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October 8, 2015

'Dancing With the Stars' Season 11, Episode 15 Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted Nov 9th 2010 2:00AM

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough dance the rumba on DWTS['Dancing With the Stars' - 'Instant Dance Challenge']

This week on 'Dancing With the Stars' the couples had to pretend they were professionals and were given the music to their second dance 20 minutes before their routines. There could have been several techniques used in teaching the stars, but most of the celebrities just taught a routine by counts instead of music. The test worked out well and we'll probably see this theme return next season. The confidence that the celebrities exhibited was the biggest factor of success, but how I wished that there was a crash and burn on live television.

By this round of 'Dancing With the Stars,' the celebrities are basically filling up the empty gaps in their dances. Brandy will be going into Week 9 with the biggest advantage: She only has the Argentine Tango and Paso Doble left, two of the biggest crowd-pleasers and highest score-getters.

Round 1

Kyle & Lacey - Viennese Waltz - Lacey was very hard with her teaching skills, but Kyle tried his best to learn even with his blurred Pooh shirt. While I hated Lacey's dress, it didn't distract from Kyle's improved frame from his waltz. There were times where he was leading with his chin, but he kept his frame. There was definably a visible charisma and the two interacted beautifully.

Len thought that he improved and bloomed. Bruno was charmed by the maturity. Carrie Ann thought he had a new elegance and was reminded of watching a fairy tale. Score: 27 (9,9,9). Song Pulled - "Good Golly Miss Molly"

Jennifer & Derek
- Quickstep - Jennifer had knee issues this week and Derek had to stop. The doctor told her that she had tendinitis and she was at a crossroads. Her father arrived and boosted her confidence. The dance had a classic Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers style to it and the two fit the character well. I thought the dress was a very strategic way of covering up any big issues with her knee and flicks. The two covered the floor successfully and the end sequence was a really creative technique for letting Jennifer not exert too much energy.

Bruno thought it was a vintage classic quickstep. Carrie Ann thought she was beautiful, but there was a tiny misstep. Len saw that, like the song they received, she faced the music and danced. Score: 27 (9,9,9) Song Pulled - "Waiting for a Girl Like You"

Kurt & Anna
- Waltz - Kurt compared the excitement to live football, like every football contestant seems to say. Anna was confident that Kurt would portray the waltz well, but Kurt worried about the technical nuances of smaller movements. I thought the opening was a sweet way of portraying an almost jewelry box doll. I thought Kurt had a confidence that was paired well with happiness when he smiled. I didn't find his arms or oven mitts to be distracting this week. Kurt was on point with Anna with his steps as well. I was surprised that in the package Anna practiced a spin, and in the end Kurt was the one being spun by Anna.

Carrie Ann compared Kurt to a Ken doll; she loved the determination. Len thought that the whole dance was beautiful, even with small technical issues. Bruno loved the smile and appreciated that he tried hard. Score: 24 (8,8,8) Song Pulled - "Hella Good"

Bristol & Mark - Argentine Tango - Mark tried to convince Bristol that she had to step up her game, so she went to visit her family and gained confidence. We got more scenes of Sarah Palin being a supportive mother; fortunately this time not in the audience. Bristol had some character this week, but that opening walk didn't ooze enough fire and it destroyed the rest of the routine for me. I was happy seeing Bristol have some legwork, but it wasn't as complicated as I hoped. Mark did most of the intricate flicks. I thought the end spin with Bristol on the chair was a really lazy way of getting Bristol in the air.

Len thought the lifts were good, but the routine lacked intensity. Bruno pointed out that she lost her emotion halfway through the routine. Carrie Ann thought that Bristol had the most intensity, but her legs needed more oomph. Score: 24 (8,8,8) Song Pulled - "Mas Que Nada"

Brandy & Maks - Waltz - Brandy was worried that no one was safe, but Maks thought that their improved connection would be their winning factor. I liked the really dramatic opening to the routine. The couple had the same passion to match the music and they glided across the floor with such ease. I loved the spin sequence at the end and Maks choreographed the routine perfectly.

Bruno saw that Brandy was immersed in the whole song. Carrie Ann loved the emotional quality; she criticized her neck to expend from the spine. Len was overwhelmed by the whole performance. Score: 29 (9,10,10) Song Pulled - "Teenage Dream"

Round 2 - Instant Dances

Kyle & Lacey - Jive - Steve-O showed up to teach Kyle about how to not be distracting. It was like a G-rated 'Jackass.' Lacey decided to teach the whole routine, music or not. The issue was that it lacked all the musical nuances that the song would have had. I'm sure that with the backstage practice Lacey could have made some of the emphasis points a bit better. It seemed a bit suspicious that Kyle was given an outfit that resembled a reverse piano. The dancing overall had the energy one would expect for a jive. Not only was his technique not that bad, he didn't keel over.

