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October 9, 2015

Top 20 Most Memorable Soap Weddings of All Time

by Michael Maloney, posted Feb 17th 2011 2:00PM

Bo and Hope weddingSoap opera weddings are often the culmination of years of dealing with heartache and conquering adversity. But just because the couple exchanges "I do's" doesn't mean it's happily ever after -- as Sonny and Brenda's upcoming wedding on 'General Hospital' is proving.

Many, but not all couples on soaps get hitched for the right reasons. Sometimes the bride or groom is blackmailing the other or someone just wants to land a rich spouse!

One thing's for sure -- soap weddings are always memorable. Here's a look back at 20 soap wedding ceremonies (or post-ceremony moments) that fans remember fondly. Is your favorite not on the list? Let us know!

20. Martha and Reggie, 'Days of Our Lives,' 1987
'Days' has had more than its share of romantic weddings (Bo and Hope's, Patch and Kayla's, John and Marlena's), but this ceremony, between Martha and Reggie, was for the dogs -- literally. Caliope's dog Martha wed Reggie, a fellow cainine; the union may have been between pets, but the show treated this one as seriously as its others. Noelle, Neil and Liz's darling daughter, served as flower girl; the ceremony was officiated by Robert LeClair, who serenaded the mutts.

19. Alan Quartermaine and Lucy Coe, 'General Hospital,' 1990
This unfortunate union is remembered by fans if nothing else than for the bride's red ensemble. After Lucy's marriage to respectable Dr. Tony Jones went belly up, the schemer sunk her claws into the ultra-rich (and ultra-dashing) Dr. Alan Quartermaine. Lucy wasn't going to let a little thing like a dress mix-up at the boutique stop her from joining high society so she wore what was sent instead of her white gown. 'GH' -- and Lucy -- fondly remembered this dress debacle years later when Alan's beloved mother, Lila, passed away. Lucy wore another red dress to the memorial in her honor since Lila had treated her so kindly.

18. Ridge Forrester and Dr. Taylor Hayes, 'The Bold and the Beautiful,' 1992
Ridge proposed to the beautiful psychiatrist on the island of St. Thomas, in part, so that his ex-love Brooke would remain married to his father, Eric. Brooke, however, believed that she was pregnant with Ridge's child and raced to the church to stop the nuptials. Alas, she arrived too late -- Ridge and Taylor were pronounced husband and wife. (Ironically, the baby wasn't even Ridge's.) You'd never know it by the characters' faces, but they were under a real-life pressure. 'B&B' shot this episode on the day of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.

17. Kate Sanders and Cord Roberts, 'One Life to Live,' 1987
Nothing says "I object!" like the groom's presumed dead ex-wife showing up with a baby -- that she claims belongs to her and the groom. Outrageous Tina Lord almost succeeded in pulling this one off by bursting into the marriage ceremony of Cord and Kate (a pre-'Desperate Housewives' Marica Cross) and invalidating the proceddings. The baby that Tina was holding, however, actually belonged to Max and Gabrielle. Karma, however, came back and bit Tina big time. She stood trial for Cord's mother's death during which time her baby switcheroo was exposed.

16. Sheila Carter and Eric Forrester, 'The Bold and the Beautiful,' 1993
Eric's family didn't approve of Sheila (with good cause; the psycho nurse was on the lam from the law.) The Forresters, in fact, wore black to the ceremony in protest. It looked like it wasn't going to happen after Lauren, Sheila's nemesis, threatened to expose Sheila unless the ceremony was called off. She did, but then later went back to the chapel, made amends with a jilted Eric and then married him. Forget the reception, though. The real show was Sheila trotting over to the Forrester mansion and rubbing Stephanie's nose in the fact that she was now the new Mrs. Eric Forrester. Had enough of the romantic vow exchanges? Check out this clip of a post-wedding smackdown between Eric's first and third wives.

