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October 9, 2015

'Dancing With the Stars' Season 11, Episode 13 Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted Nov 2nd 2010 9:30AM
Team Apolo Busts-a-move['Dancing with the Stars' - 200th Episode Special]

The theme of the 'Dancing With the Stars' 200th episode was really "Reuse Music Night." There was no way the contestants could recreate magic that two past contestants had, so they needed to be as original as possible. The team cha-cha challenge had former winners as coaches this week, but they didn't help much. (Though they did make for an excellent former contestant drinking game, since the cameras kept cutting to Chuck Lidell and Jerry Rice.)

It seems like a given that as long as you have Derek Hough in your group dance, you automatically win. Even with Kurt (or in previous seasons, weaker contestants like Pamela Anderson, Kelly Osbourne, Ty Murray and Warren Sapp) the dance brought the weaker contestants' game up. I'd love to see Derek take a break next season and see how the teams would do without his choreography.

Pro Opening Dance - It looked like they recycled the Team GaGa cha-cha outfits from last season. It was nice seeing Ashly and Damian back, though it would have been interesting to see Edyta and Alec back for a short moment.The group work in the circle at the end was great, and I really wished they would open every season with a full pro group dance.

Team Kristi - Rick & Cheryl, Bristol & Mark, Kyle & Lacey - Somehow via Skype, Apollo was smart enough to pick a good group whereas Kristi picked more with spirit. Spirit's not going to win when there's less talent. Lacey looked like she took the lead of choreographing the routine, and I'm not sure if that was a smart choice. Kristi was worried about Rick's size as she had to teach him the steps, but his section was actually better than I expected -- probably because of Cheryl's choreography choices. We'll most likely see a full cha-cha from him in two weeks. Bristol reminded me of Pamela Anderson in her group dance when she was dragged around and posed a bit, but unlike Pamela, she didn't look sexy. Kyle's posture got better; his previous cha-cha experience with Lacey really helped. The group holding section seemed unsuccessful last year (in Team Madonna) so I'm surprised that Lacey or Cheryl suggested it.

Len thought the underdogs had bite. Bruno loved the men in the Michael Jackson section, but Bristol lost it for the group. Carrie Ann thought it was a good opening. Score: 24 (8,8,8)

Team Apolo
- Kurt & Anna, Brandy & Maks, Jennifer & Derek - It's still odd seeing Apolo try to Skype pep-talk his team. He arrived and explained that he was tired by week four but pushed harder. Kurt was definitely at an advantage with the two top dancers. Brandy & Maks covered a lot of space at a very fast speed; they had a lot of funk. Derek & Jennifer's opening was a salve from their middle floor work last week. The group guys' work was an interesting choice and I thought that Derek would be reprimanded for wasting time, but alas, he is the golden boy.

Bruno loved the spirit. Carrie Ann thought the dancers all worked their best. Len loved the pattern changes and how they individually upped their game. Score: 27 (9,9,9)

Kyle & Lacey - Mel B. & Maks' Paso Doble - Lacey started the lesson with an "Oh crap," which isn't a good sign for the whole situation. Kyle was really silly during practice but tried his hardest to find his inner Maks. The dance wasn't as original as it should have been because Kyle spent a lot of time trying his best to look macho.

Len thought the performance was Kyle's best. Mel B. thought the dance was amazing. Bruno thought he had the attack of the bull, but warned that his shoulders were too high. Carrie Ann thought he had his own power and strength. Score: 35 (10,9,8,8).

Kurt & Anna - Emmitt & Cheryl's Tango - Kurt was disappointed from last week, but was excited to channel another football player. The Bond-esque theme really worked for Kurt's character. Anna did most of the visual fun but Kurt was there the whole time. He looked better in full hold because his baseball mitt hands were not signaling airplanes.

Bruno thought it was a "mission accomplished," but warned about his neck and top line. Carrie Ann emphasized that Kurt brought his own character. Emmitt complimented Kurt on his look and technique. Len thought he came back stronger from last week and warned about flexed knees versus bent knees. Score: 34(10,8,8,8).

