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October 9, 2015

'The Big Bang Theory' Season 4, Episode 19 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Apr 1st 2011 11:45AM
the big bang theory episode recap['The Big Bang Theory' – 'The Zamecki Incursion']

And we're back. Praise Kahless!

It's been three weeks since CBS aired the last new episode of 'The Big Bang Theory.' Three weeks! I was already starting to feel withdrawal symptoms, like an online gamer with a busted Internet connection, which, I suppose, is appropriate, since this week's ep referenced the life-sucking virtual vortex that is 'World of Warcraft.'

I was eying Penny as Sheldon's 'WoW' crook at the start of this week's episode. (Remember how she became a Dorito munching, stained sweatpants-wearing game addict a while back?) But I couldn't have been more wrong. Penny showed up as soon as she heard about The Mighty Sheldor's missing battle ostrich, offering her condolences and day old cheesecake.

You'd never see Priya doing that.

The show went to great pains this week to relay one big, obvious message: Priya aint no Penny! While the boys were hard at work investigating Nigerian princes and tracking down aggressive trolls, Priya was insulting Leonard, calling him "a boy in a man's body" (a swipe at his manhood that our geek hero didn't quite get) and Skyping with her ex boyfriend, Sanjay.

Poor Leonard, he's so unlucky in geek love. Priya may be hot, smart and successful, but like the befuddled cop that showed up earlier in the episode, she's not exactly a freak, a geek or a nerd, and she was unwilling to play Leonard's nerdy reindeer games. I guess it's almost time for Priya to head back to Delhi (and maybe back to Sanjay).

But before all that, we got a conventional but funny Sheldon-butts-heads-with-a-normal-person cold open that cleverly referenced 'Avatar' (only a "non-nerd" would refer to the 'WoW' virtual landscape as "Pandora") and reminded us that Sheldon sees the world as filtered through the lens of genre movies, novels, TV shows and videogames. "Can you at least refer me to a rogue ex-cop?" Sheldon asked the police officer, who he called over to bust the baddie who hacked his online gaming account. "You know, one that was drummed off the force because he refused to play by the rules, and now he hires himself out to impose his own brand of rough justice." Right...

There's one good thing that's come out of Leonard and Priya's relationship this season; it's pushed a heartsick Penny closer to Bernadette and the delightfully odd Amy Farrah Fowler. The mini girl-power hour, with our lady trio bonding over coffee and liquor ice cream and their mutual distaste for Priya ("That bitch!") was just as funny and goofy as anything the boys did this week. Watching Amy jump at the chance to give in to her vices and "the alcohol and drug peer pressure mother warned me about" was a special treat.

One question: Is Penny really in love with Leonard, or is she only angry that Priya is now reaping the rewards of all the work she did to mold Leonard into the perfect boyfriend? (I know the question is more or less moot, since this is a sitcom, and Penny and Leonard are eventually gonna get back together ... but go with me here.) Maybe Penny has a right to be angry. Because of her influence, Leonard went from a guy who couldn't look girls in the face (and used to refer to bare boobs as "my breast friends") to a guy who's able to maintain a healthy relationship with an outgoing, attractive woman.

I suppose none of that really matters though, since Leonard and Priya are already on the road to ruin. He lied to her in this episode, and he ditched her to help the boys track down online bandit Todd Zamecki (aka the meanest nerd alive). All it took to tear Leonard away from his girlfriend for the night was a little prodding from his pals. As Raj said, "Bros. before ... my sister!"

In liked how Sheldon framed his revenge plan as a chance for the boys to take back their dignity from the bullies who stole their lunch money and Scooby-Doo Trapper Keepers ("A fun and practical way of organizing your school work!"). The boys ended up in a very familiar situation after Sheldon's "strike" against Zamecki: They failed miserably and were forced to rely on Penny to do their dirty work -- specifically kicking an oafish nerd in the nuts. Too bad she couldn't get Sheldon's Klingon Bat'Leth back. Those things are cool.

So, without looking at future episode descriptions, how long do you guys think it'll take Penny and Leonard to get back together? End of the season? Next season? Or do you want another obstacle thrown in their way for another 20 episodes or so until they eventually hook up again? I've grown to really love Penny (Kaley Cuoco's go-for-broke charm has a lot to do with that), and I love how she's kind of turned into a weirdo over the past few seasons. The show is just as funny when she's not around, but I do tend to miss her when she's gone. Watching her relationship with the boys evolve over the years has been surprisingly rewarding. So, yeah, frak off Priya, you bitch!

Other thoughts/quotes:

- Raj does Pilates and hip-hop aerobics. Of course he does.

- Even topless Natalie Portman can't hide from Wolowitz!

- Watching 'Wheel of Fortune' is the proper way to celebrate the Sabbath?

- That long walk up the stairs has never felt so awkward as it did with Penny and Priya.

- Raj is right, HBO does offer delightful programming.

- "Stale pastry is hollow succor of man who is bereft of ostrich."

- "Sitar music for a ringtone is not cool, dude."

- "Count your blessings you're not a Tanzanian chimp!"

- "We are winged fury! Which is still no excuse for going over the posted speed limit."

- "This ain't no Beyoncé!"

'The Big Bang Theory' airs Thursdays at 8PM on CBS.

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Too bad the quotes didn't include the one from Bernadette when she said something about taking Howard to the beach and him almost going up in flames! I laughed out loud for that one.

April 01 2011 at 2:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Too bad the quotes didn't include the one from Bernadette when she said something about taking Howard to the beach and him almost going up in flames! I laughed out loud for that one.

April 01 2011 at 2:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Awesomeness! Pure Awesomeness! Great ep and recap ... You made me laugh.
And I'm with you. Priya stinks!

April 01 2011 at 12:53 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

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