Len thought he was a rocket, but wanted more finesse. Bruno thought it was top of the league for creativity and the timing was great. Carrie Ann thought the dance was the most fun performance to watch. Score: 29 (10,9,10).

Jennifer & Derek - Rumba - Derek was happy that the Rumba wouldn't put too much pressure on her knee. Derek had a smart technique where he played several tempos of music to get Jennifer to adjust on the fly. As the couple danced, Jennifer had sizzle but the best outcome of the routine was that Jennifer looked like she had real eye contact with Derek. She really had the character and sex appeal of a rumba. Jennifer's legwork was beautiful and she showed no pain whatsoever as she balanced on Derek. The two did a marvelous job with slow movements contrasted with fast ones.

Bruno thought the challenge brought the best out of her and she was flawless. Carrie Ann thought Jennifer captured the moment in the dance. Len loved the variation of speed and power in the dance. Score: 30 (10,10,10).

Kurt & Anna - Cha-Cha - Anna decided to choreograph to counts instead of music, which Kurt had trouble picking up. Kurt had his kids come in and they used the same technique as Derek. Sadly, Kurt was thrown off a lot. Kurt should have had the biggest advantage having the Cha-Cha last week, but he still had moments where he oafed around. In other moments, Kurt moved across the stage a lot lighter than I expected, but whoever decided to give him fringe on his pants needs to be fired. Anna looked amazing as she spun around, and like a good partner Kurt was right there with her.

Carrie Ann thought that he finally hit his musicality. Len thought he had focus and performed well. Bruno saw the fun and daringness; the performance outweighed the minor leg issues. Score: 24 (8,8,8).

Bristol & Mark - Samba - Mark explained to Bristol that in professional competitions, no one knows the music until right before the routine, just like the challenge this week. Bristol normally used the words as her counts, but had to switch to numbers. The dance opened with Bristol standing in fear as Mark tried to get the crowd moving. Mark over compensated with his section dancing. The samba had a bit too much walking. Bristol looked confused and really depended on Mark to tell her where to go. It seemed like they didn't choreograph an ending and kind of just ended.

Len thought the samba was the most difficult Latin dance to have, but Bristol coped with the challenge. Bruno thought she shook well, but there were points where Mark was lost. Carrie Ann thought she didn't have musicality, but her personality shone. Score: 23 (7,8,8).

Brandy & Maks - Cha-Cha - Maks decided to use a similar technique to the Dance Marathon. Brandy felt that she had more musicality than her competition, but the couple spent more time shaking their bums. Interestingly, Maks created a bit of a story in the beginning, but wasted a lot of time getting to the dancing. They even spent a few bars standing until they started. As the rest of the dance continued the couple had a lot of fun and Brandy had a natural smile when she was performing, something we rarely saw before. The couple had a good booty shake, but I hated that they wasted the last few bars clapping in a circle.

Bruno thought it was a fabulous performance. Carrie Ann was shocked that the couple wasted time and was upset with Maks. Len thought the Cha-Cha was full of flavor and performance. Score: 28 (9,9,10).

Final Scores

Jennifer & Derek - 57 (27 + 30)
Brandy & Maks - 57 (29 + 28)
Kyle & Lacey - 56 (27 + 29)
Kurt & Anna - 48 (24 + 24)
Bristol & Mark - 47 (24 + 23)

The percentages of the couples are: Brandy/Jennifer 21.5, Kyle 21.1, Kurt 18.1, Bristol 17.7. It seems as though the elimination will be between Bristol and Kurt, but I wouldn't be shocked if Kyle's fans thought he would be safe and he'd get eliminated. I'm happy that Maks got upset about the instant dance and the definition of "instant." I thought that Maks made a point that the routine should fit, but I wished that he thought of something instead of "stand there" as a step. Finally, if anyone was as captured by Brandy's waltz music as I was, the song was "Dark Waltz" by Hayley Westenra.

Who do you think will be eliminated? Leave your comments below.

'Dancing With the Stars' airs Mondays at 8PM ET and Tuesdays at 9PM ET on ABC.

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Leslie Lum

What a joke. Yes, Bristol has improved each week, but she is not even close to any of the other contestant in talent ! It's not a fair fight when an untalented but "Republican darling" is in the competition. Hell, she might even win with all those conservative votes. (half the US) That's when I leave the country. The JUDGES should have more clout so that this doesn't happen. THIS SUCKS!