Bristol & Mark - Kelly & Louis' Viennese Waltz - Bristol studied the tape and paralleled her and Kelly's families, but it seems weird trying to compare Sarah Palin and Ozzy Osbourne. The introduction was a nice nod to the original, but something about Bristol's turning felt like Mark was moving a tree across the floor. Mark looked like he did most of the work and Bristol followed.

Carrie Ann thought Bristol had a natural compassion, but was still detached. Kelly got goosebumps. Len enjoyed the dance but it lacked chemistry. Bruno loved the movement, but wanted more fire. Score: 33 (9,8,8,8).

Rick & Cheryl - Helio & Julianne's Quickstep - Rick needed to portray the emotion that Helio had in his banana suit. He finally brought his secret weapon -- every sci-fi geek's fantasy, his girlfriend Eliza Dushku. Rick attempted to open by the judge's table, which shocked Len a bit. You shouldn't scare old people like that! Rick definitely had the carefree attitude, and it was probably a good thing I was looking at his face instead of the footwork.

Len thought Rick enjoyed the dance, so everyone enjoyed watching. Bruno thought he was fast and had great face. Helio noted that Cheryl used a lot of his choreography. Carrie Ann thought it was his best performance. Score: 37 (10,9,9,9).

Brandy & Maks - Gilles & Cheryl's Foxtrot - Maks wanted to have a hot steamy nature, but during practice Brandy wasn't comfortable. Surprisingly, Brandy actually had a connection with the audience this week. Maybe Audrina's elimination woke her up. Her movements were very smooth. Although she had one minor slip-up, she did a great job.

Bruno thought it was a sizzling foxtrot, but noted a small mistake. Gilles also got goosebumps and was at a loss for words. Carrie Ann thought she had a great transition. Len thought the dance was fantastic and could overlook the small mistake. Score: 37 (9,9,10,9).

Jennifer & Derek - Drew & Cheryl's Tango - Jennifer felt very fatigued and her doctor told her to keep aware of her body, but never looked like she had pain during the actual routine. She looked comfortable bending and kicking her knees. The movements were sharp and the end legwork was great.

Carrie Ann thought Jennifer came back stronger. Len thought she had everything for the right tango. Drew thought her lines were amazing. Bruno compared her to a phoenix rising from the ashes. Score: 37 (10,9,9,9).

Final Scores

Jennifer & Derek - 64 (27 + 37)
Brandy & Maks - 64 (27 + 37)

Kurt & Anna – 61 (27 + 34)
Rick & Cheryl – 61 (24 + 37)

Kyle & Lacey – 59 (24 + 35)
Bristol & Mark – 57 (24 + 33)

I knew the guest judges would inflate the scores, but I appreciated that Kelly Osbourne didn't automatically give Bristol a 10. Her time with Joan Rivers must have rubbed off on her. With Bristol at 15.6% and Kurt/Rick at 16.67% of the judges' votes, the audience vote will really boil down to fanbases. Bristol clearly has a large base, as do Kyle and Kurt. This may mean that Rick could go.

Who do you think should go home? Leave your comments below.

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Dancing with the star is fix. It's on the FOX channel. The word Fox means CUNNING and CRAFTY. Did you really think FOX (aka GOP channel) for let BRISTOL PALIN (dare I say L***) on election night???? HELL-TO-THE-NO!!! She's a TEA PARTY-ERRRRR...BUT SHE STILL CAN"T DANCE!!!! And if she won on the audience votes, they don't need the judges... TO FUNNY:-)

November 03 2010 at 7:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think it is disgusting that Bristol is still in the game, evidently people in Alaska are voting for her whether she can dance or not. She did okay with some of the dances but is definitely not a winner. DWTS is about dancing and not a popularity contest or a Tea Party. They need a new system for voting.

November 03 2010 at 2:05 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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