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October 23, 2014
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'Jerseylicious': Gigi Loses Out on a Marriage Proposal -- Again (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Dec 20th 2010 8:15AM
'Jerseylicious':  Gigi Loses Out on a Marriage Proposal -- Again Gigi Liscio really wants to get married. She wants a perfect husband, and some kids, and a house with a white picket fence. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Frankie is kind of into the idea. And that's never good.

Sadly, an excessive desire for marriage can be ... an impediment to actually getting engaged. Frankie is sort of ready to give Gigi a ring (very "sort of" ready). But each time he works up his nerve, something goes wrong. He's tried proposing during a carriage ride, during a walk on the beach, during a cooking class ... Each time, it hasn't worked out. On the new 'Jerseylicious' (Sun., 8PM ET on Style), Frankie tried again.

This time around, Frankie took Gigi to a romantic spot on the Manhattan waterfront. Then, he started his big speech. Charmingly and Jersey-ishly enough, this speech contained the word "Youse." ("I love you and ... I understood what youse was trying to say," he began.)

So far, everything was going great. But then, Gigi started to talk -- and talk, and talk -- not realizing that Frankie had her engagement ring in his pocket the whole time. Gigi admitted that she's pushed too hard for marriage in the past. ("I know that!" she semi-yelled.) But as she continued her endless monologue, it had the effect of making her seem like she was pressuring her boyfriend even more.

Frankie's eyes widened in terror, and the ring remained firmly in his pocket. Gigi had unwittingly blown yet another chance. After it was all over, Frankie muttered this: "I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut, and crush that g*ddamn ring."

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