November 17 2010 at 1:13 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Jenifer and Derick should be eleminated. If she is
in the shape she said she is, she cannot dance like she is dancing. I have bone problems and have done some suffering, couldn't have throwed my legs
and bent my back to that extreme with that kind of illness. I too am in remission.
Kyle and Lacy are very good. Bristol has developed in
her dancing more than anyone I have every seem on DWTS. Anyone would qualify if they have never been a dancer. Brandy, is very good too.
Brooke u look better in dresses that don't fit u like a fitted rubber band.

Derick, u r a very good dancer...

November 16 2010 at 8:14 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
john van zandt

injuries or not ( it should have been called dancing with the scars from the beginning), Jennifer and Derek did the greatest and sexiest dance ever seen on this show by anybody..somebody should note that Tom and Brooke are the best TV MC's around these days. the show is the best since Major Bowes..Care to guess my age?

November 10 2010 at 6:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to john van zandt's comment

to john van zandt; jenifer is faking threw all the pain she would not have been alble to put her leg on top of derricks shoulder without even flexing in some kind of pain; she even paid off her doctor to lie and say that her leg was damage and say that she could lose it. a trophy aint even worth losing a leg. the only real talented dancers are brandy and maks. they have fantastic dance moves every week they bust and move. SWEETWATER

November 14 2010 at 4:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

sorry but Brandy and Maks should go.. I am tired of Maks and his attitude.. Carrie Ann made a valid point and Maks AGAIN mistook what Carrie Ann said as an attack on the dancers. Lets all remember without the pro dancers the show would fail BUT without the show all of these dancers would not be as famous as they are and Maks needs to learn to stop being a whiny little baby. Carrie was right to say the Kurt did more dancing and Brandy and Maks coasted in the beginning of their instant dance. Kurt and Anna and all the other couples except Maks and brandy had to pick the beat up right away but Brandy and Maks had time to stall and then start their dance. I used to like maks but now am tired of his attitude...

November 09 2010 at 7:38 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I have not watched the show for the last 3 weeks as I made a vow to stop watching until they got rid of Bristol Palin. Based on you review it sounds like she deserves to go home once again.

November 09 2010 at 12:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Mitch's comment

to Mitch; bristol will be on the show till the end; because her mother sarah has her tea party members voting every week; and there is millions of them all over the world. they are not voting because she did a great job; its because of her mother. it is not fair to the other dancers who are talented. it will be a shame if she wins because her mother is not being fair. they need to change rules when it comes voting. SWEETWATER

November 14 2010 at 3:47 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i love brandy and maks. they have magnetism on the dance floor which makes me blush. i feel they are really attracted to each other; but they don't want to admit it. i hope everybody voted; you win be the highest votes, note how good you are on the dance floor' i hope next year they change those rules. sweetwater.

November 09 2010 at 11:16 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i love brandy and maks. they have magnetism on the dance floor which makes me blush. i feel they are really attracted to each other; but they don't want to admit it. i hope everybody voted; you win be the highest votes, note how good you are on the dance floor' i hope next year they change those rules. sweetwater.

November 09 2010 at 11:14 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Cindy Gibson

I enjoyed the show tonight very much but am really haveing a hard time believing that all those songs that were picked for the "instant dance" was random. The Jive got the fast song, the rumba and the samba got just the right music and the cha chas got upbeat songs. They all seemed to pick just the right kind of song for their dances. Strange? I guess I'm cynical Of the "reality" show thing. It just seemed way too staged that they all did great and no crash and burn. As far as the dancing goes, I think it way past time for Bristol to go. She was gived way to high of scores as she did more walking than dancing. I also thought Kurt's dances seemed way too disjointed and thought his scores were too high also. I am also way over Jennifer Grey and her whinning. Every week is the same, she is hurt but plows on and seems fine when she dances. Done with sympathy, now just annoying. I hope Max and Brandy wins.

November 09 2010 at 7:38 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Cindy Gibson's comment

If you noticed, all the CDs had the couple's names on them. Each couple had their own batch of CDs to pick from, all of which were appropriate for their assigned dance. Even in a pro dancing competition, couples know what style they need to perform even when they don't know the music.

November 09 2010 at 3:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Brandy is my favorite and deserves to win this season. Although I know Jennifer has health problems - it gets a little tiring that they go on and on about it, then she performs like there's nothing wrong - if her knee was that bad in practice, i find it hard to believe that she had a sudden recovery - almost like she's trying to get sympathy votes. It's time for Bristol to go, but she still has the popularity votes so guess we'll have to see.

November 09 2010 at 5:55 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to cathi_ruth's comment
Amanda Rae

She performs like nothing is wrong because that is what a professional does. They perform through it and suffer later.

November 11 2010 at 6:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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