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October 7, 2015

'Nurse Jackie' Episode 2, Season 3 Recap

by Rebecca Adler Warren, posted Apr 5th 2011 5:00AM
'Nurse jackie' S03/E02['Nurse Jackie' – 'Enough Rope']

When boxes of latex gloves are in short supply, do you steal them from maternity, or let hospital admin deal with the demand?

"Two wrongs don't make a ... " Zoey argued with Akalitus. "Wanna bet?" her boss shot back. And from that pointed exchange came the theme for this week's wonderfully wry episode of 'Nurse Jackie.' In Jackie's dark and twisted world, two wrongs can sometimes make everything better.

Eddie, who's miraculously transformed from crazy, lovesick stalker to friend of the Peyton family, was feeling guilty about lying to his BFF Kevin. If he can't come clean about his affair with Jackie, he at least wants to be straight with the poor guy about where he works.

Jackie was skeptical -- that is, until Eddie appealed to her ego: "Don't take this the wrong way sweetheart, but you're an amazing f***ing liar. World class genius." Eddie is so right and, it seems, finally perceptive when it comes to his former paramour. For Jackie, lying is as natural as sneezing. It kind of makes you wonder why she isn't running a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme, or at least a small country. By the end of the episode she crafted a totally believable whopper that would place Eddie at All Saints without a hint of suspicion.

Coop's lame attempt at arguing the two wrongs theory backfired, but it gave us a happy dose of All Saints's overconfident pretty boy. What's the best way to make peace with a guy after you screw his girlfriend? Gifting him with a carefully written ("Don't forget you broke my nose!") and edited greetings card ("It's a Boy!" morphs into "Boy Am I Sorry!") doesn't immediately come to mind. But Coop gets points (and plenty of laughs) for trying. Peter Facinelli reciting a misguided apology from a defaced Hallmark card earned a face-stretching grin from me.

Aside from Akalitus's silly side plot (wooing Michelle Obama and her crusade against fat kids to All Saints), the character stories this episode had solid moments of humor and heart. Zoey let the light in -- and placed a potted plant on the bed -- for a DNR patient who wanted to die outside; Jackie pleaded with O'Hara to stay at All Saints and promised to follow her to Sloan Kettering and beyond if she dared to leave; and Susan from 'Friends' (Jessica Hecht) played a stressed-out mom to four boys who would consider Lexapro, Ativan and other nerve-calming drugs if only she were "that kind of mom."

As the crazed mom shared her story, Jackie's eyes flickered in recognition (kudos to Edie Falco's seductively subtle acting): Getting hopped up on Percs and Zanax can't be good for Grace and Fiona. But before I knew it she turned what appeared to be a moment of clarity into a clever line for Kevin, insisting she's not an addict because "I'm not that kind of mom."

More highlights:

-Zoey jumping rope to 'Cinderella Dressed in Yellow' in Akalitus's office

-"Dude, can we please bury the hatchet?" Coop asks Sam. "Yeah, it's buried in your head," Sam replies

-Zoey reads oncology charts for kicks

-"Caw, caw!" Zoey, signaling to Jackie that she's pilfered purple gloves

What did you think of the episode? Would O'Hara really leave All Saints just because Jackie's a druggie? Are Eddie and Jackie over for good? And what brilliant hiding place will Jackie think of to stash her pills next?

'Nurse Jackie' airs Mondays, 10PM ET on Showtime.

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