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September 3, 2015

'Friday Night Lights' Season 5, Episode 10 Recap

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 20th 2011 11:20AM
taylor_kitsch_friday_night_lights_nbc['Friday Night Lights' - 'Don't Go']

So, who deserves what on 'Friday Night Lights'? That was the question poised for a bunch of characters as the probable last season of the show headed into the final three episodes.

Does Eric deserve the chance to move up in ranks to a coaching position that would be prestigious and rewarding? Does Vince deserve the starting quarterback role after putting himself ahead of the team? Does Tim Riggins deserve early release from prison?

That was all on the table and while we could celebrate that at least one character earned redemption, will he ever be the same man he used to be?

That character, naturally, was Tim. The gregarious No. 33 from Dillon High was long gone. In fact, the sullen, bitter Riggins who was granted early release after character tributes from Billy, Eric and Buddy, seemed beaten down by life.

His post-prison life remains a quandary. What's to become of him now? That plot of land he bought before prison may not be the solace he once hoped it would be. And his resentment of Billy is going to be a problem. The Riggins boys may never have the bond they once had because of the sacrifice Tim made for Billy.

Meanwhile, Eric had a dilemma that was ultimately a good one. Life in Dillon is fine, but would Shane State University be a better future for the Taylor family? Eric was tempted by the offer and resisted all the guilt laid on him by Buddy to stay put in Dillon. Coach even remained circumspect after the team plaudits at the banquet dinner.

But in his heart, Eric is a teacher and he loves high school football. On some level, he thinks the boys deserve opportunities to succeed more than he does. The problem with that thinking is the Tim Riggins situation.

Coach did everything to give Tim a path to success. On the field, it worked. Off the field, Tim failed, and while Eric could take comfort in knowing that Riggins was a good man who made a mistake, what did Eric give up along the way in time, concern and care for the boy?

Tami said it best when she told Eric that after giving his team what they deserved -- going to State -- Eric deserved a reward, too. The fact that he announced he was staying in Dillon at the end of the episode may not mean a thing.

Vince had an epiphany thanks to Coach Taylor's benching and being rejected by Oklahoma Tech. Vince also realized that Jess was on his side all along, while his father had begun treating his son as a commodity. It was gratifying to see Regina emerge from the shadows to defend Vince and put Ornette in his place ... or so it seemed.

Becky's romance with Luke has blossomed into a charming trifle, which will now be completely muddled by Tim's return and her lingering feelings for Riggins. And just when Luke had accepted that his future may be following in his father's footsteps on the farm, losing Becky could upset all that and probably will.

Perhaps the one character on 'FNL' that asks for the least and deserves the most is Tami. Despite the crappy conditions at East Dillon when she got there, despite her failing to save Epic, despite the other teachers disdain, Tami battled on.

She deserves that fresh squeezed orange juice by the pool in sunny Florida. If 'Friday Night Lights' is really coming to a close, let's give the Taylors all they deserve, including Dillon in the rear-view mirror as a happy set of memories and a positive future.

'Friday Night Lights' airs Wednesday nights, 9PM ET on DirecTV.

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Chris L

This is indeed the final season. That was announced before the beginning of of the fourth season that the series would conclude at the end of the fifth season. There are three episodes left.

January 20 2011 at 12:12 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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