15. Phillip Spaulding and India von Halkein, 'Guiding Light,' 1984
Phillip was married many times, but his loveless city hall union with India was the most painful. And given that he was shot at his union with Blake, that's saying a lot! India was determined to marry Phillip and acquire his name and his fortune. Thanks to possessing a tape on which he confessed to blowing up cousin Lujack's club, she got what she wanted. Phillip grimly accepted his fate and exchanged vows. He held back on kissing the bride, however. It wasn't until India whispered in his ear "the tape" did he relent and give her a perfunctory peck.

14. Jason Morgan and Brenda Barrett, 'General Hospital,' 2002
There are lots of reasons to get married -- love, children, wanting to build a future together, but Jason and Brenda's 2003 marriage was so that thy wouldn't have to testify against each other (ah, true love!). The two were prime suspects in the murder of bad guy Luis Alcazar so they decided to get hitched so they didn't have to testify against each other. In a hilarious sequence, Brenda recapped for Jason's family what the ceremony was like -- while she relived in her mind how it grimly transpired. The union was later declared invalid, but the couple maintains a unqiue friendship.

13. Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer, 'The Bold and the Beautiful,' 1987
Did Ridge truly love Caroline? Or was he just marrying her to spite her controlling father? Was Caroline's dad actually going to show his daughter pictures of her groom bed with another woman? For a brand new soap, 'B&B' had set up lots of questions. Caroline, despite seeing proof of Ridge's infidelity, decided to go ahead and marry him -- or so that was the plan. She fainted before she got to the "I do's." The couple endured much heartache and other relationships (Caroline soon wed Ridge's brother Thorne on the rebound) before tying the knot in early 1990. Alas, Caroline died from a mysterious illness six months into her life as Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

12. Mac Cory and Rachel Cory; Sandy Cory and Blaine Ewing, 'Another World,' 1983
Rachel was on her way to marry Steve Frame when a car accident robbed Rachel of her vision and Steve of his life. Mac, her ex-husband, pretended to a hospital administrator while romancing his sightless ex-wife. After she regained her vision, Rachel and Mac were wed for the third -- and final time -- in a dual ceremony with Mac's son Sandy and Rachel's former daughter-in-law Blaine, who, like Rachel, became a reformed bad girl. Sandy and Blaine left town a few years later with their son, Alex; Rachel and Mac, alas, were torn apart again after his sudden death in 1989.

11. Bob Hughes and Kim Hughes, 'As the World Turns,' 2010
Bob and Kim's ceremony last year wasn't just a vow renewal; it turns out their first union was officiated by a corrupt clergyman so their first marriage was null and void. After bickering for a bit about whether or not they should even be married (and old flames Lisa and Susan pretended to throw themselves at Bob to shock him back to his senses), Bob and Kim got hitched, this time for real. The best wedding gift was the return of their daughter, Frannie, played by Oscar-nominee and Daytime Emmy winner Julianne Moore. She was there for the couple's 1985 non-legal ceremony and, in a classy move, Moore appeared on the show one final time before it went off the air to pay homage to her acting origins.

10. Danny Romalotti and Christine "Cricket" Blair, 'The Young and the Restless,' 1991
It wasn't necessarily good for your health to attend this wedding -- even though it took place in a Hawaiian paradise. Within a few years, attendees David, Rex and Scott had all gone to that great soap in the sky. But the day itself was virtually problem-free. Christine and Danny had conquered many obstacles to get to this day -- he'd been in a passionless marriage to Traci; Chris had been date-raped. Wedding locations are few and far between in today's budget-concious times, making Chris and Danny's Hawaiian ceremony all the more memorable.

9. Bo Brady and Hope Williams, 'Days of our Lives,' 1985
The year after Hope and Larry's disastrous relationship ended, Bo and Hope finally tied the knot. The couple's wedding ceremony, while actually shot in Hollywood, was set in England. Bo's the strong, rebellious, silent type so it was a nice change to hear him express his emotions in front of family and friends. Hope was perhaps the most beautiful bride on daytime. All that was missing from the ceremony were her father, Doug, and stepmother/half-sister Julie.

8. Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines, 'Guiding Light,' 1991
After three disastorous marriages (shotgun, blackmail and, well, Blake, just lied a lot), Phillip Granville Spaulding finally wed true love Elizabeth "Beth" Ann Raines. The overdue ceremony was bittersweet as the honeymooners had to soon leave Springfield to perform community service in Arizona. (Phillip and Beth broke the law to help him beat a trumped up murder charge.) The ceremony was held in the newly re-designed Spaulding living room. Alan, the groom's incarcerated father, sent a serendipitous wedding gift: two plane tickets back to Springfield. The couple's first dance was to a floutist playing Lionel Richie's 'Truly,' which the duo first danced to as king and queen of the high school prom, which provided a nice continuity touch.

7. Jesse Hubbard and Angie Hubbard, 'All My Children,' 2009
The young sweethearts had to settle for a no-frills justice of the peace-officiated ceremony the first time they got married back in the '80s. When the couple got married again a few years ago (following Jesse's miraculous return from that great soap in the sky), they did so in style at a lavish gala where they were surrounded by family and friends. The couple's pal, Greg Nelson, returned for the ceremony, too. The reception was marred by Angie being taken hostage by a gunman, but Jesse literally leapt to her rescue, boarding a helicopter that Angie was in, saving the day in the process.

6. Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan, 'The Bold and the Beautiful,' 1994
After seven long years, Ridge and Brooke fans finally god a wedding pay-off when the couple tied the knot in sunny Malibu. The ceremony heralded the return of some original core family characters (Storm, Beth, Katie, Donna and Kristen.) It's been said that marriage is "death" for soap opera couples, but Ridge and Brooke didn't have to worry about that -- their union was invalid because Taylor, Ridge's "late" wife, was actually alive and well being held captive thousands of miles away by Prince Omar of Morocco.

5. Joshua Lewis and Reva Shayne, 'Guiding Light,' 1989
This wasn't Reva's first wedding to a Lewis man. She wed Josh's older brother Billy on the rebound after Josh went off to college. Later, after things with Joshua went south again, she impulsively wed H.B., Josh's dad, because he accepted Reva for who she was. Josh wasn't exactly idle on the marriage front either; he wed his psychiatrist Sonni. After they divorced, Josh and Reva were finally free to get hitched. The couple was torn apart the following year (in light of Reva's presumed death) only to remarry a few more times after she was resurrected. But the couple's first union remains the duo's most romantic and touching ceremony -- 'Always.'

4. Kelly Nelson and Morgan Richards, 'Guiding Light,' 1981
This star-crossed couple had a tough road to the altar. They'd been kept apart by scheming Nola Reardon who'd hoped to land doctor-in-training Kelly for a husband by lying that the baby she'd conceived was his. Once Kelly learned that he wasn't the father, he was free to wed true love Morgan on location at Laurel Falls, the couple's favorite romantic spot. Simultaneously, Nola resigned herself to having a shotgun ceremony with her baby's true dad, reliable Floyd Nelson. Or had she? While Kelly and Nelson exchanged heartfelt "I do's," Nola was across town saying to her and Floyd's marriage official, "I ... can't."

3. Victor Newman and Nikki Reed, 'The Young and the Restless,' 2002
The mustached mogul had been trying to re-marry ex-wife Nikki legally since their hospital ceremony in 1998 (the couple's second marriage) was declared invalid. This union, like the duo's first one in 1984, was held at the Colonnade Room. The duo's signature love theme, 'Through The Eyes Of Love,' was performed by resident Genoa City songbird Gina Roma. This was a rare moment of happiness for the 'Y&R' supercouple. But there was conflict on the horizen for the newlyweds -- while they and guests were enjoying the festivities, Ashley Abbott left early and went home to confess on videotape that the father of her daughter Abby was none other than Victor himself!

