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October 13, 2015

Will Lucky Trade Brenda for Siobhan on 'General Hospital'?

by Michael Maloney, posted Nov 8th 2010 5:40PM
Jonathan Jackson as LuckyLucky's in a bind on 'General Hospital.'

Luke and Laura's son, who's been masquerading as Irishman Ronan O'Reilly (and doing a fine Irish accent in the process), attempts to pull a fast one on the mysterious Balkan Tue., Nov. 9 when he attempts to "exchange" Brenda for kidnapped ladylove Siobhan. With the aid of snipers Jason and Dante, Lucky hopes to save both women.

The action-filled showdown involves gunfire and fight scenes. While soaps are taped at a rapid pace today, the production team at 'GH' carefully rehearsed the climatic moment with the actors playing Lucky, Brenda, Siobhan and the bad guys.

"In terms of our regular acting scenes we move really, really fast," Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) told TV Squad. "But for the stunts they want to make sure everyone's safe and all the precautions are in place."

To that end, each combative move is carefully rehearsed in advance and actors are shown that the guns used in the scenes are either unloaded or fake. "We have some pretend guns, some are plastic," Jackson said. "They use all different kinds."

The onus of the rescue is placed on Lucky while Jason and Dante serve as snipers, ready to take out the henchmen if Lucky needs help.

"The older I get, the less they're trying to do that [action] stuff with me," quipped Steve Burton (Jason.)

"It's going to be more [action-filled] for Lucky, Siobhan, Brenda and the Balkan's men," agreed Dominic Zamprogna (Dante.)

Kudos to Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda) who didn't even require a stunt-woman to handle the rigorous action. "I do like to do my own stunts," Marcil said. "One time I elbowed a stunt man right in the face [by accident.] These big guys come in and the see I'm really tiny, so they think, 'Oh, it's going to be fine.' Then, Steve [Burton] warns them about me."

Viewers will have to tune in on Tuesday to see if Lucky's plan works and beyond to see if secrets will be revealed. For starters, will the developing romance between Lucky and Siobhan (assuming she lives) stop cold if it's revealed that he, not his brother Nikolas, is the true father of Liz's baby Aiden.

"Lucky and Siobhan's relationship has been based in the danger," Jackson said. "Is there going to be anything beyond the circumstances that have thrown them together? [Lucky learning about Aiden] would add a completely new door for Lucky and Elizabeth's relationship. Without [him knowing they share a child] I don't think there's much of a chance of them ever getting back together."

Jackson said the Balkan's identity is also a secret, but that it's generally assumed it's a "he." "[We] don't know for sure, but it's pretty assumed it's a guy," the actor continued.

Brenda, SonnyThe most anticipated moment on 'GH' for many fans is Sonny and Brenda getting back together. While each character has been paired with many other love interests, the general consensus is that they are each other's true love.

"I would be so bold as to say that I would see it that way," Marcil said. "The reason I came back to the show was to work with Maurice [Benard, Sonny.] We don't want to jump right into [a full reunion.] When you have to wait a little bit, it turns out to be even more exciting. You can't just jump to the end."

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