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October 10, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Walker Faces Family Drama on 'Chuck'

by Maureen Ryan, posted Feb 28th 2011 5:00PM
'Chuck' devoted much of the first half of its current season to the search for Chuck's mom. Now that the Bartowski clan is reunited, however, it's Sarah Walker's turn for family drama.

Before we get to that, here are a quick few words from 'Chuck' co-creator and executive producer Chris Fedak on what to expect from tonight's episode, 'Chuck vs. the First Bank of Evil': "Sarah Walker in a catsuit, with a machine gun." Plus Ray Wise guest stars along with Lauren Cohan, who returns as Vivian Volkoff.

Sold. Now, moving on to Sarah's daddy issues ...

We first met Sarah's dad, Jack Burton, in the season 2 episode 'Chuck vs. the DeLorean,' and he comes back into her life in the 21st episode of season 4, which airs April 25. Burton, who's played by Gary Cole (who's currently recurring on 'The Good Wife'), is a longtime con man who hasn't changed his ways since Sarah was a little girl helping him out with his scams.

"We have a con at the heart of the [Jack] episode," Fedak said in an interview. "There are actually multiple cons. We definitely put Chuck and Sarah out there -- they could potentially get into a lot of trouble," given that they are government employees and that Jack has spent his life flouting the law. Getting mixed up with Jack again will prove to be a challenge for the duo, personally and professionally.

Will things get even more complicated for Sarah before the season is over? Given that mothers have loomed so large on 'Chuck' of late, I had to ask -- might we meet Sarah's mom? Fedak said he didn't "want to make any promises" about that happening this season, but he it's something he and fellow creator Josh Schwartz would like to explore at some point.

"We'd love to get into that," he said. "We do have some ideas" about where a Mama Walker story could go.

It sounds like that story isn't on the front burner just now, though. What is on Chuck and Sarah's minds? Wedding bells, of course.

Fedak was cagey about a Chuck-Sarah wedding, and would only speak about such an event in hypothetical terms, though he allowed that a wedding is an obvious end point for an engagement.

But, he cautioned, "what if the bad guys got in the way? Anything is possible on this show."

So is Vivian Volkoff a bad guy? I asked if Vivian, the daughter of ubervillain Alexei Volkoff, would be the Big Bad of the second half of the season.

It sounds as though it's not quite as simple as that. Fedak said for the rest of the season, Vivian will be "tempted by the dark side."

As Fedak explained, Vivian's story is a "bizarro, dark version of Chuck's story." It rocked Chuck's world to find out his father was actually an espionage mastermind, and it similarly upended Vivian's life to discover that her father was a supervillain. Now that she knows the truth, she has to decide whether to follow his path or not.

"She walks the line between being a Volkoff and being someone" who creates her own path, Fedak said.

Because I just couldn't let the topic go, I had to ask if the hypothetical wedding that may occur this season could, in fact, be a double wedding, perhaps involving Morgan Guillermo Grimes and his lady love, Alex?

"I think the idea of one wedding on the show makes my head hurt," Fedak said with a laugh. "The idea of a double wedding would make my head explode."

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I suspect that Vivian Volkoff is Chuck's half sister.

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Lisa Kudrow should play Sarah's mum :D cause Lisa Kudrow is awesome :D Sarah's mum should be awesome not a fag

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Thanks for the info Mo! I was worried that you weren't going to have any Chuck info :(.

February 28 2011 at 8:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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