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October 13, 2015

Amanda Knox's Lawyers Want Hayden Panettiere Lifetime Movie Pulled

by Jean Bentley, posted Feb 7th 2011 11:40AM
Hayden Panettiere'Heroes' star Hayden Panettiere's new Lifetime movie, 'Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy,' is scheduled to premiere Feb. 21. But if Knox's lawyers have anything to say about it, the movie won't air at all.

According to Deadline, Knox's legal team has formally petitioned Lifetime to pull the movie from its schedule and remove a trailer on its website while Knox's case is still under appeal. Knox's lawyers say that if Lifetime doesn't comply by Feb. 10, they will persue legal action against the network.

Knox was arrested while studying abroad in Italy in 2007 after her British roommate was brutally murdered. "Foxy Knoxy," as the press dubbed her, was sentenced last year to 26 years in prison, while her ex-boyfriend got 25 years. The Washington native has maintained her innocence.

Marcia Gay Harden plays Knox's mother in the movie. Watch the trailer below.

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The evidence against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito is overwhelming. They gave completely different accounts of where they were, who they were with and what they were doing on the night of the murder. Neither Knox nor Sollecito have credible alibis despite three attempts each. All the other people who were questioned had one credible alibi that could be verified. Innocent people don't give multiple conflicting alibis and lie repeatedly to the police.

The DNA didn't miraculously deposit itself in the most incriminating of places.

An abundant amount of Raffaele Sollecito's DNA was found on Meredith's bra clasp. His DNA was identified by two separate DNA tests. Of the 17 loci tested in the sample, Sollecito’s profile matched 17 out of 17.

According to Sollecito's forensic expert, Professor Vinci, Knox's DNA was on Meredith's bra.

Amanda Knox's DNA was found on the handle of the double DNA knife and a number of independent forensic experts - Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni, Dr. Renato Biondo and Professor Francesca Torricelli - categorically stated that Meredith’s DNA was on the blade. Sollecito knew that Meredith’s DNA was on the blade which is why he twice lied about accidentally pricking her hand whilst cooking.

There were five instances of Knox's DNA mixed with Meredith's blood in three different locations in the cottage.

Knox tracked Meredith's blood into the bathroom, the hallway, her room and Filomena's room, where the break-in was staged. Knox's DNA and Meredith's blood was found mixed together in Filomena's room, in a bare bloody footprint in the hallway and in three places in the bathroom.

Rudy Guede's bloody footprints led straight out of Meredith's room and out of the house. This means that he didn't stage the break-in in Filomena's room or go into the blood-spattered bathroom after Meredith had been stabbed.

The bloody footprint on the blue bathmat in the bathroom matched the precise characteristics of Sollecito’s foot, but couldn’t possibly belong to Guede. Knox's and Sollecito's bare bloody footprints were revealed by luminol in the hallway.

It's not a coincidence that the three people - Knox, Sollecito and Guede - who kept telling the police a pack of lies are all implicated by the DNA and forensic evidence.

Amanda Knox voluntarily admitted that she was involved in Meredith's murder in her handwritten note to the police on 6 November 2007. After she was informed that Sollecito was no longer providing her with an alibi, she stated on at least four separate occasions that she was at the cottage when Meredith was killed. At the trial, Sollecito refused to corroborate Knox's alibi that she was at his apartment.

Knox accused an innocent man, Diya Lumumba, of murdering Meredith despite the fact she knew he was completely innocent. She didn't recant her false and malicious allegation against Lumumba the whole time he was in prison. She admitted that it was her fault that Lumumba was in prison in an intercepted conversation with her mother on 10 November 2007.

May 27 2011 at 4:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think the problem is that this girl is still trying to prove her innocence and if this movie shows her in a negative light it could hurt her case.

February 14 2011 at 12:11 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Why shouldn't they do a story? They do one about everything else. The story on Nat Holloway was a hit, and they haven't found her yet so it's not a finished story.

February 11 2011 at 3:46 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Lifetime is overstepping its bounds on this one. Amanda Knox is stuck in prison in Italy NOW - the story did not end yet. I think it's very wrong to exploit this story on Lifetime while this family is struggling with the situation. I hope this young lady gets home soon.

February 07 2011 at 12:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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