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October 7, 2015

Ousted 'Survivor' Contestant: 'You're Miserable but it's Fun'

by Audrey Fine, posted Dec 16th 2010 6:30PM
survivor nicaragua fabio, janeThe penultimate 'Survivor: Nicaragua' episode was a doozy. Feelings were hurt, alliances dashed, the fire got extinguished (!) and, in the end, there were five remaining competitors. Who went to join Marty et. al at Ponderosa? Read on and find out...


Jane Bright is a scrappy, self-professed "crazy" competitor. The 56-year-old fought the good fight for 33 days on the island and brought more than just her tell-it-like-it-is attitude to the game. She started the fire, she caught the fish, she held her own against strapping young bucks more than half her age. Bright is a fighter. But she also had a difficult situation going on at home -- one that became her Achilles heel. No one wanted to go up against a genuinely likable "little old lady" whose husband had recently died of cancer - she'd be a shoo-in for the million bucks.

And, ultimately, that aspect of her life is precisely what did her in. Her alliance of Sash, Holly and her fellow North Carolinian, Chase, were no longer willing to risk the possibility of her making it to the final four and voted her off. How does that breach of trust sit with the professional dog trainer? Not well. She called from her home in Jackson Springs less than a day before she's set tot fly to Los Angeles for Sunday night's finale. Here's what the always-outspoken Libertad matriarch had to say...

First things first, we have to ask the question that's been on everyone's minds for many episodes. In challenges, you nearly always gave those young guys a major run for their money. Are you a great athlete or was it the desire to win that propelled you to such greatness?
I hate to lose. When I grew up it was with a bunch of boys, so if you weren't competitive they didn't pick you to be on their team. I also played sports in high school and college so I'm just very competitive. I'm not the best athlete in the world but I would never, ever throw a challenge.

In watching the episodes on TV, what is the most surprising thing to you?
Chase not sticking beside me. The fact that Holly and Sash wouldn't even talk to me, especially Holly because I saved her butt several times at Espada.

Knowing what you know now -- that no one wanted to go to the final three with you because you needed the money so badly -- would you have kept your "sad story" to yourself?
I never even talked about a sad story. All I said was I lost my husband to cancer. I didn't event think that was a sad story. It wasn't like I elaborated on it. That was like two sentences.

Jane Bright Survivor NicaraguaYou say that "lazy people" are your biggest pet peeve. What peeved you most about your fellow tribemates?
The fact that nobody wanted to go help fish. We had the materials and the supplies but nobody wanted to put forth the effort. If you have ten people fishing you are more likely to get fish than if you had one person fishing.

For some, the hardest part of their time on the island was the inclement weather. For others it was the lack of food or sleep. What was the toughest part for you to endure?

Not being able to get clean when you wanted to get clean because the ocean was so muddy and it was full of trash and debris. When it did rain it wasn't warm enough to want to go out there and get wet. It would take like four hours to get dry again.

Chase, obviously, made several very big blunders along the way -- yet somehow he's still there. Were you genuinely shocked by his behavior?

Yes – Chase has some work experience under his belt with football and stuff so I thought he would be able to keep his mouth shut when he was supposed to and keep an alliance.

Did you weigh yourself when you got to the Ponderosa?
Yes. I lost about 15 lbs. from when the show started.

Besides yourself, who do you think had the most integrity as a player?
Probably Brenda because she was staying true in the beginning, and then she felt threatened -- but that is only because she brought that threat onto herself by saying she was going to vote off people. To me, she has a really good work ethic. She helped me fish some when I first got over to La Flor. She owns her own business so I think she is pretty savvy. She wanted to be the Queen Bee, and she was for a while. If she would have stayed with me I would have stuck with her for a long time. We could have possibly have gone far in the game but once we merged she quit talking to me.

Did you and Marty reconcile any of your differences while you were there?
Yeah – we get along just fine now.

Would you ever do it again?
I would be the first on the plane and I'd be there yesterday! I like adventure and that is the ultimate adventure. Sure, you're miserable, but it's fun. I explored all the time out there.

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I love Jane! If she doesn't win Fan Favorite this season, it's a shame!

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