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October 3, 2015

What to Watch: TV Picks for February 28 - March 6

by Rich Keller, posted Feb 27th 2011 2:00PM
Could Barney actually be falling for someone. Find out on Monday's 'How I Met Your Mother.'MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28

'How I Met Your Mother' (8PM, CBS)
Things are slightly topsy-turvy in the world of 'HIMYM' these days. First, Marshall had to cope with the sudden death of his father, making him second-guess some of his choices in life. Then Ted hooked up with yet another woman that seemed to be the 'Mother,' but we all knew wasn't. Now Barney admits he has actual heartfelt feelings for Nora. Is there something seriously wrong with Barney? He certainly thinks so. Perhaps it's a bout of maturity ... nah, couldn't be!

'House' -- The good doctor has an existential crisis when a new patient causes him to reassess his current career and happiness level. It all comes at a time when Cuddy needs him to appear at a awards ceremony in her honor. (8PM, FOX)

'Bethenny Ever After' -- Season 2 begins with a trip to Jason's parents in rural Pennsylvania. It's a trip that gets tense when Jason's parents as for more quality time with baby Bryn. (10PM, Bravo) season 2 premiere

'Mike & Molly' -- A relationship is on the brink, and it isn't Mike and Molly. Rather, it's Mike and Carl, whose friendship starts to unravel when they work a double-shift during a snowstorm. (9:30, CBS)

'American Experience'
-- A profile of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York, which ended up killing 146 workers, mostly immigrant women. (9PM, PBS)

'Harry's Law' -- In perhaps a first for a law procedural, Harry works to defend four albinos who are seeking asylum in the U.S. to avoid albino hunters in their native Tanzania. (10PM, NBC)

'Shatner's Raw Nerve'
-- In the first half hour, The Shat interviews actor and comedian Kevin Nealon. In the second 30 minutes it's Starfleet Captain-mania as Shatner interviews former 'Star Trek: Enterprise' star Scott Bakula. (10PM, Bio)

'The Cape' -- Things are getting hot for Vince as Fleming and Scales try to bring a new thug into town. Lil' Romeo, Eliot Gould and rapper Slaine guest star. (9PM, NBC)

'The Bachelor' -- Brad and the remaining three candidates for his love head to South Africa for adventuring and overnight, um, sleepovers. In the end, only two women will remain. (8PM, ABC)

'Fashion Police' -- A recap of the fave and the grave at the 2011 Academy Awards. (10PM, E!)

Time to narrow the playing field to just 12 competitors on this week's installments of 'American Idol.'TUESDAY, MARCH 1

'American Idol' (8PM, FOX)
Now the voting begins. After weeks of tryouts, vocal exercises and inappropriate comments from Steven Tyler, the leaderboard has been narrowed down to 12 guys and 12 girls. After they perform tonight and Wednesday they'll be narrowed down to just the finalists, thanks to your diligent push button phone skills. Oh, and your mouse-clicking skills as well, because the show will offer online voting for the first time in its history.

'No Ordinary Family'
-- Fantasy Babe Alert! Former 'Battlestar Galactia' hottie Tricia Helfer and former 'Xena' hottie Lucy Lawless guest star as baddies who put Jim and George under their spell. (8PM, ABC)

-- John's drug problems continue to worsen just as Ben is about to complete his training. Meanwhile, Lydia is involved in a shoot-out while preoccupied with a teenage victim. (10PM, TNT)

-- Savannah reveals the identity of her baby, leaving Charlotte stunned. (9PM, CW)

'White Collar' -- Neal and Peter swap identities to stop a plan that has led to a series of blackouts. (10PM, USA)

'Independent Lens' -- The story of Cyntoia Brown, a young woman serving a life sentence for a murder she committed when she was just 16-years-old. (10PM, PBS)

'NCIS' -- Welcome former 'Brothers & Sisters' star Sarah Jane Morris as she joins the NCIS team as Special Agent EJ Barrett. (8PM, CBS)

'Lights Out' -- After winning his return fight, Lights hires a new trainer, who has a very different approach from Pops'. (10PM, FX)

'The Biggest Loser: Couples'
-- The biggest challenge: can the contestants keep up their weight loss while being home for two weeks? (8PM, NBC)

'The Real Housewives of Miami' -- The obligatory fundraiser episode where something goes horribly wrong when one of the Housewives decides to bring some unwanted guests. (10PM, Bravo)

'American Masters' looks at the singer-songwriter movement ushered in by the likes of Carole King and James Taylor.WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2

'American Masters' (8PM, PBS)
The early 1970s marked a change in the world of rock music. Fading or changing were the pop groups that dominated most of the 1960s. In their place were a bunch of singer-songwriters including Carole King, James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt. Tonight's 'American Masters' explores these singers and the movement they ignited. The documentary includes a wealth of clips, interviews and segments from the 2007 King-Taylor reunion.

