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October 24, 2014
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Tina Fey Returns as 'Sarah Palin' on 'Late Show' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Nov 4th 2010 3:25AM
Tina Fey Returns as 'Sarah Palin' on 'Late Show'Tina Fey hasn't been paying attention to politics lately. In fact, David Letterman had to tell her about the 2010 election, and what the Republicans have been up to: "Last night, they sent America 'a message,'" he said with a rueful grin.

Ms. Fey is so out of the political "loop" that she can't recall how to do her famous "Sarah Palin" impression. But she gave it a shot on 'Late Show' (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS). At Dave's request, she did her version of Sarah Palin -- after pointing out that Palin is going to be hard to live with, following the recent Republican success.

Here is Tina doing "Sarah" -- and commenting on the 2010 GOP comeback, partially led by Palin's "mama grizzly" Tea Party candidates: "All her 'mama grizzlies' are winnin' and they're ... goin' ta Washington, and they're gonna flip your pic-a-nik table, Dave! ... You're gonna hafta tie your food to a tree!"

Despite her mastery of Palin's idiom, Tina seemed confused by the Sarah Palin phenomenon, as did Letterman. "I just can't figure out quite, uh ..." he said before trailing off. " ... You know what I mean?" Tina was confused by an additional thing as well: the way that Fox News still calls Ms. Palin "Governor," even though Sarah no longer holds an actual political office.

"[That's] like calling me 'Dairy Queen Employee,'" she joked. "I was [one] once -- but I quit."

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