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October 9, 2015
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'Bad Girls Club': A Reunion Leads to Hair Pulling, and More (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Nov 17th 2010 12:35AM
'Bad Girls Club': A Reunion Leads to Hairpulling, and More'Bad Girls Club' (Tue., 9PM ET on Oxygen) had the first part of its two-part reunion special tonight. And it went about as well as ... a reunion for a show called 'Bad Girls Club' could go. By "well," we of course mean "badly." Tempers flare, curses fly around the room -- and one girl's hairpiece goes flying as well.

On the reunion (hosted by Perez Hilton), angry words lead to a physical fight between the girls. Though if you needed that explained to you, you've never seen the show before. "Angry words leading to a physical fight" is pretty much all that ever happens on the series.

To kick things off, Kristen confronts Kayleigh about being fake, while the rest of the girls glare at each other from the fancy "reunion show" couches. ... Well, Kayleigh isn't about to stand for being called fake! Although the general accusation is a little hilarious in a room filled with this many hair weaves and fake breasts.

Kristen doesn't know when to stop -- but then, no one on this show does. She continues with the insults, saying that Kayleigh "can't stand on [her] own two feet." As if to literally disprove this point, Kayleigh jumps out of her chair.

Next, Kayleigh unleashes a torrent of invective against Kristen, using as much outdated slang as she can think of -- including the terms "punk'd," and "dogged." But mere words aren't enough -- so Kayleigh dashes over to the couch, hits Kristen, and rips off her platinum blond hair weave. Oh, man. Among 'Bad Girls,' pulling someone's weave off is the ultimate insult -- it's like slapping someone with a glove in 17th-century France. What will happen next? We'll have to stay tuned for part two of the reunion to find out.

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