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October 4, 2015

'Sanctuary' Season 3, Episode 6 Recap

by Alaina O'Connor, posted Nov 20th 2010 2:00PM
['Sanctuary' - 'Animus']

This week's episode was all about pairings. The team split up into pairs; each off on their own quest. Will and Henry channeled Butch and Sundance and ran off to Oldham, England to investigate a werewolf sighting and what they found was a seemingly normal hospital full of werewolves.

Magnus and Nikola Tesla (or the "Magnet", as Henry calls him) tried to unlock the secrets of the holographic city first introduced a few episodes back, but ran into a puzzle they needed to solve . Kate and the Big Guy, well, they were on a undetermined mission, but they'll be back Friday!

This was really a Henry-centric episode as it dealt with the duel nature of his existence. On the one hand, he had the human side; the face that he showed the world on a daily basis, but on the inside there's the wolf. Henry came to peace with this duality last season and learned to control it, but when he heard about werewolf sightings in England , he jumped on the chance to meet some of his hairy brethren.

After they checked in with Declan at the London house, Henry and Will's investigation lead them to a hospital where they went undercover where they found out Lycans being controlled by drugs.

Henry lost control of his animal nature, but was saved by Erica who transformed into a werewolf, too. In the end, he convinced Erica to let the werewolf clan leave the facility and learn how to control their wolf side without suppressing it.

The Henry /Will pairing was great to watch. They played off each other really well and it was nice to see that they had a chance to go on an adventure together. Will's especially fun when he's not moping around all broody like he was at the end of the last season and the first few episodes of this season.

The other pairing this week was Magnus and Nikola. They have a fun dynamic which stems from the fact that they've known each other for so long. Nikola can always be counted on to do the most inappropriate things and Magnus is always there to keep him in check.

After a little research, Magnus found a connection between the mosaics on the holographic city's buildings and ancient Sumerian cuneiforms. When touched, the symbols formed a virtual pad lock, but in order to access the next level they needed a password of sorts.

Nikola, being the impulsive creature that he is, decided it would be a good idea to randomly try a combination; the result was a massive electromagnetic pulse that locked them out of the hologram. Once Nikola learned how to turn it back on, the city detected traces of the source blood in both of them and initiated a self-destruct sequence, which they averted using Nikola's powers.

Magnus unlocked the padlock only to discover the location of the city is within the Earth itself! Looks like the hallowed Earth isn't just a theory anymore.

Observations and Quotations:

- It was great seeing Nikola return for another episode. I hope they keep bringing him back, because he's fun to watch.

- "Where would science be today, if I constantly stopped to bathe?" - Nikola to Magnus

"That's right. Surrender your secrets to the master of electricity." Nikola to the holographic city.

'Sanctuary' airs Fridays at 10PM ET on Syfy.

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