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October 10, 2015

Ousted 'Survivor' Contestant 'I Needed a Miracle'

by Audrey Fine, posted Nov 18th 2010 6:00PM
survivor: nicaraguaToo bad Heidi Klum already claimed the "one moment you're in, the next you're out" catchphrase for 'Project Runway' because it's perfectly suited to 'Survivor' -- especially last night's episode. But we won't divulge any more until after the jump.

Read on to see who got sent to the Ponderosa following last night's 10th episode on Nicaragua.


The mighty fell fast last night as Brenda Lowe, the former Alpha Babe of La Flor and then Libertad, got taken down a peg -- or 20 -- and was voted out by every single person on her tribe (well, except for the mind-bogglingly clueless Kelly Purple). Even her "peeps" Sash and Chase turned on the 27 year-old paddleboard company owner, who was sent to join Alina and Marty at the after party.

How did she go from top of heap to yesterday's news so quickly? And how did that sit with the self-professed "natural winner?" TV Squad spoke to her this morning from her home in Miami and here's what she had to say about her once-in-a-lifetime experience.

From where we sat watching it unfold on TV, the change in tide against you seemed to come on fast and furious. Why do you think the tribe suddenly had it in for you? And, were you really surprised when Chase told you about the plan?

Yes I was surprised at that time thinking that I had the alliance intact, but I wasn't scared. That wasn't the first time I heard this; I'd seen my name written down because it comes with the territory of being on top. But when I found out that it was Na' who was behind it that was surprising. And hurtful.

You seemed genuinely hurt that NaOnka turned on you. Sure you were buds but, this is 'Survivor,' didn't you have any inkling that she'd flop?

Never, never, never! I trusted her the most. I know all about her family, all her stories. We were friends, were girlfriends. I was being her friend more than working an alliance. And there was a reason why we kept her around. I was looked at as a threat and she took the attention away from me, the spotlight off of me and I loved it. And, while everyone was targeting her, we were taking out everybody else. I invested a lot of time into her and it really hurt when she flipped.

Brenda Lowe Survivor NicaraguaYou barely batted an eye when Sash didn't give you the idol. How could you control your reaction?

I was hoping and hoping and hoping for it, I needed a miracle [but it didn't happen.] You didn't see it on TV but I had a conversation with Na when Sash went on the ziplining reward with the other guys. I told her we'd have to watch to see if he tried to pull something sneaky when he got back and if we suspected anything, we'd have to take him out. But he came back and told me that he'd do what I wanted, so everything was cool. But of course, she went and told him that "Brenda wants you gone," so why would he save someone who would vote him?

What was it like getting to the Ponderosa and having to confront Marty and Alina for the first time?

My take on it was that I never had any hard feelings toward them or anybody, just "you got me." I went in with that attitude -- let's high five and let's share a brownie. They welcomed me warmly. This is a game. I'm an adult. The game is over. It sucks for all three of us so let's make the best of a bad situation. I had great long talks with Marty about the game. It was fun.

Was it a shock to look at yourself in the mirror for the first time? And is there a scale there?

It was scary as hell! I was like, "what is it happening?" My hair had all types of things in it, like half the beach in it. And I had no hips. I was like, "I thought hips were bones, how could they disappear?" I had a complex already for being skinny. I was excited to have my family see me looking like all dirty but it's not how I like to look -- that skinny. I went in as 124, my normal weight and left at 110.

At Tribal you made a big deal about why you refused to "scramble." In hindsight, do you wish that you had?

No. And I'm so frustrated that Jeff made it look like that [during Tribal]. My only plan was that the only people that could save me were Chase and Sash, I had to ingrain in them that they are targeting you by taking me out. I wanted to inspire them that I am loyal to the last second. And these other people I will not "scramble" to.

In your CBS.com bio you cite complainers and people who don't take action as your pet peeves. What peeved you most around camp?'

Paranoia. I hated it. Also, the obsession with bad-mouthing people. Jane's obsession with Marty was the most annoying thing ever. More than that, it was nasty and I hated hearing it, hated hearing her voice talking about him. She reminded me of Gollum from 'The Lord of the Rings.' She bad-mouthed his kids. Who does that? That was disgusting.

You're driving across the country with your 'Survivor' "family." Who gets to ride shotgun, who's sitting in the back and who's in the trunk?

I would have everyone from the original, young La Flor tribe in the back seat. No one in the trunk, I'm not like that. And, we're on our way to Vegas and partying it up because that's all I want to do now.

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