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October 13, 2015

Sundays With Seth: 'American Dad,' 'Family Guy' and 'Cleveland Show' Recaps

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 14th 2011 8:50AM
'American Dad' - 'A Pinata Named Desire'['American Dad' - 'A Pinata Named Desire']
['Family Guy' - 'Friends of Peter G.']
['The Cleveland Show' - 'A Short Story and a Tall Tale']

The gang reuinted this week, with all three Seth MacFarlane series back in new episodes. Apparently, FOX wasn't afraid of the Grammys at all, as they scheduled a full night of "Animation Domination."

The night started out with Stan and Roger competing over an acting position, moved through Peter and Brian coming to terms with their alcoholism, and wrapped with Cleveland's alcoholism getting him into trouble with the NBA. If only booze was factored into 'American Dad,' we would have had a cohesive theme.

Instead, the theme was that all three episodes were funny this week, and that's not been happening this season that often.

It was hilarious seeing Stan completely screw up a mission because he's not as good at acting as Roger is. Considering Roger's a completely new personality every week, it should have been obvious that he's a natural. Hell, he even has boobs when he plays women. Now that's acting!

The pair competed over a role in a local production, and ultimately wound up playing opposite one another. Which meant at the actual live show, they were trying to show one another up. Even better, they were the romantic leads, with their performances culminating in a kiss.

Which meant it resulted in the pair getting arrested for indecent exposure after they took things way, way too far. Hayley's callback was probably the funniest line of the night at that moment, "Told you they just needed to f***." It was the same assessment she'd made at the top of the episode.

I guess three days of Psychology 101 is all you need to "understand how the whole world works now." Anyone who's been to college, or known psychology majors can attest to them knowing everything almost immediately. Try saying anything to one without getting a full diagnosis of all your issues.

My relationship with my mother is just fine, thank you very much! Speaking of which, did anyone notice that none of the mothers did much this week. Donna, who got drunk with Cleveland at the NBA All-Star Game did the most. Francine was ogled by Steve's friend Ronnie, and Lois's most notable moment came when Death was showing Peter his life super-drunk and sober.

'Family Guy' - 'Friends of Peter G.'It was great seeing Adam Carolla back as Death, giving Peter a couple of glimpses of his life both as a drunkard and sober. I loved that both realities were horrifying for different reasons, and that alcohol in moderation was the real answer; not sobriety.

'Family Guy' musical numbers can be hit or miss, but 'Mr. Booze' was definitely one of the better ones. Maybe it's because it was done as a church spiritual, and becaase we knew the irony of the group singing about the evils of alcohol when they'd just been getting wasted, but I thought it was one of the funnier songs the show has done.

Ironically, taken out of context, it could almost work as an anti-alcohol song as well. How funny would it be if it actually got adopted for some anti-drinking campaigns or organizations.

Meanwhile, we got some disturbingly funny asides from Stewie at the top of the episode about how he and the other kids were getting horribly abused at the day care now, and nobody seemed to care.

Neglect played a role in Rallo's problems on 'The Cleveland Show' as well. I can't imagine the Little People of America will be too thrilled that little people were portrayed as not being able to tell the difference between themselves and children. Also, they were drawn to look exactly the same as children, only with wrinkles.

That whole B-Story plot escalated to such ridiculous degrees, with the wedding and mob rally, it actually became too much to enjoy. I guess it was too obviously concocted to create the visual of basketball players battling little people. It was a bit contrived for me, but luckily it was only the closing moments of the episode. The rest of it up to that point, including Cleveland's heckling of the NBA all-stars, and their emotional reactions later, was funny.

'The Cleveland Show' - 'A Short Story and a Tall Tale'MORE FUNNY BITS:

-- Lil' Entourage wanted Steve and his friends' jammies. It's always fun when 'American Dad' manages to squeeze in a random gag that would be a cutaway on the other shows.

-- I feel kind of naive that I didn't realize what Steve was trying to do when he was alone in the treehouse. It was only after they were all doing it, and said Ronnie achieved it, that I figured it out. Good for Ronnie ... I guess.

-- I'm apparently more like Peter than I think. I've gotten tricked by movie studio logos as well; thinking the movie was starting.

-- Peter's lengthy monologue trying to figure out how CatDog pooped. I wondered the same thing! I'm really starting to worry.

-- The whole intro on 'The Cleveland Show' about what the family gets up to after Rallo goes to bed was brilliant. I always suspected my parents were doing stuff like that, too!

-- Randy Newman's 'Short People' was a rather obvious choice during a little people montage, but it was still a fun surprise.

-- Cleveland does look like Stanley from 'The Office.'

-- Cleveland's advertisement for 'Fringe' -- "It's about space or something."

'American Dad,' 'Family Guy' and 'The Cleveland Show' air Sundays at 7:30, 9:00 and 9:30 PM ET, respectively, on FOX.

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I agree about the movie studio logo bit!! It was so funny!!! The same thing happened 2 me when I saw 'Ramona and Beezus' over the summer. I actually thought the Walden Stone logo was part of the movie. And not to mention the opening scene of 'Sherlock Holmes' only makes it worse, as the movie studio logos are in the rain-filled London cobblestones.

I also liked the Family Guy musical sequence as well, but it went on a little bit too long!! It's was like if u were dozing off, and then five minutes, u are like, "OMG, is it still going on?"

February 14 2011 at 1:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i actually hated the musical number on Family Guy this week. the highlight for me was the drunken, teary CatDog reference.

February 14 2011 at 11:22 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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