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October 4, 2015

Ousted 'Survivor' Contestant: 'Jane's Flatulence Was Hard to Stomach'

by Audrey Fine, posted Nov 11th 2010 7:00PM
Survivor: Nicaragua Benry HollyWhen, as a fan, you watch 'Survivor,' you inevitably find yourself yelling at the TV at some point. Usually it's because somebody does something stupid or because an entire tribe fails to see the obvious and votes out the wrong person.

The latter is precisely what happened on last night's ninth episode in Nicaragua. (For me anyway.)

Who was Libertad foolish to boot? Find out after the jump.


Marty Piombo had not been having an easy time of late. The 48-year-old technology executive found himself constantly on the chopping block and having to jockey for position at every turn. Must've been exhausting. But last night, following a sweet reward that found him -- and the rest of the guys (except Chase) -- ziplining over the Nicaraguan jungle canopy and chowing down on some serious barbecue, Piombo seemed to have gained some traction with his tribe and appeared poised to maybe, just maybe, be safe for a bit.

Not. The powers that be, namely Brenda and Sash, must've perceived him as too much of a threat and thwarted his attempt to flush out NaOnka's idol and take out his nemesis Jane in the ultimate blindside. And, unfortunately for Piombo and his fans, he was the one that was sent to join Alina at the Ponderosa as the second member of the jury instead of either of his picks.

Survivor: Nicaragua Marty PiomboWe talked to Piombo today from his home in Mill Valley, Calif. and it was readily apparent that the ouster, though months ago, still stings. Here's what he had to say...

Last night, for the first time in a while, you appeared to feel somewhat secure at Tribal. Was it just the way the episode was edited or did it really seem like everyone was on board with your "flush/blindside" plan?
I went in knowing that I had less than a 50/50 chance of things going my way. I was fully packed and ready to go and had already lived through two to three tribals that were too close for comfort, so I knew better than to be secure.

Sash and Brenda were just too smart, too cerebral to [keep me.] I'd spent hours with each of them mapping out how things would go, all the way down to the final three. I saw them as the guys running the show and I mentored them in my own way -- I know that sounds cocky, but I knew that I could maybe possibly fit into a part of that strategy. I'd given them a commitment and told them I would be loyal but, in the end, they didn't take that chance.

Why do you think that Brenda and Sash have such a strong hold over the game? What did they -- especially Sash -- ever do to earn anyone's respect?
It's hard to say. They're smart, but the young people are really tough to figure out. Everything was so wishy-washy. It wasn't like Sash drove and really managed the whole tribe, it was more behind the scenes stuff. And people like purple Kelly would do whatever she was told. But Fabio could do whatever he wanted. He'd just blow with the wind. There were just some strange dynamics at work there.

You and Fabio seemed to click pretty well, which is one of the reasons viewers are starting to think that he's just playing the role of the dumb blond. What's your take?
He was totally in the game and I think there's a lot more going on upstairs [than we see],though I did have some fun at his expense with that whole [made-up] chess Grand Master silliness. He's not a dummy and will make his own judgments so I was very subtle with him and would never push him into anything. I just tried to win over his trust and I was pleased to see [while watching the episodes] that he'd warmed up to me.

During last night's reward, all the guys seemed to be having a blast ziplining -- everyone except Dan who looked petrified. Was he? Did you have to cajole him in to doing it?
We didn't have to cajole, but I think he was clearly freaked out . It was one of the highlights of my entire time there watching him zipline. It would never happen in his lifetime and he was just so cute with his little head in that big helmet. We were laughing so hard, it was great.

In your CBS bio, you cite "waiting in line and inconsiderate people" as two of your pet peeves. What about any of your tribemates peeved you most?
It rained a lot there and the lack of food, lack of sleep were tough but it was hands down Jane's flatulence that was the worst. Her cackling laughter combined with her 24/7 flatulence -- we're talking truck driver flatulence here -- were hard to stomach.

And, listen what she did last night with bringing my kids and my family into the mix was below the belt even by 'Survivor' standards. Here's a woman who the moment we got there pulled us into the woods and said, "My husband just died and I need the money, please don't vote me off" and I just found it deplorable.

OK, time's nearly up, but have to squeeze in one last question. You're driving cross country and have to bring along some of the players. Who's riding shotgun, who's in the back seat and who's in the trunk?
[Laughs] OK, Jill is up front with me. Backseat has Fabio and then Brenda's in the trunk. Oh, and Jane's tied to the bumper in the front right alongside the grill.

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Joyce N.

I think Marty got voted off because he's a cocky SOB.

After reading the above interview, sounds like it comes natural to him. I never thought he was as great as he thinks he is. Glad he's gone and glad Jane is still there. THAT"S gotta be killing him!

November 11 2010 at 9:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Don't get why they voted Marty off. I don't think he would have gotten any votes at the end. At this point in the game they should be voting off everyone that will get the end-votes.

November 11 2010 at 7:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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