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September 2, 2015

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 1, Reunion Part 2 Recap

by Rebecca Adler Warren, posted Feb 2nd 2011 11:45AM

Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, Real Housewives of Beverly HillsCedric's sisters, Adrienne's pre-nup, Kim's months-long fight with Kyle ... a good gossip knows how to tease out the juicy details, so we can't hate on Andy Cohen for saving the best of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' reunion for part two.

Anybody hoping to hear about Kim's child-star-induced drinking problem were out of luck; girl stayed mum on all things related to her massive fight with Kyle.

Kyle looked about ready to burst as Andy probed and pushed and did his best Dr. Drew impression in an effort to get to the bottom of their family feud. Did Kim support her family as a young Disney star? We may never know.

It's amazing that reality TV stars always seem to forget the very meaning of their medium. If cameras are following you for months, eventually they're going to record you slurring your words or flirting with your friend's husband or making out with your dog. Kim would be much more endearing to her audience if she just came clean about all of it. Put it out there, Kim! We won't bite.

Thankfully Lisa and Ken were prepared to satiate 'Housewives' fans with tales of their falling out with Cedric. We learned that Cedric weaseled his way into Lisa's Vanderpumps back in Europe. When the family moved to the U.S. they brought Cedric along, supported him and made him a part of the family.

When Ken asked Cedric to pick his clothes up off the floor 15 years later, Cedric flew into a rage, packed his things in Ken's suitcases and stomped off into the Beverly Hills night. Twenty-four hours later, Cedric called Ken demanding things (read: money) and threatened to sell his story to the press.

Always affable Ken was filled with venom for Cedric. He even wore a diamond-encrusted skull pin to highlight his newly hardened demeanor. Lisa, on the hand, was more sad than angry.

"He was in my will for God's sake," Lisa said. "He'll go a long way to find another idiot like me." Cedric, it turns out, has sisters and a heart of coal. It was kind of devastating that Lisa, who always calls it like it is, couldn't see past Cedric's glorious pecs. How could such a smart, savvy woman be so dumb?

Maybe Cedric is just a spectacular actor, a profession he is now pursuing. His first gig? A special Bravo clip package in which he explained that Lisa's ego is bigger than her house and that she's super controlling. "I've got fur, but I'm not Giggy," he joked.

But really, if you're in the orbit of a Beverly Hills housewife, you've gotta expect to be put on a fairly short leash. Which is probably why all four remaining 'Housewives' husbands gamely showed up to be grilled by Andy. Russell blamed his less than stellar husband skills on the bad economy, Mauricio blew kisses at Camille, who re-hired him as her realtor and Ken happily dished on the pleasures of thrice-yearly intercourse with Lisa.

The evening ended with a champagne toast to friendship and the novel idea that six filthy rich divas can get along.

And despite her reputation as a shoulder-rolling mean girl, I can't help but believe that Camille really wants to be friends with Kyle. That must be why her last words on the show involved yet another apology to her frenemy and even a few compliments. Maybe Camille is right about Bravo's crafty editing. They didn't show all the wonderful things about her, like her philanthropic work, being a good mom, the way she helps out her friends -- like Jesus. I think it's safe to say that Camille will be back for season two.

More highlights:

• "You came out with some whoppers that people really attached themselves to," Andy said to Camille about her many verbal miscalculations.

• "Russell, I've been quite honest, I don't connect with him on any level at all," Lisa, alluding to Mr. Armstrong's Ted Kaczynski-like tendencies

• "By the way, we just celebrated Christmas. How was it?" Andy to Ken and Lisa about their holiday-timed sex schedule

• "She was a nasty piece of work and she was looking for trouble," Lisa's right-on assessment of the cigarette-smoking psychic

What did you guys think of the reunion? Were you shocked by Cedric's betrayal? Was Camille edited for evil? Is Russell cut off from society? And where the heck was Giggy?

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' airs Thursdays, 10PM ET on Bravo.

Watch the full episode here:

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