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October 4, 2015

'Talking TV' Podcast Takes Your Questions and Talks 'Walking Dead'

by Maureen Ryan, posted Nov 2nd 2010 11:15AM
Welcome, zombie friends! There are two main sections to this week's 'Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan' podcast:

In the first section, which is about 22 minutes long, Ryan McGee and I talk about our reactions to 'The Walking Dead,' we discuss the new AMC drama's excellent ratings and what that means for its future -- and also what that might mean for the future of another AMC show, 'Rubicon.'

In the second section, which starts at about Minute 22.5, we take a few reader questions. A reminder: I'm still taking questions for a new Ask Mo column here (don't leave your questions in the comment area of this podcast post, please. It'd be great if you could leave them here.)

Below is a list of the questions we answered in this week's podcast:

From Diane Santos: "Are there any shows you love now that you don't think will age very well? I sometimes feel that about '30 Rock.'"

From NotWalt: "[Regarding] 'Lost' -- Any thoughts as time has passed? Did you watch the DVD extras? Has the gap left behind been easier or harder to fill?"

From Valerie: "A whimsical question : If you could take any character on any show and put them in another show just for fun, who would it be? I'm thinking John Casey from 'Chuck' might be awesome as a new partner to the 'Burn Notice' gang." We completely agreed with Valerie and offered up a few switcheroos we thought might be fun.

As always, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or if you're not an iTunes fan, you can listen to the podcasts or grab the MP3 files on this site.

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Fun podcast this week!

I just wanted to say I started rewatching Lost after it ended, partly because I wanted to get my brother to watch it now that the series had ended. I got to season 3 and then realized I couldn't keep watching. The series is way too emotional, especially the finale, and I think I need to give it some more time. I wasn't very happy with season 6 (except for the finale), so I'm not in a big hurry to watch those episodes again and I am definitely not ready to see that final episode. If you or Ryan end up doing a rewatch in a year or two, I'll definitely rewatch it along with you guys. It's one of those timeless series that I think I will be able to enjoy many years from now.

November 03 2010 at 8:06 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Boycotting podcast until that dreadful image goes away. :)

November 03 2010 at 3:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Thanks for answering my question on the podcast, you made my day! If you ever find yourselves in Montreal, it's on for beers!

I agree that Sam Axe should be on every show. Bobby from Supernatural too : I can think of a few shows that would be deeply improved by Bobby coming in and calling people idjits and smacking them behind the head.

November 03 2010 at 12:58 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
shara says

And Walking Dead was awesome. Loved it. It was awesome, although there was a part of me that wished that I hadn't seen the big long extended trailer, because it hit on the majority of the main events, emotional moments, and powerful imagery in the pilot. It did a fantastic job of getting me superstoked about the show, but it was one of the few times that I've wished I had less information going in. I felt like I was just waiting for that really cool shot of him writhing on the floor in his hospital gown - oooh there it is! and then the dead hands reaching out of the door and it says Dead Inside - OMG SO CREEPY! Now I'm waiting for the dude to be debating shooting his wife and he's gonna make that awesome tormented face - there it is! Man that actor rocks. Now I'm waiting for that great image where he is riding the horse on the road to Atlanta - there it is. Gorgeous, terrifying, yay! Oh, and here comes the scene where the zombie horde is crowded around the tank and the camera sweeps up and its so epic and terrifying - TEH HORROR!!! Sweet!! It was like that the whole time. That isn't really a complaint, because the being excited about this show was just as awesome as the watching of the show, and it won't be an issue next time anyway, as i haven't even seen a preview for next week. So...nevermind.

BTW, if there ever is a zombie apocalypse, the last freaking place I will ever be is a big city. Screw that. I liked that y'all talked how it is weird that people in horror movies seem to have never seen a horror movie. I thought that Scream broke down that barrier long ago, ushering in an area of increased fictional self-awareness...

November 02 2010 at 8:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
shara says

Great episode of the podcast! I enjoyed it very much. I love the podcast episodes in general anyway, so thanks for making them :)

A few thoughts regarding Lost: I watched the finale, read all the recaps, blogs, and comments I could find, and settled on my interpretation of the ending after a few days. And after that, I was very much done. I had spent such a massive amount of time and energy thinking about Lost over the years, and I guess I really needed it to be OVER over. I had planned to marathon the whole series after the finale, but there was this weird sense of closure, so I just let it go. One day. Anyway, I am left with positive thoughts about the series. I don't necessarily think that, in hindsight, the mythology of the show itself warranted the level of effort that I had put forth as a viewer. However, the shared experience of watching Lost was engrossing and enriching in ways that no other show can touch. Every minute that I spent obsessing about the show (and talking about it, and researching literary, cultural, and scientific references) was time very well spent.

Lost left a gap, but not the kind of gap that anyone should intentionally try to fill - poor imitations cannot possibly engender the level of enthusiasm necessary to create and sustain a shared experience on that level. Plus, as I've seen many other folks note, the "Lost Formula" seems to be entirely misunderstood. It shouldn't be "epic event impacts an ensemble cast for unknown reasons, with conspiracy and wackiness", it should be about finding a fresh mechanism to facilitate meaningful stories about richly-drawn characters in an interesting way.

BTW, he he he, I had a great "I watch too much tv" moment the other day, watching Supernatural with the weekly viewing party (who all also watch Sons of Anarchy, so they understood). So Mitch Pelliggi came onscreen, and I literally had this 3-second brain freeze where I was all "What the *$(# are they doing talking to the Nords?!"

November 02 2010 at 7:47 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Craig Ranapia

The big reservation I have about 'The Walking Dead' is that it could end up like 'FlashForward' -- a spectacular pilot that obviously has serious money and craft poured into it, but never rolled it over into a satisfying continuing series.

But I've got to agree it was the best work Frank Darabont has done in years - I'd mark 'The Mist' down as an honourable failure, and we shall not speak of that ending again. Wasn't Darabont originally down to direct either 'Daybreak' or 'The Plan' for BSG, but they couldn't get their schedules together?

November 02 2010 at 2:05 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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