'The Middle' -- Doris Roberts returns Brick's teacher Ms. Rinsky. This time she and Frankie clash on Brick's nearly failing math grade. (8PM, ABC)

'Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior' -- The team looks for a serial killer who removes the victim's eyes. Eww! (10PM, CBS)

'Justified' -- The marshals track down Rachel's brother-in-law after he escapes from a halfway house. In another story, Boyd mulls an offer that could prove to be a bit dangerous. (10PM, FX)

'Traffic Light'
-- Adam discovers Callie is several thousand dollars in debt. Make that $40,000 in debt. (9:30PM, FOX)

'Modern Family' -- While Claire deals with a fight between Haley and Alex, Phil spends the day at the spa. Typical man! (9PM, ABC)

'Mr. Sunshine'
-- Ben devises a plan to get his employees to like him. Unfortunately, it doesn't go as he expects. Wasn't Matthew Perry dealt the same hand on a first season episode of 'Friends?' Irony strikes once again. (9:30PM, ABC)

'Face Off' -- The contestants are asked to make original zombies for a dance routine. (10PM, SyFy)

ABC reairs the 'Private Practice' episode in which Charlotte is attacked by an unknown assailant.THURSDAY, MARCH 3

'Private Practice' (10PM, ABC)
With February sweeps over there isn't much new on the schedule. Nevertheless, there are a few "encore broadcasts" of scripted series that bear mention. One of these is the episode of 'Private Practice' where Charlotte is raped by Xander a deranged attacker. This was one of the strongest performances in the series for the character as, despite all the pain and humiliation she suffered, she continued to keep the strongest face possible. It wasn't until a few episodes later did fans realize how much emotional harm the attack did. All in all, a very intense episode.

'Archer' -- Disgruntled employees take note: if you decide to inject a virus into your spy agency's mainframe in order to detect it and save the day, make sure how you do that. Don't be like Cyril, who does exactly that and runs into some serious problems. (10PM, FX)

'Fairly Legal'
-- A simple case gets very complicated when Kate defends a soldier against a Homeland Security prosecutor. (10PM, USA)

'NBA on TNT' -- LeBron and the Heat take on their central Florida rivals, the Orlando Magic. (8PM, TNT)

'Million Dollar Listing' -- Madison is pissed when he finds out his assistant went out on a date with Josh Altman. (10PM, Bravo)

'Jersey Shore' -- Sammi returns to the house, which stymies Ronnie. In other romantic news, Mike hooks up with a girl who seems to have a strange odor. Which, in normal circles, is called New Jersey. (10PM, MTV)

'Ice Brigade'
-- Because cable television needed a series on ice sculptors, Food Network debuts a series on a Michigan ice sculpting team. First up: construction of a ice lounge, complete with bar. (10PM, Food Network) series premiere

The 'NAACP Image Awards' appear live at 8PM.FRIDAY, MARCH 4

'2011 NAACP Image Awards' (8PM, FOX)
The 42nd annual ceremony, held at the Shrine Auditorium and hosted by Wayne Brady and Holly Robinson Peete, will honor achievements by persons of color in television, film, music and writing. Special honorees at this year's live ceremony include Chairman's Award winner U.S. Surgeon General Regina M. Benjamin and President's Award winner Colin Powell.

