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October 22, 2014
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Craig Ferguson Considers Suing a French 'Late Late Show' Rip-Off (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Nov 23rd 2010 8:05AM
Craig Ferguson Considers Suing a French 'Late Late Show' Rip-Off Look at the photo to your right. Do you see how angry Craig Ferguson is? He's usually so calm! But on 'The Late Late Show' (weeknights, 12:37PM ET on CBS), we learned an important lesson. DO NOT MESS WITH CRAIG FERGUSON. Otherwise, he'll get mad ... for five seconds or so.

Why is Ferguson so steamed? It's because of 'Ce Soir Avec Arthur' -- a French talk show, of all things! 'Ce Soir' has stolen Craig's opening credits -- down to the fountain, the microphone, and everything else: Compare them for yourself.

Craig is enraged: "You can't steal from us!" he screams. "We don't [EXPLETIVE DELETED] have anything!!" Okay, he's (mildly) enraged, but still being jokey and self-effacing about his own show.

Look, France and the U.S. have an arrangement. We mock them for being snobby; they mock us for being boorish. They give us the Statue of Liberty, we save them during World War II. Those are the rules; it's fair and balanced. But stealing the 'Late Late Show' theme throws the whole thing out of whack. This will not stand!

Luckily, guest Ben Stein has an idea: Sue the French! Ben is a former lawyer; he's ready and willing to get all litigious and whatnot. But now, Craig's anger is fading ... and he needs time to think about it. ... No, Craig! Stay mad! Sue the French! Administer the coup de grâce! Zut alors! Show some espirit de corps, Mr. Ferguson! (Okay, we're out of bad French now.)

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