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October 8, 2015
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Dominic Monaghan Details What He's Doing in a Parallel Universe Right Now (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 8th 2011 5:54AM
Dominic Monaghan, 'The Late Late Show with Craig FergusonIf Dominic Monaghan was trying to have his own Joaquin-Phoenix-on-Letterman moment, we'll give him an 'A' for effort, but he wasn't nearly incoherent and crazy enough. Nevertheless, he did present an interesting perspective of reality on 'The Late Late Show' (Weeknights, 12:37AM on CBS).

He joined Craig Ferguson for the email segment of the show, and it was a missive from a viewer that lead the pair to a discussion on parallel realities. Something, ironically, Monaghan knows a little about from his work on the finale of 'Lost.'

"I think everything is happening on different places at the same time always," he asked Ferguson, who didn't agree with his perspective at all.

In fact, as Monaghan detailed what he thought was happening in his parallel realm right now, which involved him and a "princess-type" figure trying to escape a burning planet on a spaceship, Ferguson just looked at him skeptically.

"That's just a movie you saw," he suggested. But Monaghan looked completely sincere about his theory. Or maybe he was just acting sincere; it's hard to tell with these actor types sometimes.

We're just not sure how he could be channeling himself form a parallel timeline and yet be constantly seeing the exact same image of himself. If it were a parallel reality, he'd be living a parallel life progressively, so it wouldn't be a snapshot in time like that.

Unless, of course, he's only seeing that one pivotal moment. Maybe a moment that hasn't happened yet, or one that has. Or it was simply a dream. Or maybe, and this is probably the true answer here, we're thinking about this way too much.

Probably better to do as Monaghan and Ferguson do and segue into a discussion on the merits of 'Star Wars on Ice.'

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