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September 5, 2015
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Stealing the Tribe's Food on 'Survivor' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Nov 4th 2010 7:10AM
Stealing the Tribe's Food on 'Survivor'The two tribes merged into one on 'Survivor: Nicaragua' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS). The unification of the players could have been a time for camaraderie and friendship. Instead, it turned into an opportunity for betrayal.

[Warning: Spoiler alert.]

Teams Espada and La Flor merged into the single "Libertad" tribe (it means "freedom" in Spanish). There was a feast to celebrate, but then NaOnka decided to "liberate" the tribe's food. NaOnka was annoyed that she had to cook tortillas, and that other players were taking "big a** bites," while only leaving her with a small tortilla of her own.

As revenge, she stole the tribe's flour, then made the added decision to grab pretty much everything else: a bowl, a frying pan, utensils, some fruit ... "It tastes better when you're stealing it!" she said, while taking a huge bite out of an apple.

But though NaOnka took joy in her crime, she didn't do a great job of planning it out. Holly saw NaOnka sneak the flour into her bag, and so NaOnka had to desperately defend her actions in front of the tribe. Fabio was upset and confused -- shouting things like "It doesn't make any sense!!!" (Oddly, when Fabio gets stressed, his voice cracks, and he sounds like Shaggy from 'Scooby-Doo.')

NaOnka ended up cursing at Fabio and storming out of the camp. But there was still Tribal Council and an elimination to come. Would NaOnka be able to "steal" her way back into her teammates' hearts?

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