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October 4, 2015

'Greek' Season 4, Episode 1 Recap

by Elena Cox, posted Jan 4th 2011 2:30AM

['Greek' - 'Defending Your Honor']

Last season we left the on-again/off-again Casey and Cappie very much off, after Cappie dumped Casey for not having enough faith in their relationship. Meanwhile, trust-fund babies Rebecca and Evan put aside their respective issues and decided to make things official. So the burning question of this premiere was -- would Casey be able to cope with being single, and would the heartless Rebecca be able to have a healthy relationship?

The fourth and final season began with the upperclassmen's graduation from Cypress Rhodes University -- well all of them except for Cappie -- who decided to spend an extra year in school. However, he was present in the audience to dejectedly watch his peers get their diplomas. After the ceremony, Casey, who expected a sincere farewell from Cappie, instead had to settle for an offhanded compliment about her graduation cap.

Fast forward three months and Casey is about to leave for George Washington University Law School. In a chance encounter with Evan, he questions whether or not it makes sense that she would get into GW but not CRU, even though GW has a much more prestigious program. Curious as usual, Casey schedules a meeting with an admissions officer.

While Casey is in investigatory mode and crossing things off of her final "to-do" list while at CRU, Ashleigh is still interning in New York (aka fetching coffee) and we find out that Cappie spent his summer traveling the U.S. and returned to his womanizing ways. Out of retribution for the way Cappie treated his sister, Rusty decides to run against him for Kappa Tau president.

Rebecca, on the other hand, seems to be having a hard time settling into her new position as ZBZ president and has become even more like a dictator -- and was particularly cruel to Dale. At a four-pack mixer with the Omega Chi's and KTs, to prove he knows more about Greeks than Rebbecca, Dale reveals that Calvin's election to KT president was part of a plan conspired to by the KTs. Except for a brief scene at graduation and a few offhand references, we hardly see nor hear about her relationship with Evan (who by the way is still cut off from his parents.)

After going over her application with an admissions officer, Casey discovers that the reason she wasn't accepted was because of a poor recommendation letter. Remember her boss at the political campaign, the one who made a pass at her but she turned down? Apparently he thought her rebuff signified a lack of integrity, and decided to write that on his recommendation. After confronting him, Casey miraculously gets into CRU Law and decides to attend because, hey, she never wanted to leave in the first place.

After a conversation with Rusty, Cappie realizes that avoiding the inevitable doesn't make it go away (i.e., Casey leaving for Washington, D.C.), so he goes to say goodbye once and for all. Casey tells Cappie she's staying in CRU, but not for him; Cappie says he'll change to be with her; and Casey tells him she'll believe it when she sees it.

So basically, with the exception of Ashleigh being in New York, we're exactly where we were last season.

'Greek' airs Mondays at 9PM ET on ABC Family.

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