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August 28, 2015

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 7, Episode 14 Recap

by Kelly Woo, posted Feb 11th 2011 11:00AM
Grey's Anatomy season 7, episode 14['Grey's Anatomy': 'P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)']

Sometimes, it's the parents who need parenting.

This week, we saw the return of Thatcher Grey and witnessed how overbearing and protective Mark and Arizona could be throughout Callie's pregnancy.

Combining Mark's eagerness to be a dad and Arizona's unstoppable perkiness has created a co-parenting monster that might drive Callie crazy.

But Calliope Iphigenia Torres wasn't having it.

Mark and Arizona (Marizona? Arizark?) teamed up to deny Callie her much-needed caffeine and replace it with kale and apple juice smoothies. They had the best of intentions, but Callie has never been one to meekly take instruction and she ended up taking it out on April, barking "Kepner, I need you to speak differently." To which a confused April could only ask, "Like, with an accent?"

At the end of the day, Callie learned a very important lesson: she can use the pregnancy to get what she wants. She realized that if these two people are going to be hanging around all the time, she might as well take advantage of it. Instead of letting them persuade her to eat sad chicken and brown rice, Callie turned it around, told them it was her body and got a foot rub from Mark. Score!

Meanwhile, Thatcher Grey checked into Seattle Grace with abdominal pains. Uh-oh, was his body rejecting Meredith's liver? Did he need even more bodily organs from one of his daughters? Was he drinking again?

More importantly to Lexie: who was that "tatted up skank" by his side?

Turned out Thatcher just had a kidney stone, and that skank, Danielle (Alexa Havins), was his sponsor and his lov-ah. His very young lov-ah. Who is his daughter's age. Lexie freaked, naturally, and tried to drag Meredith into her daddy drama, but big sis was having none of it. Meredith gave part of her liver to Thatcher, then washed her hands of him.

Of course, Lexie's tantrum had less to do with her father robbing the cradle than her unresolved feelings about the other (soon-to-be) dad in her life -- Mark Sloan. As she complained to Avery, "Mark is having a baby, and he didn't even ask my opinion ... he's leaving me behind, again."

All the characters on 'Grey's Anatomy' are pretty self-involved and selfish, to various degrees, but Lexie has to take the cake. She can't be happy for dad, who's found happiness again, and she can't be happy for Mark, who's long wanted to start a family. She chose to bail over the Sloane situation and she chose to bail over the Callie situation. Sure, Mark wasn't perfect, but you can't say he hasn't been upfront about what he wants in life.

And just like Lexie ran into the arms of Karev before, she seems to be headed toward hooking up with Shirtless Avery ("Mr. Green Eyes," as Mark called him). Whenever she hits a rough patch, Lexie flees; she doesn't fight.

Someone who does fight is Karev. He butted heads with OBGYN Dr. Lucy Fields, who did not like it at all when he called a brain-dead newborn a "turnip in the cabbage patch." Not the best way to ask for a heart transplant, buddy. But even though he was taken off the case, he still stuck around to observe the surgery and monitor what happened, because he cared. And judging from the elevator scene between Fields and Karev, I wouldn't be surprised if he fell for anther blond doc (it's a rule of TV romances that the couple has to start out adversaries, right?).

As for the other Grey, Meredith, she had a choice between being part of two potentially groundbreaking clinical trials. The Chief wanted her to continue Ellis Grey's work on diabetes, but Meredith realized she is not her mother and didn't just want to take her place. And as worthy as curing diabetes might be, Alzheimer's might afflict Meredith one day, so the stakes are higher for her personally.

• Avery wasn't such a dunce this week, and it was nice that he didn't report what Lexie had said back to Mark so he could get more surgeries. Also, it's always nice to see him shirtless.

• Where was Bailey?

• Cristina: "It's Sophie's Choice."
Lexie: "I've never seen that movie."
Cristina: "Well, you should. It's really funny."

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