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October 13, 2015

Talk Show Hosts Ring In the New Year on Exercise Equipment

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 7th 2011 3:30PM
Brian Williams tortures Kathie Lee and Hoda with a doughnut on Today, 1/7/11Now that 2011 is a week old, many people have already either broken or shelved their New Year's Resolutions. You know what we're talking about: you've stopped going to the gym, and you've drowned your guilt in a sleeve or two of Fig Newtons. We understand; we've all been there.

But it seems that some prominent daytime hosts -- and one very funny late night guest -- are determined to make sure their viewers are sticking to those resolutions, or just whatever exercise program they've set up for themselves.

Let's start with Ellen DeGeneres. Today on her nationally-syndicated talk show, she's conducting the entire show from a recumbent bike, and guests Ryan Gossling and Camille Grammer joined her.

Ellen explained why she was doing this in her monologue. I understand everybody wants to lose weight. That's the biggest New Year's resolution everybody's making. The best way to lose weight is to work out because I don't believe in dieting and no one's going to give up pie. Face it, you're not. So, here's the thing. If you want to lose weight, I'm here to be your inspiration.

"People have told me before that they watch the show working out and I've done a monologue before on a treadmill. I've done a monologue before on an elliptical machine. I've never worked out the entire show and I've never started the show doing ten pushups before I get on a Stairmaster....This actually is great. I've haven't done this before. It saves me time. I usually have to get up early and I have to work out and then come to work and now, I can just come to work and I can work out while doing my show. I'm going to be able to sleep later."

So she's being an inspiration to daytime gym rats everywhere. However, doing an interview while exercising is a bit tough, because you don't want to go so vigorously that you're asking questions while breathing heavily into your clip mike. It also helps to have guests that are somewhat in shape. Grammer fits that bill, as the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star reminds her co-stars about on a weekly basis:

Perhaps the folks at 'Today' got wind of Ellen's stunt, as they had Hoda and Kathie Lee put down their glasses of Chardonnay for a day and conduct the entire fourth hour this morning from atop stationary bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines. Their reasoning was eerily similar to Ellen's. "There seem to be so many of you out there that watch us from the gym or on a treadmill or lifiting weights and stuff, that we're in solidarity with you."

Seth Rogen, who lost a ton of weight to play 'The Green Hornet,' was game enough to pedal away with the gals without much effort. Though it's hard to say how much he enjoyed the interview; he recently told Howard Stern that he hated working out so much that he had to get super-high first, do the workout, then go back to sleep to forget it ever happened.

It is amazing how the makeup on Hoda and Kathie Lee seems to stay in place, doesn't it? Thankfully for the couch potatoes among us, not everyone on 'Today' was in exercise mode; Brian Williams decided to put on his comedic hat and torture the sweating hosts by slowly eating a jelly doughnut. With perfect comedic timing, BriWi tells the hosts that they're "sending a message" while his mouth is full of dough and sugar. "People are porkin' up, they're eating stuff like this, and this is really important," he said as he chewed.

If we didn't know any better, we might think that Ellen and the 'Today' folks took their cue from Jim Carrey, who last night did his entire 'Late Night' interview while jogging on a treadmill (more likely he heard about one of the two shows doing it and decided that was going to be his shtick that night). Jimmy Fallon lost it as Carrey talked about wanting to take off the post-holiday weight, thinking he could go from 190 to 150 by "Saturday. That would be great." He then tried to hydrate out of Jimmy's non-gym-approved mug, splashing more water than drinking. Finally, he decided to stop for a brief period to do some "dabbing" in a partucluarly sweaty area:

There was so much exercise happening on TV the last couple of days, that we just got sweaty watching it (then again, we get sweaty when we click our remotes, so maybe that's not a big deal). Who inspired us the most? If I were to choose, I'd say Brian Williams. He must be doing something right if he can munch down on jelly doughnuts and still do slick dance moves like this one:

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Tell us what you think: Have these hosts encouraged you to get up and go?

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