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August 27, 2015

'Army Wives' Season 5, Episode 5 Recap

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 4th 2011 9:45AM
army_wives_2011_roxy_Pamela_lifetime['Army Wives' - 'Soldier On']

One of the reasons 'Army Wives' works as a drama is that it doesn't shirk from showing the tough side of Army life. In the aftermath of Jeremy's death, all of the members of the tribe are feeling emotional turmoil and reassessing how to handle it. It's not surprising that the character who's been most affected is Denise.

Denise has lost her first-born and the idea that the Army is sending Frank back into theater when they're still in mourning threw her off track. It's likely she would have suffered a breakdown even if Frank were allowed to a stateside assignment.

Denise is questioning her entire life as the loyal, supporting Army family member. She's wondering if she can take it. After all, Jeremy had asked her permission to re-enlist and she'd agreed. Was his death her fault?

The way they shot the scene in which Jeremy's footlocker was returned home underscored the Sherwood family loss. In every frame, Denise's face was surrounded by family photos on the wall and on the table of Jeremy.

It was a way of bringing him into the scene and reminding viewers that Jeremy wasn't just a soldier, he'd been a little boy, Frank and Denise's child, a member of the Sherwood family before becoming an Army man. How could you miss the point that Denise's world had revolved around that child? Or that she is now obsessing about Molly?

Frank was no less traumatized. Seeing a re-enlistment ceremony was a direct reminder of Jeremy's. His father had been so proud of his son, but now the memory brought him heartache. Tough Frank knows that his duty is to return to Afghanistan and move on with life, but he's in pain.

Has Roland had it with being attached to the Army? You know that he loves Joan and his tribe-mates, but he's exhibiting all the signs of someone who's over it. If you didn't know better, you'd think that he and Jeremy had a deeper relationship that doctor-patient.

Clearly, Jeremy's death has stirred emotions about how close Roland came to losing Joan. Even though she now set as the garrison commander, is this life what Roland wants for himself and Sarah Elizabeth? What were the tears when his daughter put on the beret?

My favorite plot line was the end of Michael's ascent in the Army. He made a decision to speak the truth from his perspective, and in defense of his troops, and it backfired on him politically in the world of the Army. He opened his mouth and his higher ups weren't happy. That third star and the appointment to West Point are gone. Knowing the character, Michael might do the same thing again if given the chance, but this has cost him.

Roxy and Trevor continue to be at odds even as they're thousands of miles apart. Roxy misses her husband. Did you see how hungry she was for Pam to tell her about reconnecting with Chase? That was more than horny.

But Roxy resents that she's been forced to become a single mother again, and she's even more resentful that Trevor keeps trying to force her into a subordinate's role. He didn't want her visiting with Finn's dad. He blamed her for T.J. wildness. Now he wants her to not expand her business by opening a truck stop with Shady. Roxy's decision to go ahead in spite of Trevor's objections means that the Le Blanc marriage is official in flux. Love may not be enough for those two.

Finally, there is something positive to report for the tribe. Pamela and Chase had the kind of reunion that warms the heart of any romantic. And the proposal scene was every kid from a broken home's dream. I'm rooting for Chase and Pamela to make it work this time ... and hoping that Chase is really through with Delta missions.

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Gina, I totally agree with the reasons you gave for Roland's crying. Sara Elizabeth having the hat on just set it all off. Roland had the other patient (on this weeks show) that was supposed to be released but Roland was adament that it was his decision not to release him yet. It all plays into his feelings about authorizing Jeremy to return to duty. Several characters feel they are resonsible for Jeremy's death. I cried all through last weeks episode.

April 04 2011 at 4:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think Roland was crying because at Denise's urging he helped Jeremy when he had his breakdown. Roland got Jeremy well enough to go back to active duty. He feels responsible, if he hadn't helped Jeremy, Jeremy would have probably be let go from the Army. He also does not want to see his daughter in the Army or in the life at all. How would he tell his daughter he mother died?

Each spouse is reacting in their own way.

Roxy expanding her business is a way for her to provide for herself and the kids if Trevor dies in battle. It is very real to her now that he could. She doesn't want to be poor and uneducated with two kids if something happens to him.

Pamela might have still been in love with Chase. But taking him back really didn't have much to do with that. She was so happy to see that he was alive after Jeremy's death that she probably will regret this decision.

Denise just leaving is her way of going to a place where everything was okay and peaceful. Where he son was still alive. I think she needs help but she will be okay.

Claudia Joy is actually worried for her husband. Without that 3rd star he will probably stay in harms way. Sent to the battles to run them instead of a desk job back in the states.

April 04 2011 at 10:52 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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