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October 6, 2015

What to Watch: TV Picks for March 7-13

by Rich Keller, posted Mar 6th 2011 2:00PM
After a three month break 'The Event' returns to the NBC schedule.MONDAY, MARCH 7

'The Event' (8PM, NBC)
'Chuck' takes a break this week as 'The Event' returns to the NBC's Monday night lineup. You remember 'The Event,' don't you? NBC certainly hopes you remember the serialized drama, even though it hasn't been seen since the end of last November. If not, then the network may have some problems on their hands when it comes to renewing this show.

For those who were anticipating the show's return, look for more intrigue as Thomas' satellite message is decrypted and a new Alaskan senator threatens to reveal data on live television about the events at the Mt. Inostranka installation.

'Greek' -- After four seasons this college-based comedy-drama ends its run. While the Kappa Taus try to stop the demolition of their house, Cappie, Casey and Evan come to some decisions about their relationships. (9PM, ABC Family) series finale

'All About Aubrey'
-- Singer Aubrey O'Day is given the reality treatment in this program that focuses on her quest for a solo career. (10PM, Oxygen) series premiere

'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All' -- Before viewers get to see Brad Womack chose a new mate (we think), the previous contestants get together to spill their guts on the Bachelor as well as each other. (8PM, ABC)

'He Loves Me' -- Heather Locklear stars in a made-for-Lifetime movie as a woman who tries to save her marriage, despite a number of infidelities. Only one problem: she seems to be paranoid, delusional and pretty much falling apart at the seams. (9PM, Lifetime)

'House' -- Last week House went through some mental gymnastics about his current life. Now it's Cuddy's turn. After receiving some shocking news she decides to rethink her priorities. Will one Greg House be part of that list? Featuring a dream dance sequence choreographed by Mia Michaels of 'So You Think You Can Dance.' (8PM, FOX)

'Stargate Universe'
-- The series returns to the SyFy lineup to complete its run before moving on to Cancelville. Tonight, Chloe contacts her alien abductors in order to buy the Destiny some time while they repair their damaged shields. (10PM, SyFy)

'Pretty Little Liars'
-- Things are getting downright mysterious as the girls realize that other people in town are keeping secrets. Plus, Spencer is starting to look very guilty about something. (8PM, ABC Family)

'Bethenny Ever After'
-- After last week's visit with her in-laws, Bethenny really doesn't want much to do with them. Which is why Jason, being the man, suggests they go visit again. I believe "tension" would be the right word here. (10PM, Bravo)

'Skins' -- Daisy has to put her dreams on hold in order to help clean up the messes of everyone else around her. (10PM, MTV)

Gwenyth Paltrow is back as Holly Holiday in this week's episode of 'Glee.'TUESDAY, MARCH 8

'Glee' (8PM, FOX)
So, rock n' roll is a pretty big part of 'Glee' and drugs, in the form of alcohol, were dealt with last episode. What's next? Why sex, of course! Or to be more precise, sex education. In this week's episode the New Directions kids, as well as Emma and her dentist husband, get some needed education from Will and substitute Holly Holiday (returning guest star Gwyenth Paltrow). In addition to sexing up sex education, look for Holly to sing Prince's 'Kiss' and Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide.'

'Southland' -- Ben faces his final day as a rookie in the third season finale. And part of it is dealt with confronting John on his increased use of painkillers. (10PM, TNT) season finale

'White Collar'
-- It's a confrontation between Neal and the person responsible for Kate's demise on the season finale. While dealing with that, he also uncovers the truth to one of history's largest mysteries. (10PM, USA) season finale

'Raising Hope' -- Jimmy's cousin Mike returns from a spiritual journey complete with a new wife, played by Mary Lynn Rajskub, and her brother-husbands. (9PM, FOX)

'Lights Out' -- Lights' new training regimen doesn't sit well with some of his family members. Especially Johnny, who's angry the new trainer won't let Lights promote his latest fight. (10PM, FX)

-- With Anna about to activate Earth's first Blue Energy reactor, plans move forward to thwart those actions before the consequences become too great. (9PM, ABC)

'American Treasures'
-- The team travels to New Orleans to investigate a trumpet that allegedly belonged to Louis Armstrong. (10PM, Discovery)

