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September 4, 2015

What to Watch: February 21 - 27

by Stephanie Earp, posted Feb 21st 2011 2:30AM
The 83rd Annual Academy Awards - Sunday February 27, 8PM ET, CTV/ABC

Are you ready for five hours of watching people try to thank every one they've ever met -- and a few they haven't -- before getting cut off by the sad strings of 'No One Cares'? I know I am. Actually, I've seen more of the nominated films this year than usual, and I admit to a mild curiosity about how hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway will fare. Is it just me or does Franco always seem like he just smoked a huge fatty? Not that there's anything wrong with that -- it's just hard to take him seriously. I'll be rooting for 'Incendies,' 'Black Swan' and Hallie Stanfield, whose achievement in dressing her age is definitely unparalleled.

Also This Week:

America's Next Top Model - Wednesday February 23, 8PM ET/PT, A/CW

Tyra's back with her 16th go at this mean, anti-female mess that I can't help but love anyway. In the premiere, she tortures her charges by pulling a switcheroo with the contestants at the last second and then makes them walk a narrow runway inside a plastic bubble. It seems like an apt metaphor for Tyra's entire philosophy.

American Idol - Wednesday February 23, 8PM ET/PT, CTV/Fox

My press release says: "The contestants who make it through the Hollywood rounds head to Las Vegas for the first time ever to perform Beatles songs on the Cirque du Soleil LOVE stage." I'm still trying to parse it. I think this means we find out who makes it through the Hollywood round -- the top 10 girls and guys -- who will then butcher some Lennon/McCartney tunes on a stage (and this is where I get confused) called LOVE? Why is LOVE in caps? Why does a stage need a name? I give it four minutes before someone makes an 'all you need is LOVE' reference.

W5: Oscar Special - Saturday February 26, 7PM ET/PT, CTV

In Australia, there is something they call Tall Poppies syndrome. It means that the brightest lights are often cut off by media or the community, effectively ending their rise. We Canadians need a name for what happens here. Maybe 'Deaf Dumb and Blind' syndrome. Allow me to explain. W5 anchor Sandie Rinaldo is doing an Oscar special, talking to Canadians who will be at the Oscars. She'll talk to Jay Baruchel (never nominated), Kim Cattrall (never nominated), Robert Lantos (producer of 'Barney's Version,' which is up for best makeup, but widely acknowledged to have been snubbed) and Christopher Plummer (not nominated this year).

But it's who she's not interviewing that has me up in arms. For example, she's not taking to anyone from the incredible 'Incendies,' which is actually nominated for Best Foreign Film. She's also not talking to Paul Dutton, the Canadian animator who worked on 'The Illusionist,' nominated for Best Animated Feature. I'm sure Sandie's production team would throw their hands up at the suggestion that these people deserve coverage, saying "But no one's ever heard of them!" Geez, I wonder why.

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