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September 2, 2015

'South Park' Season 14, Episode 13 Recap

by Brad Trechak, posted Nov 11th 2010 1:45AM

South Park['South Park' - 'Coon vs. Coon and Friends']

This was the final episode of the only four-parter in 'South Park' history, including the episode 'The Coon' from last season. My guess is that we'll eventually see a DVD compilation of these episodes. In one sentence, this was a good episode with a weak ending.

In previous multi-part episodes, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are usually trying to philosophize or make a point (such as with 'Imaginationland' or 'Cartoon Wars'). This episode had none of that. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, it does give more weight and impact when one is waiting a couple of weeks to see the story play out.

Who knew that a character invented for this story line (not just Mintberry Crunch, but Bradley Biggle himself) would play such an important role? The problem with this episode is that it felt more cobbled together than previous multi-parters. The ending felt like the writers didn't have a good one planned so they went with something unexpected. Episodes like 'Go God Go' had more of a direction in which to end the story. This story was simply an excuse for Cartman to destroy a lot of the things he hated (Jews, hippies, Burning Man, Whole Foods, Justin Bieber). Had the episode included some sort of moral or theme about the situation, it might have had more impact. The deus ex machina ending with Mintberry Crunch being a variation of Superman really kind of ruined it, and that's a crying shame. It was a good episode otherwise.

The fact that Kenny's mother continually gives birth to him (and he wakes fully grown the next morning) was touched on in a previous episode. This one gave Cthulhu and Lovecraftian mythos the responsibility for Kenny's immortality, but that could easily be retconned by the creators at a later date.

The writers really researched their Lovecraft by even making R'lyeh the place where the boys were banished to. Kenny's death on the spikes were similar to Saddam Hussein's death in the 'South Park' movie, which in turn is taken from, I believe, a video game.

There was another call back to the "Lebron James technique" seen last week, but even funnier were the scenes where Cartman goes all "cute kitten," which was taken from an old Warner Brothers cartoon (at least, I think it was a Warner Brothers cartoon). The use of the two different comics to spin the tale, one with a light hero in Mintberry Crunch and one with a dark villain with The Coon, was a cool storytelling technique. The Mintberry Crunch comic logo was an homage to the 'Amazing Spider-Man.'

Mintberry Crunch's powers and general attitude reminded me of those Hostess ads that comics readers would see in the '70s and '80s in which a superhero solved a problem with one of the Hostess pastry products like Twinkies or Fruit Pies. Mintberry Crunch even sounds like a pastry, or maybe a breakfast cereal.

The highlight of the episode had to be Cthulhu popping Justin Bieber's head like a zit. Only one more episode left in the season. What did you think was the best part of this episode? What didn't you like about the entire 'Coon and Friends' storyline?

Episode Highlights:
-- Cartman called Kyle "The Human Kike," a derogatory term for Jews, instead of "The Human Kite." It's surprising he waited this long to say it.
-- The Coon got confused by the news reporter with Bruce Vilanch. This was also done in last season's 'The Coon.'
-- Cthulhu wore a Coon and Friends T-shirt.
-- The Coon comic had Cartman saying to his friends-turned-enemies "Go With Christ."
-- "It's like Obama all over again."
-- "Superman never teamed up with Lex Luthor." "Well, that's why Superman isn't around anymore, isn't it?"

'South Park' airs Wednesdays at 10PM ET on Comedy Central.

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Favorite moment was when you see Kenny's face when he realizes that guy in the other dimension is actually talking to Mint-Berry Crunch. Priceless!

November 11 2010 at 11:56 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Bradley wasn't "invented" just for this episode, he's been mentioned before. He's just never played a large role. Check "Follow That Egg!" for at least one other mention of him

November 11 2010 at 10:13 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I could totally wrong. But I felt this was sort of like the Lost Finale. A good guy is bad, the friends get trapped in another place. One guy travels between both. They fight an ancient evil and have to put a plug back(haha). And when it ends its sort of lame but not really.

I was expecting Kenny to be written of the show, but instead they blind side the audience with the effing Mint-Berry. Which is actually pretty damn funny.

November 11 2010 at 2:21 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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