'The Real Housewives of Miami'
-- 'Housewives' plot number 557: Adriana's gallery opening goes sour when the artist doesn't complete the paintings in time and the backup entertainment fizzles. Replace name and event where needed. (10PM, Bravo)

The first round for the final 13 of this season's 'American Idol' airs tonight.WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9

'American Idol' (8PM, FOX)
With the chaff all swept away, it's down to the final 13 performers. And if they thought getting this far was difficult, they have no idea what they're about to face! There will be theme weeks, self-promotion projects, hundreds of "Dawg!" mentions from Randy Jackson and a few old-man leers from Steven Tyler. Oh, and forget the rotating mentor that the show used to have. Starting tonight, the performers get advice from Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records. Needless to say, there's going to be some yelling and crying for the remainder of the season and not just from the viewers.

-- The state task force on organized crime borrows Raylan to investigate who is cashing Walt McCready's benefit checks. On the bad side of the law, Boyd gets involved in a scheme to rob the mine's payroll. (10PM, FX)

'Hot in Cleveland'
-- Jon Lovitz guest stars as a homeless man Joy hopes to get engaged to in order to stay in the country. Meanwhile, Melanie dates a Cleveland Cavaliers coach who can't get over losing LeBron James. (10PM, TV Land)

'Underwater Universe'
-- This four-part series takes a look at the ocean's destructive forces. First up is an examination of shock waves that can take the form of rouge waves and tsunamis. (9PM, History) series premiere

'Hoarding: Buried Alive'
-- Your hoard or your daughter? This is the predicament of one father who must chose between the two. (10PM, TLC)

'Face Off' -- The remaining contestants must disguise themselves in order to fool their own family members. (10PM, SyFy)

'Nothing Personal'
-- Not every show on ID is about unknown assailants torturing and killing innocent bystanders. Take tonight's new show 'Nothing Personal,' which is about the world of contract killings and paid assassins. See what I mean? (10PM, ID) series premiere

The Gravedigger sniper is back this week on 'Bones.'THURSDAY, MARCH 10

'Bones' (8PM, FOX)
When we last left Jacob Broadsky, the man who killed the Gravedigger, he was blowing things up in order to prevent Booth from catching him and putting him in jail. Now he's back on a new assignment: killing a person who previously escaped the justice system. This time around it's going to take more than Squints to catch this guy. It's going to take Seeley's military and vampire skills to catch him once and for all. And while this happens, Angela's father (Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top) visits the Jeffersonian with a name for his unborn grandchild.

'The Big Bang Theory' -- Leonard needs to make a choice: does he stop seeing Penny to spend time with Priya or does he lose both and have to spend his remaining nights with Sheldon? (8PM, CBS)

'The Mentalist' -- There's a new head of CBI: LaRoche. First order of business is to name Cho the team leader. (10PM, CBS)

'American Idol'
-- The first of the 13 finalists is voted off the show, leading to days of anger and speculation about vote fixing. (8PM, FOX)

'Fierce Funny Women' -- This comedy special features stand-up routines by Jen Kober, Gloria Bigelow, Gayla Johnson and Betsy Salkind. (9PM, Showtime)

'Fairly Legal' -- Kate tries to help a singer come to an agreement with his former bandmates to allow one of their songs to be used in a commercial. As negotiations stall, the singer's real reasons for the request become known. (10PM, USA)

'Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice' -- Using high-tech cameras, this documentary captures polar bears in their element. (10PM, Animal Planet)

'Ice Brigade'
-- The sculptors build a DJ booth complete with speakers, headphones and a spinning turntable. (10PM, Food Network)

Fans who miss 'Law & Order' may want to take a look at 'Law & Order: UK' on BBC America.FRIDAY, MARCH 11

'Law & Order: UK' (9PM, BBC America)
If you were a fan of the original 'Law & Order' and haven't been tuning into the British version, then you may have been doing yourself a misjustice. In a way, the UK version of the program is better. Though both the detectives and the prosecutors exhibit that no-nonsense attitude that the U.S. version of the show was famous for, this version's characters are more fleshed out than their American counterparts. Then there's the fact that two science fiction faves -- Jamie Bamber of 'Battlestar Galactica' and Freema Agyeman of 'Doctor Who' -- are cast in the series Plus, it takes place in England, which makes even the most heinous of crimes sound classier.