-- Arthur tries to prove himself a worthy heir by rescuing the Golden Trident from the Fisher King. Unfortunately, Morgana has other plans that leave the young Arthur powerless. (10PM, SyFy)

'Supernatural' -- Sam and Dean team up with Bobby and Samuel to hunt for a monster created by the Mother of All. (9PM, CW)

'Phineas and Ferb' -- The third season begins with the boys constructing a bio-dome to help Isabella earn a Fireside Girl patch. Meanwhile, Candace meets Jeremy's mother, voiced by Jane Lynch. (9PM, Disney Channel) season 3 premiere

'The Defenders' -- Kathy Griffin stars as a comedian who is sued for insulting an audience member. I'm surprised no one has done this to Kathy in real life! (8PM, CBS)

'American Loggers' -- In the season premiere, the Pelletiers decide to build their own logging trailers. (10PM, Discovery) season 3 premiere

'My Big Redneck Baby' -- A couple prepare for the birth of their child by practicing with a baby made of produce. In addition, final touches to the nursery are made with the construction of a beer can mobile and a zip line to dispose of dirty diapers. One can only hope that the folks at DIY TV are going to watch this show for ideas. (8:30PM, CMT)

The newest season of 'The Celebrity Apprentice' features appearances by NeNe Leakes, Star Jones, Gary Busey and David Cassidy.SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, MARCH 5-6

'The Celebrity Apprentice' (9PM, NBC) season 11 premiere
There's something special about the celebrity editions of 'The Apprentice.' It isn't the fact that famous folks are put into stressful situations in order to win money for their charities. Nor is it the fact that we get to see some raw, personal emotions come from these people. The reason 'The Celebrity Apprentice' is so special is the fact that at least one of the 16 original candidates is downright insane. In this installment we have 4 or 5 versions of crazy with appearances by Richard Hatch, NeNe Leakes, La Toya Jackson and, President of Crazytown, Gary Busey. Also appearing this season are David Cassidy, Meat Loaf, Mark McGrath and Star Jones.

'Caroline Rhea & Friends' -- Caroline Rhea introduces viewers to up-and-coming stand-up comedians in this new special. (Sat., 9PM, Showtime)

'R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series' -- A boy finally finds his perfect pet. Only one problem -- it's dead! Cue creepy music. (Sat., 8:30PM, The HUB)

College Basketball
-- It's Duke vs. North Carolina in an ACC finale game for both. Duke beat the Tar Heels on Feb. 9 after coming back from a 14-point deficit. Perhaps it'll be two times the charm this evening. (Sat., 8PM, CBS)

'Being Human' -- Mitchell meets his biggest fan, Nina has big news for George and, in a situation we all dislike, Annie gets followed home by a zombie. (Sat., 9PM, BBC America)

'Army Wives' -- Changes are afoot in the season 5 opener as Denise prepares to meet Jeremy's fiancée, Pamela mulls over a job offer and Joan and Roland discuss the future of their relationship. (Sun., 9PM, Lifetime) season 5 premiere

'Breakout Kings' -- In this new scripted series for A&E, a team of U.S. Marshals and three prison escapees join together to track and capture escaped convicts. (Sun., 10PM, A&E) series premiere

'Taking on Tyson' -- Mike Tyson gets his own reality series on...Animal Planet? That's right! This series focuses on Tyson's goal to competitively race pigeons. (Sun., 10PM, Animal Planet) series premiere

'The Real Housewives of Orange County' -- Just like that, the first gang of Housewives return to the Bravo schedule. In the season six opener a shopping party gets tense when one of the Housewives gets a bit tipsy. (Sun., 10PM, Bravo) season 6 premiere

-- The fourth season premiere finds the weight-challenged Ruby delving into her relationship issues, including a tense encounter with her ex-boyfriend. (Sun. 8PM, Style) season 4 premiere

'Secret Millionaire' -- Those crazy millionaires are at it again: posing as unassuming citizens who end up giving those who they visit ungodly amounts of money. In the season two premiere, the first for ABC, millionaire Dani Johnson works a minimum wage job in Knoxville, TN. (Sun., 8PM, ABC) season 2 premiere

'America's Next Great Restaurant' -- Twenty-one restaurateurs compete for a chance to win the funds to launch a restaurant chain. Food Network's Bobby Flay serves as one of the hosts and mentors. (Sun., 8PM, NBC) series premiere

'Family Guy' -- Meg's check-ins with Joe while Bonnie is away lead to some discomfort from everyone else. Including Joe himself. (Sun., 9PM, FOX)

'The Simpsons' -- Grampa gets kicked out of the nursing home for being too surly and its up to Lisa and Bart to find a cure. (Sun., 8PM, FOX)

'Chopped' -- The first of a five-part special featuring favorites from 'Next Food Network Star' competing for charity. (Sun., 9PM, Food Network)

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