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October 13, 2015
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TVR Awards -- The Wildest 'Maury' Moments of the Year (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Dec 29th 2010 2:45PM

For the past few weeks, we've been celebrating the most outrageous and silly TV clips of the year with the TV Replay Awards. Now we've arrived at the most absurd category yet, as we salute the year that was in 'Maury' ridiculousness. Povich has pioneered crass, ridiculously entertaining television since his days on 'A Current Affair' in the 80s; his current show is a shameless 'Jerry Springer' knockoff featuring arguing couples, paternity tests, and generally the worst human nature has to offer, every day of the week. These are our choices for the Most Ridiculous 'Maury' Moments of 2010. Watch the videos, vote on your favorite, and then shower thoroughly.

The Smell Test: Want to know if your man is cheating? This woman has a novel method, smelling her boyfriend's [beep] to see if it smells like [beep]. In this case, the [beep] did indeed smell like [beep], as the two were willing to demonstrate for the audience.

Raw Nipples Lead to Suspicion: Another creative litmus test for cheating - nipple sensitivity. Apparently, a nipple rash is roughly as accurate as a lie detector test for finding out if your boyfriend is cheating so you can cancel your wedding. There. Now you've learned something.

Joyful Test Results: Paternity tests are a staple of 'Maury,' and the celebrations of the dudes who get proven to be 'not-the-father' have evolved into a ritual that resembles NFL touchdown celebrations. This one goes to the guy who nearly does cartwheels when a paternity test shows he's not the father, breaking into a crab-dance across the stage.

Prosthetic Pole Dancing: This story is just about as inspirational as Maury gets. Lil' Mama was a high school ugly duckling who went on 'Maury' to show her high school crush how sexy, and talented, she's become. Just because you're missing a leg doesn't mean you can't rock a stripper's pole. It brings a tear to our jaded eyes.

What was your favorite, ridiculous 'Maury' moment of 2010?
The Smell Test56 (26.7%)
Raw Nipples Lead to Suspicion14 (6.7%)
Joyful Test Results88 (41.9%)
Prosthetic Pole-Dancer52 (24.8%)

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