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October 9, 2015

Will Olivia and Steve's Ski Trip Turn Deadly on 'General Hospital?'

by Michael Maloney, posted Dec 27th 2010 4:30PM
'General Hospital'Ski trip chaperones Olivia Falconeri and Steve Hardy have a blossoming romance on 'General Hospital.' However, it's about to truly hit the skids when a bus they're on goes over an ice patch and steers into trouble. Big trouble.

Olivia, Steve, Maxie and Matt will have to step up to save the children (including Michael and Kristina), but who will live and who (if anyone) will die? And just who will end saving whom?

The trip begins on Weds. Dec. 29, but the action will carry into 2011 thanks to ABC re-airing some classic 'GH' episodes on Dec. 30 and 31.

Read on for preview of the literal cliffhanger that's in store for some of your favorite 'GH' characters, straight from the actors themselves!

'General Hospital'The Good Doctor
Olivia and Steve have been flirting as of late. He's overdue for a romance. However, she's been known to pick bad boys (like Sonny and Johnny.) "Olivia, despite her best efforts, falls for guys whose morals don't often line up with hers," conceded Lisa LoCicero, who plays Olivia, in an interview with TV Squad. "It'll be something to see if she can go for someone who doesn't have a 'danger' aspect.'" Added Scott Reeves, who plays Steve, "So often, [soap operas] jump right into things. They're taking their time with us, which I like."

'General Hospital'I Need a Hero
Like Olivia and Steve, Maxie and Matt have also been flirting with romance -- but these two have done it with far more banter. Might the heroic actions that individuals take change existing dynamics in their relationships?

"Storylines involving [physical danger] are compelling," LoCicero noted. "They bring out the deepest instincts in each character." Added Reeves: "Any kind of crisis can bond you."

'General Hospital'Hallelujah
Before the action starts, Steve serenades Olivia with the Leonard Cohen ballad "Hallelujah," a tune familiar to soap fans courtesy of the play it received on 'The O.C.'

"It's a beautiful song," Reeves said. "It's a love song." Olivia connects with Steve by joining in on the harmony. "She has a beautiful voice," he added.

'General Hospital'Catastrophic Crash
Olivia's not sure what exactly causes the bus to crash. "Maybe," LoCicero, a longtime 'GH' fan, joked, "it's the Ice Princess." (The Ice Princess was arguably one of 'GH's' most famous storylines from the early '80s that had Luke and Laura saving the world.) "When I [first] watched 'GH,' Joe, played by Doug Sheehan, and Heather, played by Robin Mattson, were trying to find her son Steven Lars [a.k.a. Steve.] If anyone had told me then that someday that that baby would be in a bus crash and I'd be there, too, I'd have said, 'Let's just skip all the years in between and take me there right now.'"

'General Hospital'Teen Angst
Michael has had to be rescued in the past. (Jason checked into prison to help him out.) And, his portrayer, Chad Duell, is not a fan of skiing to begin with. "I went once in my life and it wasn't the most fun for me," he recalled. But maybe this time he'll do the saving?

Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina), said of her TV big brother, "Michael's [a] hero. He's always the hero."

Brandon Barash Where's Johnny?
Providing they survive the ordeal, Olivia and Steve can continue their developing relationship, but her ex-beau, Johnny [Brandon Barash], could prove to be an even greater threat then the bus tragedy if the writers continue that dynamic (or if Johnny simply flashes that smile in Olivia's direction.) "I don't think they're completely done with Johnny and Olivia," LoCicero theorized. "There's still some energy in their minds and in the minds of the viewers."

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