheeks go maroon when they get Philiminated! Thankfully, since they didn't go home, it was a non-Philimination leg. Nick and Vicki came in last, but will remain in the race. While they're a bit goofy and had one blow-up, they're certainly more fun to watch than Chad and Stephanie.

Since we've seen two non-eliminations so early in the season, we shouldn't see the last one for a while. It seemed a bit early for this one. I didn't expect it. Did you?

'The Amazing Race' airs Sundays at 8PM ET on CBS.

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Loved this: Now, if she had thrown Chad in the manure pile, that would have been different!

How many of us would have stood up and cheered! Chad is very high on my meter ... my bullshitometer! Thomas is just below him ... barely. Both their partners should pack up there stuff and hit the road when they return home!

I was very surprised it was a non-elimination race so close to the previous one. It makes me wonder if they are pre-planned or spontaneous.

November 02 2010 at 2:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Am I the only one bored this season?

And I think Thomas is a complete doucher. Last week he was asked if he'd done something before and he assured that he had... this week it was about train travel, and once again, of course he had... That guy rubs me the wrong way... Notre Dame, indeed.

November 01 2010 at 8:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

every engaged couple should be required to participate in this type of race...it would save us from so many divorces!! If Id done this w/my spouse, he'd be a distant memory today...a classic test of character, which so many men fail! I love it! I too loved the red cheeked boy, & hope his girl is taking notice! Im glad Nic is noticing his one temper tantrum & commenting on making some personal growth....men usually NEVER know, or will admit to ANY flaws! so good for him!

November 01 2010 at 11:07 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Chad and Stephanie didn't switch to the film task... they stuck with the music and solved it after Stephanie stepped up and took charge.

November 01 2010 at 9:17 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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