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September 2, 2015
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A Game of Chicken on 'Survivor: Nicaragua' -- An Animal Dies, A Player Goes Home (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Dec 9th 2010 1:20AM
A Game of Chicken on 'Survivor: Nicaragua' -- An Animal Dies, A Player Goes HomeWe lost two members of the 'Survivor: Nicaragua' family tonight (Wed., 8PM ET on NBC). But unlike last time, it wasn't because anyone quit. Following the previous week's debacle, in which NaOnka and Kelly left the show, the tribe returned to camp. The players had a live chicken left over from a previous challenge, so they named it "Kelly-Nay," in honor of the two women. (Because NaOnka and Kelly were "chicken" for quitting ... get it?)

But like the girls, the bird wasn't long for this world. The three-man alliance of Benry, Fabio and Dan killed the chicken and ate it (they were joined in the feast by Sash). When Jane returned to camp, she started weeping; she felt the bird was her "pet." She then made a memorial for "Kelly-Nay's" remains, placing a little wooden cross on top of its grave. Aw!

But that was only the first loss of the day -- an actual human still had to be kicked off the show.

In the end, everything came down to another game of chicken. The first player to blink would lose ... and Benry was the first to blink. He showed a willingness to sell out Fabio -- his fellow alliance member -- and in so doing, made himself look untrustworthy. During a tense tribal council, it was a choice between Benry and Fabio, and the final vote went as follows ...

... Holly, Fabio, Fabio, Benry, Benry, Benry, Benry. With four votes in a row going against him, Benry was ousted. But with two episodes left and only six players remaining, there won't be much time to mourn his departure. No one wept as Benry left the show; the actual chicken ended up getting all the tears.

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