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July 30, 2015

'Life Unexpected' Series Finale: Were You Satisfied?

by Jean Bentley, posted Jan 19th 2011 10:15AM
Life UnexpectedLast night, The CW aired what is likely (but not officially) the series finale of 'Life Unexpected.' While the family drama was full of throwback WB charm, it failed to connect with enough viewers to keep it on the air.

In the two-hour episode, the series wrapped up all of its loose ends in a giant bow fit for a Christmas car commercial. But you know what? It was satisfying to find out what happened to the characters we'd grown to know and love. The ending wasn't all happy, but it sure was neat. Guess that's what happens when you know how much time you have left.

First things first, we had to dispose of Mr. Daniels. Obviously Lux couldn't ride off into the sunset with him -- no matter how cute he is, a teacher dating a 16-year-old is just wrong. Lux didn't take it well when Cate and Baze forced Eric to quit and move out of Portland, but she seemed to give up the fight pretty quickly. Best/saddest part: swinging a shower curtain really hard just doesn't have the same effect as slamming a door.

In other s--- hitting the fan news, Lux spilled the beans about Emma and Baze's dad. As hard as Baze tried to forgive Emma for the secret affair, he just couldn't. Especially since she wasn't planning on telling him the truth (she said something like "there is no appropriate time to tell your boyfriend you used to sleep with his father" -- truer words have never been spoken, Emma). The main casualty in all this: Emma's son, who finally opened up and began to trust Baze.

Lux began to trust Jones, especially when he opened up about his mom being bipolar. See, Lux? Even cute blonde jocks have problems. Maybe you should stop whining so much and realize how much you have now.

Sadly, Cate and Ryan lost their baby and Cate found out she wasn't able to have children. While at the doctor, she ran into a very pregnant Julia -- turns out she actually was pregnant.

Flash forward two years, where Lux was giving a graduation speech to the class of 2012. When we peeked into the audience, it was almost like the end of 'The Wizard of Oz' -- you were there, and you, and you and you.

Julia was there with her baby and a smiling Ryan. Cate was sitting between her (former?) hubby and Baze, who was next to a pregnant and married Alice (the radio producer from the first season played by Erin Karpluk, who is the best! Everyone should watch 'Being Erica'!). I assumed she and Baze got together and Cate was happy by herself, but nope -- at the end, we found out Alice was actually married to Math. (He finally got a girl! And a cute one at that!)

So who did Cate end up with? Baze, her soul mate whom she just happened to accidentally have a baby with in high school. My takeaway from this is that if you're 16 and pregnant, you will eventually end up with your impossibly attractive but slightly immature babydaddy 18 years later. Just kidding. I'm a sucker for happy endings, and I don't think this feel-good show could've ended any better for fans. It was a rare satisfying ending for a show canceled too soon.

Tell us: Were you happy with the 'Life Unexpected' finale?

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