'American Idol' Top 12 Girls Song Spoilers

by Hilary Rothing, posted Mar 1st 2011 5:15PM
There's a lot of talent among the 'American Idol' boys this year, but word on the street is that after three consecutive male winners, Nigel and company would like to see a girl take the 'Idol' crown this year.

And judging from the Top 12 on tap for tomorrow night, the girls are bringing it this year -- or at least a few of them are ...

If you're as eager as we are to find out if Lauren Alaina continues to charm Steven Tyler and if Rachel Zevita whips out another ridiculous chapeau, read on!(Listed in order of appearance)

Tatynisa Wilson: 'Only Girl' by Rihanna

According to the 'Idol' moles at Joe's Place, Tatynisa's performance was a bit dull and probably won't win this under-the-radar 'Idol' any new fans. The judges weren't blown away with the performance and apparently we won't be either.

Naima Adedapo: 'Summertime' by George Gershwin

Naima is quickly emerging as one of the more eclectic members of the Top 24, both with her song choices and appearance. The young mother/music festival janitor wore a bright yellow dress, which she made herself, for her performance of this left field 'Porgy and Bess' number. Sources say Randy felt Naima's version paled in comparison to Fantasia Barrino's rendition.

Kendra Chantelle: 'Impossible' by Christina Aguilera

Some mixed reviews on Kendra's performance. One source in attendance feels Kendra deserves to make it through, while another found the Tennessee native's performance "unassuming" and doubts that anyone will remember her. Seeing as we're already having a hard time recalling Kendra and her performances thus far, it's hard to imagine America making an effort to vote for her tomorrow night.

Rachel Zevita: 'Criminal' by Fiona Apple

No specifics on what the judges said, but word is they didn't like it. I could see this song working for the quirky (I think we'll be using this word a lot this season, thanks to Rachel, Casey and Paul) season 6er but apparently the judges comments for Rachel were "horrible." And it looks like she didn't accessorize with any Lady Gaga-inspired headgear for the performance. Boo!

Karen Rodriguez: 'Hero' by Mariah Carey

The MySpacer (according to 'Idol,' that's where she's from) decided to sing the Mariah ballad half in Spanish. According to one source, she "nailed it," while another said Karen started out strong but "got really breathy towards the end and completely dropped her vocal support." Either way, it sounds like the judges weren't floored by the first MySpace 'Idol.'

Lauren Turner: "'Seven Day Fool' by Etta James

Word is the judges "loved" Lauren's version of the Jully Black version of the Etta James classic. Thus far, Turner's been a bit of a dark horse with Lauren Alaina, Julie Zorrilla and Thia Megia getting the "pimp" treatment, but this performance could thrust her into the spotlight, just in time for America to vote.

Ashthon Jones: 'Love Over Me' by Monica

This was was a terrible song choice for Ashthon, according to the source in attendance. In fact, based on the judges comments, it sounds like Ashthon will only get through the week if she's handed a wild card. Nice knowing you, Ashthon.

Julie Zorrilla: 'Breakaway' by Kelly Clarkson

Is doing a Kelly Clarkson song ever a good idea? "The song ate her up, and she knew it too, you could tell by the look on her face when she stopped singing. It was actually pretty sad," said the source. Another attendee said the performance was "weak" and "pitchy." Randy and Steven gave it a thumbs down; however, J.Lo was reluctant to criticize one of her favorites.

Haley Reinhart: "'Fallin' ' by Alicia Keys

Haley's another low-flying 'Idol' who still needs to make a real impression with America to earn their votes. Sources say her performance of this overdone Alicia Keys classic was devoid of Haley's usual "vocal gymnastics," but will it be enough to make America take notice?

Thia Megia: 'Out Here on My Own' by Irene Cara

She may be just f15-years-old, but Thia Megia's run on 'America's Got Talent' may have helped forge her nerves on steel. While Megia's performance may not have been as stellar as others, she "looked so sure of who she was," and seemed to be "completely without nerves," said the source.

Lauren Alaina: 'Turn on the Radio' by Reba McIntyre

Another mixed review here. One attendee said Lauren's song choice "didn't do anything for her voice." Meanwhile, another mole said Lauren "did EXACTLY what she needed to do. She showed what type of audience she wanted to attract and was young and fun and loud. She looked really at ease up there." Either way, it's doubtful she won't make it through this round.

Pia Toscano: 'I'll Stand By You' by The Pretenders

The New Yorker might be the breakout star of the Top 12 girls, judging by reports from the taping. Pia "emotionally connected" with the song and surprised Randy, who said he could see her in the finals.

That's the word on the girls! Thanks, as always, to Joe's Place for the scoop. It looks like we'll be cutting the 24 to 10 with three wild cards left, one for each judge. Let us know who you're most looking forward to seeing among the Top 12 ladies in the poll below!

The Top 12 girls take the stage tomorrow night at 8PM ET on Fox.

Which of the Top 12 girls are you most looking forward to seeing this week?
Thia Megia347 (19.5%)
Haley Reinhart74 (4.2%)
Naima Adedapo82 (4.6%)
Lauren Alaina436 (24.6%)
Kendra Chantelle26 (1.5%)
Pia Toscano435 (24.5%)
Julie Zorrilla129 (7.3%)
Karen Rodriguez52 (2.9%)
Ashthon Jones18 (1.0%)
Tatynisa Wilson16 (0.9%)
Lauren Turner96 (5.4%)
Rachel Zevita64 (3.6%)

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