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August 29, 2015

'Nurse Jackie' Season 3, Episode 1 (Season Premiere) Recap

by Rebecca Adler Warren, posted Mar 29th 2011 4:45AM
'Nurse Jackie' S03/E01['Nurse Jackie' - 'Game On']

The Season 3 premiere of 'Nurse Jackie' opened on the other side of Kevin and O'Hara's poorly planned intervention, with Jackie locked in her personal drug haven: A bathroom.

Staring into the family medicine cabinet mirror, her mind racing, she began a frantic search for pills, and then proof that the charges on her secret credit card bill weren't for drugs, but toiletries.

Who told you you're allowed to rain on Jackie Peyton's parade? The Barbra Streisand tune perfectly matched our heroine's mounting adrenaline and agitation.

While the rest of the episode didn't live up to such a satisfying opening scene (or the wry punch of the last one), the writers and director Steve Buscemi gave us plenty of bright spots.

The first was Jackie's screaming match with Kevin-turned-confession to Akalitus -- was that a ribcage-shaped pin the hospital honcho was wearing? Pretty badass. Now that her secret is out, Jackie's been forced to confront her problems, or at least nod at them in recognition, which she did with all the integrity she could muster in Akalitus's office, confessing that she "started leaning on pain pills," but really, she's fine. It sounded more like somebody lamenting an addiction to cookie dough or Thai massage.

What's not fine is her friendship with O'Hara or her marriage to Kevin, who was busy doing passive-aggressive damage control -- enrolling the girls in private school (paid for on three credit cards) -- and then just plain aggressive damage control, showing up at the hospital and announcing himself as, gasp (!), Jackie's husband. It's about time this happened -- Jackie's worked at the hospital for 20 years and her husband has never before showed up looking for her? Maybe heads really do roll at All Saints, and the turnover rate works to Jackie's lying advantage.

The downer that is Jackie's marriage was buoyed, of course, by the wonderfully kooky, sublimely-clothed (as always, in animal print scrubs) Zoey. She bounced around anxiously in her baby pink Crocs before blurting out to Jackie that she and Lenny had sex. And her face went deliciously dark when she realized that Jackie is really, truly married. Merritt Wever's expressions get me every time.

The patients in this episode, a professional mover injured on the job (death by library books, really?), and a boy with one of those dentist's mirrors shoved up his nose, didn't add much to the episode, save for Zoey's perfectly timed quip, "Tried to look at your brain, huh? Done that."

But the real case study here is Jackie. I hope we get to see the nurse more conflicted about her habit this season. The first sign of which may have been the last scene on the bleachers, where a pill-popping mom dropped her last Percocet. Spotting it on the metal plank below, I expected Jackie to cover it with her shoe and stash it away after the game. Instead, she pointed it out to her fellow fiend. Was it an act of druggie-to-druggie kindness or a moment of clarity for Jackie?

Other highlights:

-- "I'm smooth, like a gazelle. A very satisfied, sexy gazelle who just rolled over and wants a cigarette." - Zoey, on sexy-time style

-- "I've got an ax I can drop on your head at any moment. Why would I give that up?" - Jackie, to Sam, who put his probation in peril last season when he showed up to work wasted

-- "Low blow, Zoey. It's not like anyone married you either." - Coop, after Zoey let slip about Jackie's unexpected visitor

-- "She lost somebody." - Jackie's heartbreaking comment to Zoey, explaining why O'Hara snapped at the young nurse

What did you think of this episode? Was Akalitus's reaction to Jackie's confession believable? Can Kevin and Jackie survive? And were you bummed there wasn't more Coop this episode?

'Nurse Jackie' airs Mondays, 10pm ET on Showtime

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Yay!! "Blow me!", was by FAR the best line in the episode. As for Coop, I am always down for more of him, God, he is delicious! I've been waiting for season 3, and was not disappointed. I thought Kevin was going to dig a little deeper as far as the new school goes. I was hoping he'd tell them that Jackie isn't allowed to pick them up from school. Poor O'Hara. I feel her betrayal. As a doctor though, I'd expect her to more familiar with the tell tale sign of addiction. Cannot WAIT for next week!

March 29 2011 at 11:51 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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