'The Ricky Gervais Show'
-- Karl reveals his opinions on academics' predictions of the future and what they would all do the day the world ended. (9PM, HBO)

'The Defenders'
-- Pete and Nick temporarily dissolve their partnership in order to separately defend a husband and wife who are accused of murder. (8PM, CBS)

'Beast Hunter' -- Reports of a living dinosaur sighted in the Congo Basin are examined. (9PM, National Geographic)

'Young Justice'
-- The team wakes up in the desert not knowing how they got there or who they are. (7PM, Cartoon Network)

-- It's time for Walter to assess the harm he's caused to the fabric of the universe. Should be a dozy! (9PM, FOX)


The top 68 college basketball teams playing for the NCAA Championship will be revealed at 6PM on CBS.'NCAA Basketball Championship Selection Show' (Sun., 6PM, CBS)
Here is the loss of equilibrium that is the NCAA. Tonight, the 68-team field is announced for the tournament that is fondly known as March Madness. It's a process that takes only a few weeks to complete, as teams are quickly eliminated, with a National Championship Game airing around the end or March/early April. Sounds pretty simple. So, why does this same association have such a problem with the football side of things? One would think the same concept that's used now could be used in November! Anyway, get ready to cheer when your favorite college team is named during this telecast.

College Basketball Championships -- CBS has as an afternoon full of college conference championships. It stars at 11:30AM with the Conference USA Championship. That's followed by two Big Ten semifinal games at 1:40PM and 3:45PM. It all wraps up with the Pac-10 Championship at 6PM. (Sat., 11:30AM, CBS)

'The Graham Norton Show' -- Barry Manilow. I don't believe we have to go much farther than that. (Sat., 10PM, BBC America)

'Ron White's Comedy Salute to the Troops' -- 'Blue Collar' comedian Ron White hosts a comedy and musical salute to the troops held at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry House. (Sat., 9PM, CMT)

'Being Human' -- The werewolf Tom McNair visits George and Nina. Meanwhile, Annie and Mitchell have a tough time switching from friends to lovers. (Sat., 9PM, BBC America)

'Saturday Night Live' -- Zach Galifianakis hosts tonight's show with musical guest Jessie J. (Sat., 11:30, NBC)

'Best Player' -- 'iCarly' actors Jerry Trainor and Jennette McCurdy star in this made-for-TV movie about a video game expert who tries to stop his rival from entering a tournament. The plan? Befriend her and date her mother. (Sat., 8PM, Nickelodeon)

'Runnin' Rebels of UNLV' -- This documentary takes a look at the championship years of the UNLV basketball team under the coaching of Jerry Tarkanian. (Sat., 9:30PM, HBO)

'Battle of Los Angeles' -- No, this is not television version of 'Battle: Los Angeles,' the movie coming out on March 11. Though it sounds very similar. In this one, an alien craft attacks L.A. in the first wave of an invasion and it's up to two soldiers to breach the ship and destroy it from within. (Sat., 9PM, SyFy)

'Big Love' -- The penultimate episode of the series finds the Henricksons defending themselves against a desperate Alby. (Sun., 9PM, HBO)

'CSI: Miami'
-- Star Adam Rodriquez writes and directs this episode in which the team investigates a hunting club where the prey is human beings. (Sun., 10PM, CBS)

'The Simpsons' -- After Cheech and Chong break up during their reunion tour, Cheech hires Homer to be his replacement. The new duo's name: Cheech and Chunk. (Sun., 8PM, FOX)

-- Hank's trial begins poorly after an uncomfortable encounter with Mia's father in front of the courthouse. Then his character witnesses end up doing more bad then good for his defense. (Sun., 9PM, Showtime)

'The Cleveland Show' -- Cleveland helps his parents, voiced by Craig Robinson and Frances Caller, to find the con man who took their life savings. (Sun., 9:30PM, FOX)

'The Celebrity Apprentice'
-- The teams must pen their own children's books and read them to a group of youngsters. Lord knows what's going to be in the book that Gary Busey helps write! (Sun., 9PM, NBC)

'Taking on Tyson' -- Mike and his team go up against some well-known names in their first pigeon-racing competition. (Sun., 10PM, Animal Planet)

'Sister Wives' -- In the season opener the Browns head to New York to appear on national television as open polygamists. Wait, wasn't that the whole concept of 'Sister Wives' in the first place? (Sun., 9PM, TLC) season 2 premiere

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