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September 1, 2015

4 TV Pairings We Want on 'Between Two Ferns' (VIDEO)

by Ryan McKee, posted Feb 16th 2011 4:32PM
Between Two FernsZach Galifianakis is a master at turning awkwardness into hilarity. While Steve Carell and Ricky Gervais also possess that skill, the bearded comedian does it in his own unique way with supreme subtlety and silliness.

A perfect example of that is his Web series on Funny or Die called 'Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis.' He plays a less famous, simpler-minded version of himself and interviews celebrities as if he knows very little about their careers. Stars who have appeared include Conan O'Brien, Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm, Bruce Willis and Charlize Theron.

One of the best episodes of 'Between Two Ferns' is also the most recent. Galifianakis opens by interviewing MySpace phenom and reality star Tila Tequila. After a minute, he announces they have another guest, Jennifer Aniston, but wants Tequila to stick around (as if they're on a late-night talk show).

The awkward combination of the reality star and former sitcom megastar is comedic gold. The Web show should do more episodes of combination guests from different areas of TV. Since no one knows great television programming better than we do, here are our suggestions for future reality-star/sitcom-star guest pairings.

Snooki from 'Jersey Shore' & Charlie Sheen from 'Two And A Half Men'

Why They're a Good Match: Two of the biggest partiers in the television world would finally get to square off and decide who is the bigger train wreck. No doubt both would party for days leading up to the taping. When they first meet, they'll be two drunken peas in a pod.

Potential Awkward Hilarity: There is a good chance one or all of the following may occur. 1) Sheen is so inebriated that he mistakes Snooki for 'Two A Half Men' co-star Angus T. Jones, who is about the same height. 2) Snooki mistakes Sheen's Spanish ancestry for being a "Guido." 3) They begin to smoosh on camera.

Criss Angel from 'Mindfreak' & Neil Patrick Harris from 'How I Met Your Mother'

Why They're a Good Match: They both do magic. Also, Angel is a "player" and Harris plays a player on TV.

Potential Awkward Hilarity: Harris performs magic tricks on 'HIMYM' as one of Barney's cheesy cries for attention, but he really does know magic. Galifianakis can demand they have a "magic-off." Angel loses and storms off.

Teresa Giudice from 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' & Fran Drescher from 'The Nanny'

Why They're A Good Match: Drescher's character on 'The Nanny' would always teach viewers a lesson in her own odd way. Giudice always taught viewers a lesson too, by displaying "what not to do. "

Potential Awkward Hilarity: Giudice mistakes Drescher for the actual "help" and demands she go clean the dressing rooms. Drescher begins nasally screaming about how her native New York is way better than Jersey.

Adam Savage from 'Mythbusters' & Rainn Wilson from 'The Office'

Why They're A Good Match: Nerdo y Nerdo finally meet mano y mano.

Potential Awkward Hilarity: Wilson reverts into Dwight Shrute and begins bulldozing the interview with theories on space aliens, ninjas and the healing properties of beets. For each crazy idea, Savage explains how it's scientifically impossible.

What wacky pairings would you like to see on 'Between Two Ferns'?

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