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October 7, 2015
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TVR Awards -- Biggest Daytime Gross-Out of 2010 (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Dec 22nd 2010 10:45AM

What's grosser than gross? Daytime TV, of course. If it's stomach-churning moments you're after, look no further. Our nominees for the Biggest Daytime Gross-Out of 2010 include sexually suggestive workouts, medical oddities, a man intent upon milking himself and a poor sap who eats something he definitely shouldn't. All that's missing are people doing disgusting things with urine. Oh, wait ...

The Nominees:

Urine, It's Not Just for Peeing: In order to put the beneficial aspects of urine to the test, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears of 'The Doctors' applies pee to his face using a cotton ball. Taking things a step further, plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon actually appears to sip from a small vial of urine, eliciting groans and laughter from the audience.

Five Women, Ten Vaginas: On 'The Tyra Show,' five women with two sets of genitalia each speak out. According to one woman, her husband was overjoyed to learn she had dual private parts. "He was, like, 'I can get a red and a green Skittle!'" she said, ensuring that none of us will ever look at candy the same way again.

The Rhythm Rocker Gets a Workout: Sherri Shepherd demonstrates the Rhythm Rocker, a fitness product designed to give users a workout while simulating dance moves. Shepherd doesn't just enjoy her time undulating on the device; she positively loves it. Fellow 'View' co-host Whoopi Goldberg walks away from the spectacle in embarrassment.

Man Milks Self: A man who's trying to train his body to lactate gives a demonstration with a breast pump on 'The Tyra Show.' The man briefly attaches a pump to his nipples while Tyra Banks makes a pained face. "We think this is so strange ... because we never see it," he says. That IS strange. And more than a little disturbing.

Unwitting Victim Eats Boob Cheese: On 'Today,' nightclub promoter Billy Dec is duped into eating cheese made from breast milk. "I'll eat anything," Dec brags, without having any clue what he's about to nosh on. After Hoda Kotb explains the cheese is made from mother's milk, he exclaims, "No!!" then walks off camera. Dec can be heard continuing to yell for several moments afterward.

The Shake Weight Meets Its Match: Shepherd tests two more As Seen on TV products while Jay Mohr and Tom Bergeron look on appreciatively. The Shake Weight in particular sends Shepherd into a frenzy of activity, inspiring her to move her hand up and down in a rapid fashion. "I should have kept this. I'd have stayed married a lot longer," she said.

What's the biggest daytime gross-out of 2010?
'The Doctors' experiment with urine61 (55.0%)
Five women, ten vaginas on 'Tyra'13 (11.7%)
Sherri Shepherd gives the Rhythm Rocker a workout3 (2.7%)
Man hooks himself up to breast pump15 (13.5%)
Man tricked into eating cheese made from breast milk12 (10.8%)
Sherri Shepherd wears out the Shake Weight7 (6.3%)

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