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September 3, 2015

'Real Housewives of NYC''s Sonja Morgan: 'I'm Not Sure What a Thug in a Cocktail Dress Is'

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 7th 2011 9:00AM
Sonja MorganLast season on 'Real Housewives of New York City,' fun-loving scene-stealer Sonja Morgan spent much of her time on the outskirts, away from the drama.

She watched as Jill and Bethenny's relationship imploded, LuAnn stepped into the music studio, Alex began to find her voice, Kelly lost a few marbles and Ramona got down with some turtle time. Her personal drama, an ongoing divorce battle and financial issues all played out in the background, away from the prying eyes of the camera.

Not so much this year, the Bravo star told AOL TV.

"It's always difficult to have cameras [on you], even in the best of times," Sonja said, "because cameras get everything and it can be edited in any way the producers want to edit them."

Besides a different side of the blonde bombshell, Sonja teased the "riveting" Morocco trip, Alex's rants, her own toaster oven cookbook and what, exactly, is going on with her financial woes.

Have you ever seen a thug in a cocktail dress?
[Laughs] Well, I look in the mirror every day. Would that be me?

I guess, according to your castmate.
Well, I'm not sure what a thug in a cocktail dress is. I guess I'll have to see how it unfolds on the show. We'll see what Alex is talking about. It's coming from Alex and probably directed at me, I know, but there are rumors it could be LuAnn so I'll share the accolades.

What do you make of Alex "finding her voice" this season?
I think she's been simmering for such a long time that the pot has boiled over. That's a healthy thing and she's my friend, and if that's what she needs to do to vent and to be a healthy person, that's fine. That's what friends are here for. If you saw episode two, I had to throw her out of my house during one of her venting sessions, but that was only because I had other guests coming. I didn't have any bouncers. I usually do have security -- I usually have a huge guy at the door with a guest list, a bouncer -- so I had to do it myself.

Real Housewives of NYCBesides the Alex drama, how was the dynamic between you ladies this season?
Well, I like all the ladies. I get along well with everyone, it's just ... women will be women. The emotions go up and they go down. The energy goes up, the energy goes down. Sometimes we project our sadness or passions on other people and then that's when everything blows up.

How was Cindy Barshop? Did you immediately click?
Ramona told me she was a lot of fun and a great girl. We welcomed her with open arms. She just had twins and I think she may be a little hormonal herself.

Without Bethenny, did you feel like there was a void or was it just business as usual?
There wasn't a void without Bethenny, but I definitely miss seeing her. She's a lot of fun, I love a good laugh, I love a good joke. You know, I can roll with the punches.

You said you like a good joke -- in the first episode I noticed you made light of your DUI arrest. Is that how you normally deal with tough situations? Throw a little humor at it?
Yeah, I do deal with tough situations with humor because otherwise I'd be crying 24 hours a day. I'm going through a really tough time. I have a divorce that's just never settling and I'm a single mom now. I went from a pedestal to a toadstool; it's really hard. It's always difficult to be in front of the camera, even when you're at your best and looking the most glamorous you've ever been. I don't like seeing myself on television.

Sonja Morgan at GLAAD WordsThen why are you back then? Was it just that much fun?
Nobody does this for fun, darling. This is a job! We're on this show to make a career, to brand ourselves and to share our tips and secrets with other housewives. I find it very gratifying to share my recipes and my tips and to just commiserate with the other housewives out there. I'm going through it just like you are. We all have to work hard and to have some me time, to date and to take care of our children. We all love our puppies, our gay and lesbian rights have to be protected and everything else I can share, I'm there. It's a great forum for that.

So, what's coming up this season? You guys go on a trip?
We go on a trip, that's starting to be a 'Housewives' habit. We go to Morocco. That's another recipe I share: A recipe for disaster! [Laughs]

How does the trip compare to last season's 'Scary Island'? Does it put it to shame?
Different. 'Scary Island' can never, ever be replicated. It's no less riveting, OK? No less riveting, just different.

You mentioned sharing your recipes, do you still have that toaster oven cookbook in the works?
Yeah, the cookbook is in the works! You know, with [bookstores] going bankrupt, it's not helping my book deal.

Are you still working on a screenplay?
I'm always working on screenplays. I have a folder of screenplays. Then I have my sexy novel in a folder, but my fans really asked me to come out with the toaster oven cookbook faster because they need recipes.

What do you think about Andy Cohen's statements about no more new 'Housewives' shows?
Andy's a very smart man, that's why he's our executive producer. If he's saying that, it's because his team and his intuition is telling him then, that's it ... I think it's a good move. You know with 'New York' we've got seven girls -- it's like the circus with the Volkswagen pulling up and clowns keep coming out.

You're more in the public eye thanks to this series. Are there any rumors you want to put to bed?
Oh god, we don't have enough time in this interview to go over the rumors about me! Some of them I really like -- they're exciting. I don't know how I have all the hours in the day to do all the things I've done, according to the rumors. Let's use the word "alleged." That's my new word, alleged. I'll give you one big one I want to set straight: I haven't spent any money that I don't have. I filed the Chapter 11 and it said I have $19 million in debt -- oh, I just gave you some news -- I don't have $19 million in debt. That's not true.

I remember reading that John Travolta was the reason you filed Chapter 11.
Right, I had a movie deal go south and I have a $7 million-plus judgment against me. I have an appeal and we're going to see how that works out. But, I don't have $19 million in debt. Everybody is like, "Oh, she spent money that she didn't have." That hurts my feelings because I'm not like that. I'm very frugal. I pay my credit card bills every month. That one hurt me.

Almost one person in all the 'Housewives' shows has had these financial rumors and woes.
That's right, that's true. I guess if every 'Housewives' has the same story, it's what's going on in America. Our show is a reality show and we're representing what's really going on in America. It's not just us, it's everybody.

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Sonja, tries to act younger than her years and it is not working!, She put on weight and she needs to put on some under cloths. It is no wonder that her old man husband divorced her!

June 26 2011 at 5:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm really disappointed w/Sonja this season. Last season she was my favorite, partly b/c she appeared to be the most authetic and definitely, the most mature. This season, she's been obnoxiously pretentions. The 'pecking order' conversation was literally disgusting. Seriously? You're a 48 year old woman; I'm 29 years old and even I am old enough to know better. There are people in this world dying.. fighting feverishly for their lives and you're arrogant enough to address a pecking order? I swear... the audacity. God forbid a decent person w/money actually exists. For the record and just so there's no room for confusion, none of you deserve any of what you have.. not w/those trivial and disgusting mentalities.

May 15 2011 at 7:32 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Alex, Ramona (& Bethenny) were/are the only honest people on the show. Love, love Bethenny - glad she has her own show. Jill is a self-absorbed idiot who dresses as though she's 20. Jill repeats over & over & over to anyone within earshot that "I'm a nice person." Who is she trying to convince? Certainly not us because we already knows she is one super SOB! She treated Bethenny like she was a piece of dirt and she's the one who told Bethenny "We're done" yet she's pretending she's the victim there. Kelly? Nutcase - through & through. LuAnn - this disillusioned broad really thinks she's something special - which she's not. She also thinks she has a voice - which OMG - she absolutely does not. Think Sonja could be a nice gal if she doesn't get "in" with these two-faced women. New gal, Cindy? She seems to come in with an attitude already. Oh by the way, Kelly must be on valium. She's also very childlike & often seems as though she's not fully developed mentally.

April 10 2011 at 1:42 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Carol Simpson


April 09 2011 at 8:53 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

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