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September 3, 2015

'Sanctuary' Season 3, Episode 10 Recap

by Alaina O'Connor, posted Dec 20th 2010 3:30AM
['Sanctuary' - 'Hollow Men']

The midseason finale of 'Sanctuary' introduced an entirely new world, a world of "holographic-projecting mushroom farmers" and "telepathic Hare Krishnas with ring guns." And although it ended on a righteous cliffhanger (does anyone really believe that these characters are dead?), this was probably the most exciting episode of the season so far.

'Hollow Men' centered almost entirely around the city, which, as it turns out is called Praxis, and we learned a bunch of nifty details about the place: For instance, don't piss off a basilisk because it'll spit venom and fire at you without a second thought.

If you do encounter such a creature, however, make sure to bring a holographic projection of yourself to throw it off the scent, like the magic mushroom farmers did when they rescued Will and Magnus.

I got the sense that there was a little bit of oppression going on in the famed underground city. These people live on the outskirts, the boondocks if you will, and are nomadic by nature. They obviously trade with the city dwellers, but there was a hint of fear in their faces when Will and Magnus asked them to help guide them to the city.

We also discovered that they are born with the ability to project holograms from their hands, but as they mature they lose that ability. They also told Will and Magnus that the city dwellers told them the surface world was full of diseases and war, the very thing you would tell the proletariat in an oppressive regime.

Don't even think about trying to enter the city without clearance or you'll be captured by their leader, Rona. (Played by Polly Walker from 'Caprica' -- hey, at least she found a new job after its untimely cancellation!) She's a pretty badass, take-no-prisoners kind of ruler, but I suspect that there are others higher up than her. The avatar council?

This whole thing was pretty exciting, and I think that was due in part to the fact that they kept the group who went to the underground city pretty small. John and Nikola were left behind to baby-sit Adam -- well, that and they didn't have a source blood shield -- and the Big Guy was basically nowhere to be seen.

I thought John's concern over Magnus was completely warranted and it was nice to see him team up with Nikola (as opposed to them being at odds with one another) to find a way to get him to Praxis. But, surprise surprise, Adam fooled both Nikola and John into trusting him. They allowed him to help John teleport into a cavern in Hollow Earth, but it turned out to be a trap.

Okay, here's the thing: How many times does Adam have to screw them over before everyone realizes that he can't be trusted? Everyone assumes that when he's Adam that he's working independently of Hyde, but Hyde uses Adam as a pawn to manipulate people all the time, like he did with Magnus in 'Breach'.

Adam is one of those diabolical characters who's fun to watch for the simple fact that he's crazy, and crazy people are unpredictable.

At any rate, Kate and Henry spent most of their time wandering through caves following a water source only to get captured, which was fine with me because they're pretty boring to begin with, but I have to wonder why they didn't give them anything better to do.

I mean, aside from 'Hero II: Broken Arrow', Kate hasn't really been around much this season. Perhaps the writers are listening to angry fans? Or, more likely it's because she's not a very interesting character. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if maybe there are a few too many characters hanging around.

Overall, I really like the new direction 'Sanctuary' has taken this season. Maintaining a common thread throughout has kept things interesting. Plus, the return of Nikola Tesla and John Druitt, and the addition of Adam Worth, was definitely a good thing.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions like: Why were the Hollow Men trying so hard to keep out people with source blood? Was there some sort of ancient feud between the two races? Where's Gregory Magnus? How will they resolve the fact that they essentially killed our heroes? We'll just have to wait and see!

'Sanctuary' airs Fridays, 10PM ET on Syfy.

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Season 3 has definitely been the best so far. I've mostly enjoyed the development of Helen's back story, but I haven't really been a fan of the whole Hollow Earth story and last night didn't help. We'll see where the whole thing goes.

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