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October 24, 2014

EXCLUSIVE 'Off the Map' Sizzle Reel & Details from Star Jason George (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted Dec 3rd 2010 6:15PM

'Off the Map' is the latest medical series from the ladies behind 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Private Practice,' Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers and creator Jenna Bans.

If you haven't figured out their winning formula by now, this show proves that hot doctors plus interesting cases equals a sexy hit show. 'Off the Map' (premieres Wed., Jan. 12, 10PM ET on ABC) adds an exotic locale to the mix, with a Doctors Without Borders-style program taking these medical professionals to a remote South American jungle.

AOL TV has an exclusive sneak peek of the show, which star Jason George (remember him as Bailey's love interest, Dr. Ben Warren?) describes as "kind of like 'M*A*S*H,' but with a 'Romancing the Stone' tone. We're not in the middle of a war, but we are strangers in a strange land, and doing things our way, not necessarily the right -- or even the legal -- way. There's sterile and there's clean enough. We're definitely on the "clean enough" set. [Laughs]"

The cast includes Caroline Dhavernas ('Wonderfalls'), Mamie Gummer ('John Adams,' and, um, she's Meryl Streep's daughter people!) and Zach Gilford ('Friday Night Lights') as the newbies, joining the team played by George, Valerie Cruz ('Dexter,' 'True Blood'), Martin Henderson and Rachelle Lefevre ('Twilight').

George told us a little more about the show's premise: "The newbies come through and everybody's life starts to change a little bit. The reason why the show is happening here and now is because this set of newbies for us is different than other ones. Things are clicking. Normally, people show up, we turn 'em right out, put them through the grinder, they can't handle it and they move on."

George teases that things with this crew get interesting real fast: "We're ready to write them off the same way we do all the other newbies, but there's a little more grit to these folks, which makes it a little more intriguing. And when you're intrigued by somebody, other stuff starts to happen. That's the other thing that happens in all these clinics in developing nations -- the people start to get burnt out, and to kind of work off some steam, they get busy with each other. That and drinking. [Laughs]"

Just what we like to see on our medical dramas! Now watch our exclusive sizzle reel and tell us what you think: Will you add this show to your must-watch list? Already set your DVR? Sound off in the comments.

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