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September 3, 2015

'Glee' Season 2, Episode 16 Recap

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 15th 2011 11:30PM
'Glee' - 'Original Song'
['Glee' - 'Original Song']

'Glee' should have original songs more often.

I say this knowing full well that this is next to impossible to accomplish. Over 100 songs have to be incorporated into a typical 22-episode season, and it's just impossible to write original songs for all of those episodes. If that were to happen, you'd inevitably get songs closer in quality to 'My Headband' than to 'Get It Right.'

But what the original songs did was give this episode a cohesion that we haven't seen in a 'Glee' episode in quite a while. For the first time in a long time, the songs actually carried the story forward instead of grinding it to a halt. And, at least in the case of the songs New Directions sang at regionals, they were pretty good, to boot.

Now if only we can figure out just who some of these characters are... or who they're becoming.

Writing the characters to match the story is something that's plagued 'Glee' since day one. It's something that most of its fans don't seem to care much about, for good reason: it doesn't get in the way of what they enjoy about the show. But to someone who wants to see the characters grow and change over time, sudden shifts like we tend to see in this show become maddening.

Take Quinn, for instance. This week we got a goodly amount of Dianna Agron, including one of those patented 'Glee' scenes where we hear what a character is thinking, and a heavy duty emotional scene with Rachel. But through it all, I kept wondering what was Quinn's motivation to becoming prom queen? I thought she had matured to the point where things like class status didn't matter as much to her. Sure, she wanted to get back to being the head Cheerio, but that was as much about making a comeback than being on top at all costs. Is her desire to be with Finn about really liking him or being the most popular girl in the school?

For hardcore 'Glee' fans, it may have seemed welcome to have "evil Quinn" back, but I was enjoying the Quinn who had some perspective. Still, her rationale to Rachel on why she deserves to be with Finn had a more subtlety than you might think. She doesn't have aspirations beyond Lima, Ohio, while she knows that Rachel has Broadway in her eyes. And she knows that Finn will only hold Rachel back, no matter how much insight he has into her songwriting process.

"You don't belong here, Rachel, and you can't hate me for helping to send you on your way." I'm grateful for that bit of nuance; even though Quinn's being selfish, she might actually be looking out for Rachel on some deep-down level. "If you keep looking for that happy ending, then you're never going to get it right." Sounds like a song title to me!

'Glee' - 'Original Song'Speaking of weird characterizations, I know that Kurt was a little frustrated with Blaine, but enough to call him out on how the Warblers sometimes seem like 'Blaine and the Pips?' It seemed a little bitchy, even for Kurt. But, if that was necessary to get Blaine to see Kurt in a new light -- loved his rendition of 'Blackbird'... poor little Pavarotti -- and to get them together, then the shift was worth it.

Back to the original songs. Santana singing 'Trouty Mouth' about Sam was all slinky, sultry and completely inappropriate for a classroom -- don't any of the kids passing the choir room notice this stuff? Why is Puck's song 'Big Ass Heart' any less offensive to Lauren than 'Fat Bottom Girls' was? My favorite of the non-regionals songs was Mercedes' 'Hell to the No,' mainly because it was infectious and the "hell to the no" refrain really gets into your head.

But I have to reserve my kudos to music coordinator Adam Anders, who wrote these songs with help from a number of pros pros, for 'Get It Right' and 'Loser Like Me.' They cut to the heart of what's been going on for the gleesters this season. After Quinn and Rachel's confrontation, Rachel was finally heartbroken enough to write what she feels. No matter what she does with Finn, she doesn't feel she'll ever get it together to keep him. And the message of 'Loser Like Me' was clear; make fun of us if you will, but we'll get the last laugh. OK, not exactly the least belligerent message, but the sentiment was there, especially when "Mike Chang!" wheeled out the slushie machine.

More fun stuff:

-- We got a little bit more to the really emotionally evocative Santana/Brittany relationship, but Santana is woundedly going back to her cruel Santana ways, calling Artie "Stumbles McCripplepants."

-- Sue was integrated a little better into this week's episode, but she still mostly feels like she's being left behind by the storytelling of this show. Though hearing her call Santana and Britt "Tweedledee and Tweedlefakeboobs" was a hoot, as was Brit going "I don't even remember putting that in there," when the dirt Sue packed in there came flying out.

-- Couldn't the writers have integrated Kathy Griffin a little better than making her a Sarah Palin/Christine O'Donnell clone who was judging regionals? When the writers rocket back to quirky like they did with Griffin, Loretta Devine's stripper-turned-nun, and the "gadabout" news anchor, it feels like a remnant from the pilot. It was funny to hear Griffin say she denounces the gay lifestyle -- a great in-joke for her fans -- but she felt wasted here.

-- New Directions won! But, of course you knew that was going to happen, as this season doesn't end with regionals like last year did. How do they go straight from regionals to nationals? There are no state competitions in between?

-- What are the ramifications of Sue punching out the drunk lieutenant governor's wife? Probably none, since Sue can get away with anything.

-- Pretty much everything the Warblers sing goes in one ear and out the other. But I did like the fact that Kurt did bust Blaine's chops about singing everything out of the Pink songbook, which is exactly what the Warblers did for their group number.

-- The highlights for the April episodes showed some interesting upcoming events: More Gwyneth! The return of Jessalyn Gilsig! Even the creepy former glee club director is coming back. Should be interesting, unless it's maddening. The chances of either are about even.

