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October 7, 2015

What to Watch: TV Picks for March 14-20

by Rich Keller, posted Mar 13th 2011 8:15PM
Will Brad Womack chose a new life partner in the season finale of 'The Bachelor?' Or will he claim love just for himself?MONDAY, MARCH 14

'The Bachelor' (8PM, ABC) season finale
It seems everyone does get a second chance at love. When we left Brad Womack in 'The Bachelor' season 11 finale he decided to reject all of the candidates, much to the anger of those who went the distance. Now, another round of dates and a whirlwind vacation in South Africa later, Brad is down to the last two women.

Will he ask one to be his mate or will he reject them again? We'll find out tonight and see the aftermath in the 'After the Final Rose' special that follows.
'Shatner's Raw Nerve' -- In the season finale, Bill interviews former cast mate Walter Koening, who talks about some of the raw feelings the other 'Star Trek' cast members have had to Shatner. Prior to that, Bill speaks with 'The Next Generation' star LeVar Burton about his love for teaching and his role in 'Roots.' (10:30PM, Bio.) season finale

'MLB Preseason Baseball'
-- Sure it's an exhibition game, but nothing beats a contest between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. The hate between these two teams can be felt in your living room. (7PM, ESPN2)

'Stargate Universe' -- Eli seems to have found a way home. However, despite approval from Stargate Command, Rush believes it to be a folly and asks for volunteers to remain on the Destiny. (10PM, SyFy)

-- While House is away from the hospital on other matters -- most likely licking his wounds from last week's bombshell -- the team works to diagnose the problems with a bullfighter who came into the ER after being attacked by a bull. Whilst diagnosing, Masters develops a crush for the patient. Aww! (8PM, FOX)

'Chuck' -- Try to keep up with all the stories here: Chuck worries about his career as a spy when he meets two seemingly flawless operatives; Casey may be going on secret missions; Morgan gets used to a new roommate, and Ellie takes on some potentially dangerous research. (8PM, NBC)

'Inside the Actors Studio'
-- James Lipton interviews 'The Hangover' star Bradley Cooper. (7PM, Bravo)

'Dora the Explorer' -- Dora and Boots search hither and yon for her missing ballet shoes in their newest primetime special 'Dora's Ballet Adventure.' (7PM, Nickelodeon)

'The Event' -- Former 'Beverly Hills, 90210' actress Gabrielle Carteris makes her first appearance on this show as a friend who watches Leila. Also in the episode, Martinez reasserts control following the attack in Alaska. (9PM, NBC)

'Meat & Potatoes' -- In the second season premiere Chef Fama visits a number of American meat institutions. Among them is Chili Addiction in Los Angeles, where more than 90 varieties of the meal are served. (10PM, Food Network) season 2 premiere

The New Directions gang sing their own songs for Regionals in the latest episode of 'Glee.'TUESDAY, MARCH 15

'Glee' (8PM, FOX)
Yes, another week where 'Glee' is the spotlight show. It's hard not to highlight it, especially when this installment features all new, original songs and Regionals. For the first time, the members of New Directions will perform original songs in response to Sue's coaching of Aural Intensity as well as the competition's new judges -- played by Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devine. In the end, only one group will go to Nationals ... unless the writers have the two teams tie once again.

'The Comedy Central Roast' -- Donald Trump gets the roast treatment from folks like Seth MacFarlane, Larry King and Snoop Dog. (10:30PM, Comedy Central)

-- What do you do to prevent the decimation of all humanity? You get those supposedly loyal to the decimator to usurp them. That's what Erica and Diana attempt to do when they speak with Lisa in the season finale. (9PM, ABC) season finale

'NCAA Basketball Tournament: First Four'
-- Thanks to an agreement between Turner Broadcasting and the NCAA, as well as the expansion of the tournament field to 68 teams, the first four games of March Madness start early. Tonight, the four at large teams compete for a spot in the second round. (6:30PM, truTV)

'NIT Basketball Tournament' -- Poor NIT! Once the big man on campus, it's been reduced to leftover status thanks to the immense popularity and office betting pools of the NCAA Championships. Tonight, first round elimination games take place. (7:30PM, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU)

'The Real Housewives of Miami' -- 'Housewives' Dinner Dilemma No. 75: Alexa serves up a full-on Cuban meal for the ladies only to be dissed by vegetarian Lea for all the meat on the menu. (10PM, Bravo)

'Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy'
-- Larry takes on one of the most dangerous tasks in the U.S. -- showering at a truck stop. (9PM, History)

'Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?'
-- In the season finale, Joan updates her Will, Melissa visits the doctor due to some mysterious stomach pains and Jason makes an announcement. (9PM, We) season finale


Prentiss makes her departure while J.J. returns in this week's episode of 'Criminal Minds.''Criminal Minds' (9PM, CBS)
Everyone has their personal arch-nemesis. For instance, Batman has the Joker, Maggie Simpson has the one-eyebrowed baby and Charlie Sheen has himself. For Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster), it's terrorist Ian Doyle. Tonight, in Brewster's last episode on the series, Prentiss and Doyle will come together in a showdown. Hopefully, the return of A.J. Cook as J.J. will allow Emily to go off peacefully into the sunset.

'Justified' -- Winnona is a victim in a bank robbery and Raylan is on the case to capture the robber, who turns out to be a crime veteran. (10PM, FX)

'NCAA Basketball Tournament: First Four'
-- The teams that placed in the 65-68 slots compete against each other for a chance at further play. (6:30PM, truTV)

'Hot in Cleveland' -- Victoria falls for a man, played by Gregory Harrison, who she meets at a TV interview. Meanwhile, Elka tries to convince Max, played by Carl Reiner, to spend the winter in Cleveland rather than Florida. (10PM, TV Land)

'Mr. Sunshine'
-- Singer James Taylor guest stars as Crystal's ex, whom Crystal would like to get closure with. (9:30PM, ABC)

'Face Off'
-- In the first season finale, the final three competitors must create fairy tale
characters from 'The Three Little Pigs,' 'Little Red Riding Hood' and 'Hansel and Gretel' for introduction at a cocktail party. (10PM, SyFy) season finale

'Minute to Win It' -- NBA players Derek Fisher and Shannon Brown compete in a series of games for charity. (8PM, NBC)

'America's Next Top Model' -- The girls work in pairs in order to film a retro-style coffee commercial. (8PM, CW)

'Deathwish Movers' -- Because there aren't enough reality series about moving companies ... well, actually there aren't any. Anyway, this series focuses on a Boston moving company that handles fairly dangerous moves. First up: hoisting an antique piano 200 feet above the ground (10PM, Travel Channel) series premiere

Get your brackets ready! Thirty-two NCAA teams complete in this second round of games.THURSDAY, MARCH 17

'NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament' (11:30AM, CBS; 12:30PM, truTV; 1:30PM, TBS; 2PM, TNT)
Sure, the Road to the Final Four officially began on Tuesday, but today is when the basketball really hits the wood. Sixteen second-round games are scheduled for today: four each on CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV. Fans of truTV may be shocked when their favorite episodes of 'Bait Car' and 'Operation Repo' are replaced by a bunch of people screaming at guys running back and forth across a court. Then again, it may be very much like 'Operation Repo' after all.

'Parks and Recreation'
-- Amazingly, not every network is afraid of airing new material against the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Hence a new episode of 'Parks and Recreation' -- and a pivotal one at that as the continuing saga of Harvest Festival comes to a head. (9:30PM, NBC)

'Bones' -- While a blackout and blizzard hamper the investigation of a murder case, Booth and Bones get chummy in a stuck elevator. Plus, there may be something with the health of Hodgins and Angela's unborn child. Directed by star David Boreanaz. (9PM, FOX)

'Wipeout' -- The spring season of the competition begins with obstacles named Bed Bugs, Springavator and Trampoline Spring Fling. (8PM, ABC)

'30 Rock'
-- Angie's reality show visits the set of 'TGS,' pushing Liz to lure Tracy back from Africa. In other events, Frank reconnects with a lost love. Susan Sarandon guest stars. (10PM, NBC)

'Archer' -- The tragedy of breast cancer strikes ... Sterling? But before he goes under the knife he takes a Vegas vacation. (10PM, FX)

'Kathy Griffin: 50 & Not Pregnant'
-- Kathy performs her routine in front of a Milwaukee, WI audience. Considering the title, one of the topics that may come up is her being a half century old. (9PM, Bravo)

'Blonde vs. Bear'
-- Ann Bryant is a bear protector who helps prevent human-bear wars during the Lake Tahoe summer season. In tonight's premiere, Bryant tries to prevent a mama bear from going after a tree surgeon. Next week, Ann goes after a bear stealing pic-a-nick baskets. (10PM, Animal Planet) series premiere