2. Hope Williams and Larry Welch, 'Days of our Lives,' 1984
Fans were literally screaming at the screen: "Don't do it, Hope!" as she prepared to walk down the asile and tie the knot with politically ambitious Larry Welch. Viewers knew that the teary bride truly loved dashing rebel Bo Brady. Alas, he pretended not to love her so he could save his brother Roman. Just as a resigned Hope prepared to become "Mrs. Larry Welch," Bo burst into her room at the church and professed his love. With the help of Alice and Howie, Bo and Hope got the precious time they need to clear the air. The twist at the altar is classic 'Days' and a reminder of how great soaps can be.

1. Luke (Lucas) Lorenzo Spencer and Laura Webber Baldwin, 'General Hospital,' 1981
Across the country college kids skipped class and millions of other viewers (30 million to be exact) tuned in to watch the union of Luke and Laura. The wedding, shot at a Los Angeles estate that doubled for the mayor's mansion in fictional Port Charles, had it all: romance, a curse-wielding Helena Cassadine (played by special guest star Elizabeth Taylor), and the shocking arrival of Scott Baldwin, Laura's ex, who not only caught the bouquet, but also bitterly announced that he was contesting his and Laura's recent divorce. Bummer. Faster than you could say "Emma Lutz," Luke shimmied down the side of the balcony and decked Scott. Then, the bride and groom went on the run again -- this time to their honeymoon in Beecher's Corners.

What's your favorite soap wedding of all time?

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Jessica VoxPop

This list was put together by someone who knows literally zero about daytime. How the most-married woman in daytime, Erica Kane, is not represented, is beyond me.

March 18 2014 at 4:18 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

this list really is pretty poor except for Lucy and Alan and Luke and Laura, otherwise ewww

April 28 2011 at 8:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

My favorite all time weddings are Bo and Hope, i been following this story ever since it started, just love the show and the actors in it, If i have an appointment i tape the story try not to miss a episode.

March 01 2011 at 9:30 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I miss ATWT and it's characters (and the actors who played them) sooooooooo much!!! I watched since I was a child in the early 80's. What a loss and shame. :( I hope all the actors are doing well. It's great to still see Maura (and up until recently Paul Leyden) on Y&R but Diane just isn't Carly...

February 24 2011 at 10:39 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Phil and Tara, Jenny and Greg, Tad and Dixie....Mary Ryan and Jack Fenelli... Delia Reed Ryan Ryan..and everyone...Amanda and Sam, Vicki and Ryan( in heaven), Cass and Frankie, John and Sharlene...just a few that were missed

February 23 2011 at 9:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Guiding Light was the best soap on television for years. I miss the storyline and the characters... CBS missed the boat when they cancelled this beloved soap. Thanks for posting some memorable scenes and for the trip down memory lane!

February 23 2011 at 9:06 PM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply

Get a life!

February 23 2011 at 8:54 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I would like to add the wedding of Catalina Quesada and Tony Santos on Guilding Light 2002. The young actors Jessica Jimenez (now Perry) and Jordi Villasuso both gained Emmy nominations as Outstanding Younger Actress/Actor on Daytime TV after their beautiful wedding in Springfield the ficticious town which ruled the airwaves for year's as the first soap opera on network TV. When Guiding Light went dark the soap that started with a 'light' in the pastor's office where counsel was always bountiful came to an end. The story line finally included one of the best known Latino/Latina storylines in soap history. I hope someone will post the great Quesada/Santos wedding on YOU Tube. Sharon Hardee Jimenez film and television reviewer www.elatinoweekly.com

February 23 2011 at 8:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Ms. Nancy

When I was working I would tape soaps and ever since I retired, I've made it my business to watch them. I still am loyal to the ABC soaps -- General Hospital topping that list and the Luke and Laura wedding. That having been said I miss terribly Guiding Light! The convoluted plot never failed to entertain.

February 23 2011 at 8:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I saw the title and instantly said Luke & Laura what else. And I haven't watched soaps in years.

February 23 2011 at 8:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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