'Glee' airs Tuesdays at 8PM ET on FOX.

Read AOL Music's recap of 'Original Song.' You can also listen to all the songs from the episode.

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I really wish we can have more solos from Mercedes she is great and sometimes it can be like ok already wit Rachel doing all the solos...

April 03 2011 at 6:05 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

having the whole dead canary plotline just so they could use the beatle's blackbird song is the dumbest thing i have ever seen on TV.
and this happens far too often on this show!

March 17 2011 at 5:41 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

I gotta say. I loved this episode. It had some of Season 1 Glee MAGIC. check out my full recap here: http://rantsofacrazyperson.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/217/

March 16 2011 at 11:10 PM Report abuse -1 rate up rate down Reply

Not that I thought Finn and Rachel we're always so awesome together, but Finn going back to Quin?? Can I ask why no one is calling Finn out on his insane and immature hypocrisy. No normal person would have a harder time getting over something like what Rachel did than your girlfriend sleeping with your best friend, getting pregnant and then lying about who the father is and making you feel guilty about it. Either he never really loved Rachel that much, or what she did hurt him more because he actually does feel more deeply about her than he realizes. Either way, whatever he does only makes Rachel feel like $hit and shows what a dumba$$ he really is.
Otherwise, this Regionals episode had awesome New Directions songs that left me with a much better feeling than the Sectionals one.

March 16 2011 at 11:49 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply
Mike Siroky

I still think we'll find out (when she is in therapy) that all the Sue punchouts are just in her head.
Rachel is looking too womanly to still be in high school. They gotta track back a little on her appearance.
I wonder if no new ones until April is a Fox nod to the NCAA watchers.
I also am willing to punt the Warblers until competitions next season, Having a second group detracts from the main group's air time and therefore plot lines. Also, for instance, we have seldom seen how the shared parents of Curt and Finn cheer.

March 16 2011 at 4:32 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I also was nervous about those original songs. But I think they really stand out on their own and should be considered some of the better songs that Glee has put out. I agree that they can't do this all the time, but for big moments like nationals or whatever comes after that, I think having an original mixed with previously done songs would be a great idea. This proved that they are capable of it.

I also am confused by the Quinn storyline. I think they have made this character relativley likeable and a completely different character since and maybe before she had her baby. Tonight and a little bit in the past couple weeks, Quinn has been a bit out of character. It's like when they have Sue be nice for an episode and then forget she was nice the next. This season has been a bit uneven with her storyline and I hope that they figure it out.

I am glad that they didn't drop the Santana and Brittany storyline. I thought that these 2 wouldn't have a scene together after last week's really emotional and poignant moments. I am pleasantly suprised, and although it wasn't a lot it definetly pushed their storyline forward. Any scenes they have together are great, they have an interesting and fun dynamic.

Last thing on Kurt and Blaine. Although I'm not a big Warbler fan, and wish they would just have Kurt come back to New Directions, I think the storyline by the 2 guys tonight was done very well. It was understated and treated just as, if not better than any other relationship. I think they have handled this storyline very well. I just hope maybe next season or end of this one Kurt heads back to McKinley High, he can bring Blaine with him. I don't like that it is like we are watching 2 shows sometimes.

Last last thing, please give Mercedes more storylines and more songs. She is definetly the most underused best actor on the show.

March 16 2011 at 1:21 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

Ok. Good show. Regionals had the spirit of pulling together and knocking one out that season one built up to all last year. I was nervous about the original songs, but they were pretty good. The back and forths of Sue's having a soul or bulldozing the glee club and also Finn swapping out his moon eyes between Quinn and Rachel each episode is making me a little dizzy. It's like the writers are torn between character growth and sticking to what works. And I get it. If Sue grows a heart, who's your villain? If Finn finally picks one, he gets boring. And all I have to say is good luck with that, Mr. Murphy. (And Mr. Falchuk and Mr. Brennan) I'll keep watching while you figure that out.

I liked seeing Mercedes step up in this episode. I forgot I missed her. Lauren Zizes was such a force, I realized I'd gone a couple weeks now without my plea for a Mercedes storyline. And thank you for giving Rachel Berry back the spotlight and even more for humbling her. Those are a set of pipes and all the more enjoyable when you can empathize with her character.

Some laugh out loud moments as well: Brittany always has a line. Joel mentioned my favorite about the dirt in the locker already. Did anyone else catch Sam's "Hell no" sign to Santana's suggestion for Trout Lips Remix or whatever fish name that song had? Hilarious.

Kurt and Blaine's long awaited first kiss was perfect. I almost threw up a fist pump for Kurt, but I remembered that I'm 30, somewhat mature, and not covered in a fake orange tan so I settled on rewinding my Tivo.

Yay for the return of Gwenyth. Am I the only one who wants to see Jessie St. James again?

March 16 2011 at 12:46 AM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply

'Goodbye, Little Yellow Bird' seems more obvious for a dead canary than 'Blackbird', but it's probably too old-fashioned and sentimental for jaded teenagers.

The lieutenant governor's wife was one of the funniest throwaway bits the show has ever done. I've always wanted to see that happen in real life--the smiling photo op prop opens his/her mouth and says what he/she is really thinking.

March 16 2011 at 12:08 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

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