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April 24, 2014
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On the Premiere of 'Conan,' a Look Back Into the Tragic Past (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Nov 9th 2010 2:05AM
On the Premiere of 'Conan,' a Look Back Into the Tragic Past It's been a rough year for Conan O'Brien. First, he got his dream job hosting 'The Tonight Show.' But after giving "Coco" the job, the "suits" at NBC changed their minds. Based on lower ratings, they wanted Conan to move into a new time-slot -- to accommodate rival Jay Leno.

O'Brien refused -- the rest is history. The host either quit or was fired (depending on who you believe). After eight months, his time on 'Tonight Show' was done. But you can't keep a good comic down. Now, Coco is back ... on basic cable. And on the premiere of 'Conan' (weeknights, 11PM ET on TBS), he peered back into the tragic past.

The show began with the words: "LAST SEASON ON 'CONAN ... '" We then entered a fantasy-style recap of recent events, filtered through Conan's unique comedic perspective. O'Brien started by mocking NBC's demand to switch the time of 'The Tonight Show.' "What can they do to me?" he said, laughing confidently. ... Seconds later, he was shot gangland-execution-style by evil NBC henchmen.

After being gunned down in a 'Godfather'-like hailstorm of bullets, Conan tried to land a series of replacement jobs. First, he was rejected by Don Draper (Jon Hamm). Draper said a career at the 'Mad Men' offices wouldn't work for Coco: "It's 1965. ... You're two years old." O'Brien then failed as a cashier at Burger King.

But following some words of wisdom from Larry King, O'Brien got his new gig as the host of 'Conan.' He triumphantly exited the TBS offices: "Looks like everything's gonna be okay!" Conan was then shot for a second time, by the same evil henchmen. "Oh, come on!" he said. Yeah, Coco gets all the unlucky breaks like that. Here's hoping he has better luck on his new show!

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