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October 22, 2014

'Stargate Universe' Season 2, Episode 14 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Mar 29th 2011 12:15PM
stargate universe hope recap['Stargate Universe' – 'Hope']

It's nice to know that 'Stargate Universe' isn't above making a penis joke, especially in an episode so centered around death and dying.

'Hope' was somewhat of a nail-biter, but the writers added unexpected hits of humor to the dark and suspenseful hour, making this one of the most delightfully strange episodes of the season.

Not everything worked, and it was a bit frustrating to see alien technology save the day again, but this week's twin stories offered distinct joys and rewards despite their eye-rolling moments.

First off, it was great to see nerdy Lucian hottie Ginn return. But Ginn's surprise resurrection had everyone, even Rush and Eli, scratching their heads, mostly because Simeon had murdered her several episodes ago ... and she returned with her consciousness trapped inside of Chloe's body ... which she was also sharing with Amanda Perry ... who was also supposed to be dead. Yeah, it was weird.

Things only got weirder and darker as Ginn and Chloe started switching back and forth, taking turns at controlling the body, and it was revealed that Perry was also locked inside of Chloe's brain. To make matters worse, Ginn was reliving her grisly murder over and over, feeling the long-dead Simeon's hands crushing her throat and even seeing a shadowy vision of him standing over her.

Despite all the creepiness and disconcerting, unexplained body-switching going on, this week's A story offered a wonderful human element with Eli reconnecting with Ginn and Rush welcoming Perry back from the beyond. (I felt a little sorry for Matt, who must have been at his wits end while concerned about Chloe's fate.) Seeing Eli and Ginn embrace and go crazy over each other again was a great treat. I always liked these two together, even though I thought the show rushed their romance a bit at first, but their love for each other seemed sweet and genuine here. Same goes for Rush and Perry, whose love connection is rooted in a deep respect for each other.

Perhaps inspired by Perry's return, Rush hatched a plan to hook the lovely three-headed monster up to Destiny's interface chair in the hope that Ginn and Perry's consciousness' could be uploaded to the ship.

Let me take a second here to say that I'm still not quite sold on the whole "Destiny has a magic neural link with the crew" thing. It feels a like a cheat that allows the writers to dream up crazy, show-altering scenarios -- like making the ship explode over and over again or bringing dead people back to life -- without any real consequences or having to offer any satisfying explanations. It's a small gripe, I know, but I just had to air it.

Gripes about magic Ancient tech aside, I was pleased to see that the chair plan worked, and Perry and Ginn are now part of Destiny's operating system. It was more than a little strange to see Perry instantly pop up in sickbay to assist TJ with the kidney transplant only seconds after the upload, but I'll go with it.

I have a somewhat metaphysical question: Are Ginn and Chloe still unique individuals? Since their, er, essences were uploaded to the ship's computer, it could be argued that they've ceased to be unique people and have now become smaller pieces of a larger whole. Rush referred to their unique signals as "programs," so does that imply that they still have autonomy even though they can't exist independently outside of the ship's computer? Maybe Rodney McKay (next week's guest star David Hewlett) will be able to sort that one out!

This week's B story was just as intriguing and compelling as the A story. I loved seeing Volker and Greer (aka, the most bad-ass TV marine, like, ever) develop a little bromance on Destiny's "backyard." Volker's sudden stage-end renal disease seemed to come out of nowhere, but I liked seeing TJ rise to the challenge to save his life and strive to learn more about Destiny's medical tech.

Jamil Walker Smith delivered another excellent performance here. A lesser actor might play Greer as a straight and boring one-note super soldier, but Smith is a talented guy who adds nuance and soul to the character. As Greer was lying in the stretcher after the surgery, I realized that my world would go sideways if the show ever killed him off.

It was nice of Brodie to try and relax Volker before the surgery by playing the oddly inappropriate 'Also sprach Zarathustra,' or the theme to '2001,' as everyone else calls it. But let it be known that from this point on, Brodie never has the right to challenge anyone's musical tastes ever again. 'Dragostea din tei?' Come on, dude!

The episode ended with Perry (who used to be paralyzed) telling Rush that she felt "free" now that she's flowing through Destiny's circuits. And Ginn assured Eli that being able to see and hear him was "enough" for her, even though they can no longer embrace. It's nice to know that the ladies have accepted their situations, but I still hope that our boys find a way to restore these characters to their corporeal forms.

Other thoughts and observations:

- This thought crossed my mind during the first act: "Hey, it wouldn't be so bad if Ginn took over Chloe's body permanently." Did anyone else have that thought?

- Telford assured Young that Covel and Michaels were able to disable the bomb back on Earth. But I still don't trust Telford.

- We left Greer in bed with an infection from the surgery. He says he'd be all right, but ... will he be all right?

- "Ma-ia hii ... Ma-ia huu!"

'Stargate Universe' airs Mondays at 10PM ET on Syfy.

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