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September 3, 2015

'Sanctuary' Season 3, Episode 4 Recap

by Alaina O'Connor, posted Nov 6th 2010 11:30AM
['Sanctuary' - 'Trail of Blood]

If 'Sanctuary' is modeling the series more in the vein of Indiana Jones, then this episode was 'Temple of Doom'. While the Big Guy and Kate played detective, Magnus and the rest of the gang traveled to the Columbian highlands to answer a distress signal from an old friend and ran into some mutant centipedes with a bad attitude.

Magnus followed a trail of blood that lead her to the Cabal. We haven't really heard much about the Cabal since they infiltrated the Sanctuary Network and corrupted Ashley, but this week we discovered that their influence still exists in certain parts of the world -- or, more specifically, in a dark and dank cave.

This episode also marked the return of Nikola Tesla! The last time we saw this member of The Five, he played mad scientist and created a bio-weapon that turned humans into vampires. He was the one who sent a distress call to Magus using a pretty nifty device called an Auto-Type -- his own invention, of course -- and lured them into the cave. But, this wasn't just Nikola Tesla the vampire, this was Nikola Tesla 2.0 complete with brand new super powers, which he used to essentially save the day.

He was one of my favorite members of the Five, with his clever wit, boyish arrogance, and nefarious ways; it was quite a treat to have him back in the rotation. Will rejected the idea of rescuing him right off the bat, because Nikola had a history of screwing the Sanctuary crew over, but Magnus gave him the benefit of the doubt. Besides -- she could never leave an old friend stranded in a slimy cave.

But this was Nikola after all, and he always has a hidden agenda. He knew about the secret Cabal laboratory in those Columbian caves and claimed to only be interested in the twisted experiments conducted there, but once Magnus discovered that Nikola planned on extracting plasma from one of the mutant centipedes to create a serum that would replicate the original source blood, she put an end to his shenanigans.

The whole concept of source blood drove Magnus mad, mostly because of what happened to Ashley, and she couldn't allow another Cabal, another Lazarus experiment or another Ashley. She ordered the Sanctuary crew to blow up the centipedes' nest and prevent them from infiltrating every corner of the globe.

The B story of this episode centered on the Big Guy and Kate, who investigated the murder of Father Jensen, a priest who saved the Big Guy fifty years prior. The trail lead them to a corrupt cop, who, as it turned out, was working for a hooded stranger lurking on rooftops and quick changing in alleys. Looks like we have a mysterious new enemy.

It was nice to see an episode about the Big Guy peeling back those layers and exposing his past, but this plot felt a little bit out place. It would have been nice to see this story play out in a different episode. Of course, it's hard to compete with Nikola Tesla around -- hopefully we'll see him again soon.

Observations and Quotations:

- "Look away, I'm hideous." --Tesla to Magnus after she found him in the cocoon.

- "I get how you can generate a signal by ... clinching your kegels or whatever." --Henry to Nikola.

- "What am I? Human with benefits? It's pathetic!" --Nikola to Magnus.

'Sanctuary' airs Fridays at 10PM ET on Syfy.

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I love Nikola also. I think that under his nasty, devious exterior, he actually may be a somewhat good guy. I think he truly is like a kid where as he knows he shouldn't be doing something but it is just so hard to not do it.
Is it just me or is Henry getting more integral to these stories. For the last 2 seasons, it seems like he was the lookup and fix guy which he still is but he gets to do much more.

November 06 2010 at 1:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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