'Ice Brigade' -- Not to be outdone by last week's working DJ booth, the ice sculptors create construct a working baby grand piano. (10PM, Food Network)

Before you watch Starz's 'Camelot,' make sure you tune into SyFy's 'Merlin' for a look at the younger leaders of the kingdom.FRIDAY, MARCH 18

'Merlin' (10PM, SyFy) Before you decide to tune into Starz's new 'Camelot' series in April, you may want to take a gander at this other tale of a young Arthur and Merlin. When you get down to it, 'Merlin' is really a coming-of-age story about a few guys and gals who are learning the ropes in preparation of ruling a kingdom. Along the way they make their mistakes, get into some fights and fall in love. And, with the title of 'Merlin,' there's bound to be some magic.

'NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament' -- Thirty-two more teams battle it out to get into the Top 34 (12PM, CBS; 12:30PM truTV; 1:30PM, TBS; 2PM, TNT)

-- A suicide investigation reveals a second set of fingerprints from a woman with unique abilities. (9PM, FOX)

'Generator Rex'
-- Though probably done very reluctantly, Six asks Rex for help in saving an old friend who's become an EVO. (8:30PM, Cartoon Network)

'Suite Life on Deck'
-- When Moseby cancels the prom for fears of a senior prank, Zack makes plans to throw a secret prom. (8PM, Disney Channel)

'DC Cupcakes'
-- Here's a way to save money on your wedding: have your wedding dress be made of cupcakes. That's what the gang at DC Cupcakes does for Washington D.C.'s Fashion Week. (10PM, TLC)

In the 'Big Love' series finale, Bill tries to get his family fortunes in order before his potental delivery to jail.SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, MARCH 19-20

'Big Love' (9PM, HBO) series finale
Ever since Bill Henrickson was elected state senator things have not been going his way. Not only is there increasing anger over Bill's open polygamy, but there has been growing flack from the Mormon church and dissension among his family members. Now, as the series comes to an end, everything is coming to a head, including the risk of Bill going to jail. So he spends the episode making plans for his family's future while trying to save political face. The only question for the viewer is if everything will be wrapped at the end of the episode or if it will be a cliffhanger.

'The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway'
-- Filmed in Manhattan's Stephen Sondheim Theatre, this is the return of the popular Paul Reubens show that launched Pee-Wee Herman into the stratosphere. On the show, Pee-Wee is reunited with such characters as Mailman Mike, Cowboy Curtis and Miss Yvonne. (Sat., 10PM, HBO)

'NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament' -- The women take to the court to begin their journey to the Final Four. Eight games are scheduled over the weekend. (Sat., 1:30PM, ESPN2; Sun., 12PM, ESPN2)

'Time After Time'
-- A reporter who likes to run from his problems meets his future self (Richard Thomas) during a visit to his hometown. You can bet there's a moral hidden somewhere in this movie. (Sat., 9PM, Hallmark)

'Dancing Crazy With Miranda Cosgrove'
-- The special takes a behind-the-scenes look at the 'iCarly' star's first concert tour. (Sat., 8PM, Nickelodeon)

'Family Guy' -- Chris and Meg switch roles with Peter and Lois after complaining about the punishment they received for taking Peter's dirt bike without permission. Yes, classic sitcom plots! (Sun., 9PM, FOX)

'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony' -- Among those being inducted into to the Hall of Fame this year are the Alice Cooper Band, Neil Diamond, Dr. John and Darlene Love. (Sun., 9PM, FUSE)

'Detroit 1-8-7' -- In the first season finale, Fitch is shocked to see his former nemesis, Albert Stram, arrive in Detroit with terrible results. Looks like a showdown in the Motor City! (Sun., 10PM, ABC) season finale

'Food Network Challenge'
-- The pastry chefs compete to build the best cake replicas of demolition derby cars, complete with lights, exhaust and moving parts. Later in the show, they build remote controlled cakes to be used in the demolition derby. (Sun., 8PM, Food Network)

'Bringing Ashley Home' -- A Lifetime movie based on the true story of a woman who searches across the country for her missing sister. (Sun., 8PM, Lifetime Movie Network)

'The Celebrity Apprentice' -- The teams use RVs to organize a recreation experience in downtown Manhattan. Unfortunately, one of the teams questions their leader's mental competence. Man, that could be anyone in this loony lot! (Sun., 9PM, NBC)

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